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war in Gaza

IDF will continue expensive, useless pinpoint air strikes against individual houses with nearly no Arab casualties. IDF is also bent on high-profile targets; killed Talat Haniyeh. Assassinations of terrorist leaders have long proved expensive, dangerous, and worthless, as new Arabs take the vacated places.
IDF tanks shell fields from which the Arabs launch Kassams. In practice, that means shelling any field whatsoever.

Tzipi Livni says Israel would allow peacekeepers into Gaza only if they fight terrorists. Peacekeepers never fight, and Livni’s statement amounts to refusal. Livni didn’t specify whether she means Fatah or Hamas terrorists.

Their families must feel proud: the Palestinians gave their lives for a cost. Given the cost of Israel Air Force’s operations, cost of killing run in millions of dollars per head.

Israel Air Force repeatedly strikes empty buildings, clear lawns, and similar rubbish targets.

On the Sunday meeting of Israeli government’s Security Cabinet, Ashkenazi showed restrained about ground operation in Gaza. Earlier, Ashkenazi described the ground operation as the only way to damage Palestinian terrorist infrastructure in Gaza.
At the Cabinet’s meaning, Avigdor Lieberman spoke tough and vainly as usual. Lieberman threatened withdrawing from the government if Olmert fails to assassinate Hamas leaders and re-occupy Philadelphi corridor Hamas uses to smuggle arms into Gaza. While Lieberman, like the Labor seeks to dissociate from unpopular Olmert’s government, Lieberman cannot leave the government too soon since that would cut his income derived from corruption. Lieberman clarified that the government shouldn’t treat his call for action as ultimate demand.
Olmert asserted that Hamas is now paying a heavy price. The IDF has killed not even a dozen of Hamas members so far, all of them rank-and-file.
The government will pay compensation to Sderot area residents.
The events confirm that the IDF’s battalion in Gaza protected Israel. Sharon’s government claimed the IDF in Gaza protected settlers at the cost to all Israelis, and proceeded with disengagement, abandoning Gaza to Hamas just like the IDF abandoned Lebanon to Hezbollah.

Israeli government, however, rejects IDF’s ground operation in Gaza.

One wonders why Israel allowed them to live to this day. Public Security Minister Dichter specified Mashaal as a target.

Government aid package to Sderot residents will compensate for Kassam attacks.
A first Jew dead in Sderot during the conflict with Arabs; Kassam rocket kills a woman. Hamas, PIJ, other Arab groups claim responsibility.
Half of Sderot residents fled the city.

In the IDF’s lingo, attacks were directed against Hamas “operations center” (a house) and “weapons factory” (metal workshop).

Few Kassams landed in Israel. Israel Air Force slapped Palestinians with a few air strikes and a half-mile tank foray into Gaza. No one killed on either side.

Trying to denigrate their political opponents, Fatah officials connect Hamas’ readiness for cease-fire with Israeli threat to assassinate Haniyeh and Mashaal. Hamas, however, offered truce only if Israel stops operations in the West Bank, thus allowing Hamas to transform Judea and Samaria into a terrorist state like Gaza.
Tzipi Livni so far rejected truce with Hamas, as it will allow the terrorist groups to dig in.
There is every reason for Israel to assassinate leaders of hostile Arab groups on weekly basis.

Four Kassams landed in open spaces in Israel. IAF hit empty ground in Gaza City reportedly belonging to Hamas. Million-dollar strikes caused no casualties and destruction.
Iraqi insurgents do better than the IDF: 26 Arabs killed in funeral procession.

After Israel upped the stakes in the war with Hamas by taking dozens of Hamas officials hostage, Hamas faction threatened to execute Cpl. Shalit if Israel continues kidnappings. Israeli government, though endangering inconspicuous IDF soldiers and Sderot residents, will hesitate to lose a media-friendly Shalit.

The unity government declared it will stop rocket attacks against Israel if the IDF ceases strikes against Gaza. Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade and other groups which send suicide bombers into Israel and launch Kassam missiles didn’t participate.
Tzipi Livni earlier rejected the truce which would allow Hamas to continue military build-up.

Cost of strikes exceeded the cost of structures by hundreds of times. Hamas relocates to another buildings.
Today, Israel Air Force killed five Arabs in eleven hyper-expensive air strikes. IAF refuses to target Haniyeh.

According to Israeli security service Shin-Bet’s head Diskin, Hamas follows the Hezbollah’s tacticts: sets booby traps, tunnels, trains snipers, prepares firing positions in densely populated areas. Shin-Bet estimates that reduction in Kasaam missile launches from Gaza relates to Hamas’ difficulty of moving rockets under Israel Air Force’s supervision rather than Hamas’ peaceful intentions.
Israel doesn’t seem to plan ground operation in Gaza. Hamas force in Gaza counts 8,000 guerrillas. Over the weekend, the IDF killed 7.

Israeli newspapers reported anonymous sources in the IDF General Staff saying that ground operation in Gaza is not feasible because of the impending summer war with Syria. Israel carried 1948, 1967, and 1973 wars on several fronts. Minor ground operation in Gaza cannot constrain a significant portion of the IDF’s resources.
Olmert’s government disseminates misinformation through the IDF in order to convince Israeli public against the much-desired invasion of Gaza.

Israel Air Force killed a common member of Palestinian Islamic Jihad in airstrike. PIJ has at least 400 active members. Killing them with IAF airstrikes is prohibitively expensive for Israel.

IDF’s Chief of Staff Ashkenazi declared that the IDF readies itself to fight simultaneously in Gaza and Lebanon. Sharon’s government justified disengagement from Gaza on security grounds: Jewish settlements in Gaza were reported military liability in need of protection. After eviction of Jewish settlers, relatively peaceful Gaza became a front for Israel.

In retribution for recent attempt by Palestinian Islamic Jihad to abduct IDF soldier, Israeli army struck several PIJ targets. Why didn’t the IDF destroy them earlier? Israel adheres to limited war in Gaza instead of utterly destroying the terrorist infrastructure.

Olmert said that Israel will continue military operations in Gaza insofar as Palestinian militants launch Qassam missiles and organize other terrorist acts. Olmert’s positions agrees with Hamas which offered Israel cease-fire in return for ending Qassam strikes. End of IDF operations in Gaza will allows the Arab terrorists to rebuild their infrastructure, dig in, accumulate weapons, and strike again at Israel.

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