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war in Judea and Samaria

Soldiers ambushed Palestinian Islamic Jihad group near Jenin and shot the Arabs on the spot. This is a crime in the police enforcement, but a normal tactics during war.

near Nablus and Jenin, in the territory ruled by moderate Abbas. Today, the IDF fought Arabs throughout Judea and Samaria.
IDF caught an Arab terrorist at Anabta checkpoint who tried to enter Israel with three bombs. Olmert promised Arabs dismantling checkpoints.
IDF also caught an Arab near the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron who intended to stab praying Jews.

near Ramallah. No one is hurt in the ensuing fighting.

Yossi Beilin rejoices over the PLO abandoning its call to armed resistance in the new platform. Abbas-led Palestinian moderates demand partition of Jerusalem, destruction of Jewish settlement blocs, and return of refugees. Abbas openly calls to “national opposition to occupation.” The less politically correct Hamas renounced the new platform and vowed to continue armed struggle against Jews.

Abbas of course fails on his promises to Israel to make the West Bank a safe place.

For the first time since 1994, bosses of all Palestinian “official” gangs (National Security Organization, Preventive Security, police, intelligence, etc) met with IDF commanders at Beth El for “coordination”. After some talking, IDF let them go.

Add some 40,000 semi-legal firearms with Palestinian “security” services and a similar number in Gaza. The amount of weapons doesn’t seriously threaten Israel but provide a viable base for Hamas’ takeover of the West Bank. Hamas coup in the West Bank would be great for Jews, removing the prospects of Jerusalem partition in a peace deal.

Palestinians attacked IDF troops at a refugee camp near Nablus. IDF soldiers returned fire, wounded one Palestinians, and evacuated him to Israel for treatment.

IDF soldier was killed in heavy fighting in a Palestinian refugee camp near Nablus. Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine, common Palestinians opened fire on IDF troops, threw bombs and rocks.
IDF sought to arrest a terrorist in the refugee camp. Israeli government releases hundreds of terrorists. Scores of Palestinians can be arrested for terrorism in Israeli towns instead of searching for them near Nablus.
Ariel Sharon refused to call Abu Mazen “president” because that thug doesn’t control his territory. If Israel wants to make peace with Fatah gang, it’s Abu Mazen’s responsibility to hunt down his terrorists. Israel give Abu Mazen money and weapons, and then sends IDF to do Fatah’s job.

Arabs in the West Bank refugee camp of Malata fired, threw Molotoff cocktails at IDF troops.

The IDF arrested two Palestinian Arabs with bombs at a checkpoint near Schem.

Young Arab opened fire at the Jews manning a checkpoint near Jerusalem. Friendly Arabs greeted the Jews on armored bus near Kalkilya with Molotoff cocktails. Jewish occupiers arrested two Arab youths with bombs at a checkpoint near Nablus.

In yet another reversal of Israeli policy, Olmert’s government abandoned the earlier agreement with the Palestinian Arabs to partition Jerusalem and withdraw from Judea. Though the Israeli government approved Annapolis declaration which reaffirms Israeli commitment to the Road Map, Olmert refused to freeze construction in the large settlement blocs in Judea and Samaria; the construction, however, is de facto frozen.
Israel demands that the Palestinian Authority reins in the Arab terrorists and stops incitement before further progress on the Palestinian statehood. Those demands being unrealistic (though reasonable), Palestinian Arabs are left with no hope of statehood in the near future. Abbas’ positioned is undermined, and Palestinians would likely spiral the anti-Israeli violence.
Meanwhile, Israel accepted the US arbitration according to the Annapolis declaration. A truly moronic administration of a Christian state will decide whether Jews have a biblical right to live in Judea. Politically unable to criticize Israeli non-compliance with the settlements freeze promise, and unwilling to confront its Arab allies on that issue, the US Administration would likely shelve the Annapolis statement.

Salim Sayoud organized a number of attacks, including the failed attack with a thousand-pound truck bomb intercepted at a checkpoint in 2002. The US Administration demands dismantling checkpoints. Israeli government released more than a thousand Palestinian terrorists this year.

IDF conducted a large-scale operation in Schem (Arabs call the city Nablus after Roman Naples), rounded two dozen of Palestinian terrorists in the Fatah-controlled territory. Among the arrested were several Fatah officials.

Obeidi, a leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Judea and Samaria, was killed, two dozen other Arabs arrested in the West Bank. Fatah cannot secure even the West Bank.

IDF kills top Tanzim leader in Fatah-occupied Judea and Samaria, a 24-year-old Sanakra. Israeli government mulls release of jailed Tanzim leader Barghouti. Tanzim is an offshoot of Abbas’ Fatah.
Realistically, IDF cannot kill out all the potential leaders of Arab resistance. British police scores many successes against Jewish guerrillas before 1947, but Jews eventually evicted the British from Palestine.

Two Palestinians infiltrated Mehor Hayim high school run under auspices of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz. School officials meeting in classrom at the time, however, overpowered, killed the two Arabs before they had a chance to fire.
The terrorists had only one pistol and a knife, suggesting they are not a part of any organization but represent grassroots Palestinian activism. Izz ad-Din Kassam Brigades claimed the attack.

Young Palestinian stubbed Israeli Border policeman when the police stopped him for questioning near Jerusalem.

Israel stopped hunting down 32 wanted Palestinian terrorists of Fatah/ Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in recognition of their loyalty: the Arabs refrained from carrying out terrorist acts against Jews for the incredible three months. Their Al Aqsa colleagues took care of the terrorist business during their absence.

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