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Russian oligarch Arkady Gaydamak evacuated some Sderot residents. Israeli government wants the people to stay in Sderot under Hamas’ fire. Olmert visited Sderot for a few hours at night to convince the Jews to stay and needlessly risk their lives. Other politicians also frequent Sderot in recent days.
Israeli government adheres to the nineteenth-century idea of honor, when the armies marched to death under the enemy’s withering fire. Hamas rocket hit a school in Sderot today.

Only after dozens of Kassam missiles struck into Sderot houses in recent days, did the Defense Minister-cum-Peace Now activist Peretz declared a state of emergency. Thousands Jews fled Sderot on their own after the government failed to protect or avenge them. The state of emergency doesn’t help Sderot residents. The town is taken by panic – a natural product of hopelessness produced by the government’s do-nothing attitude.

The IDF holds Hamas hostage officials in resort-like conditions. None was executed in retaliation for death of Oshri Oz, who left pregnant wife with two children.

Fourteen Jewish families whose homes in Sderot were destroyed by Hamas fire will go to charity cruise in Italy. Afterwards, they will return to the bombarded town.

Several hit Sderot today, as yesterday. No casualties. Few more Jews fled Sderot.

The Supreme Court of Israel ordered Israeli government to reinforce all classrooms in primary and secondary schools in Sderot and other Jewish towns near Gaza border. The court expects children to study under fire.
Israeli government argued for reinforcing some rooms only and training Jewish schoolchildren to reach reinforced spaces in 20 seconds flat. The government expressed concern during the Supreme Court hearing that schools in other parts in Israel will demand protection like in Sderot. Such demand won’t be unreasonable, given the missile threat from Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, and the West Bank.
The Supreme Court decided that children should be protected at any cost. What about their parents? old people? women? men? What about the homes of these children? The Supreme Court stopped short of ordering the government to reinforce every house in Israel.

Chai Shalom died from the wounds he suffered in Kassam attack.

Israeli Association for Civil Rights filed a case against Israeli security service Shin Bet in the Supreme Court, arguing against racial profiling in security checks in Ben Gurion airport. Naturally, Ben Gurion security checks Arabs rigorously.
No Jew ever tried to blow a plane. Jews undergo security checks in Ben Gurion airport because of Shin Bet’s political correctness.

Three Palestinian children planted a suspicious object near security fence, ignoring the orders from IDF soldiers. According to the standard security instructions, IDF expected the object to be an explosive. IDF killed two children, wounded the third and tried to save his life in Israeli hospital.

Illegal radio station in Ramallah interferes with Ben-Gurion airport traffic communication. Israel Airports Workers Union threatens strike over the radio hazard. IDF is expected to deal with the illegal radio broadcasts.

An Arab driver hit an Israeli soldier with his car near Hebron; the Arab fled the scene. Palestinian Islamic Jihad attempted kidnapping of another soldier near Gaza; one Arab dead in the ensued fighting. IDF killed several other Arabs in Gaza. Givati brigade entered Gaza on a short mission.

Palestinians launched 5 Kassam missiles from Gaza, attempted to transfer ammunition from Ramallah to Gaza, shot at Israeli soldiers near Nablus, shot at mechanical instruments near the wall with Gaza, and threw a Molotov cocktail on Israeli car. A day as usual.

Israel Air Force subsequently pounded empty lawns euphemistically called “Kassam launching sites.”

Despite the extensive aid to Fatah, Israel continues operations in Judea and Samaria against Fatah’s guerrillas. IDF killed two Fatah- Palestinian Islamic Jihad guerrillas near Jenin.

Sea ports in Haifa, Ashdod received equipment that detected radioactive materials.

It’s sort of like the Jewish Legion, only it turns out it’s more like the Jordanian Legion.

This from Bibi:

He said that Jordan should dispatch its Palestinian force, known as the Badr Brigade. “The Badr Brigade, which is Jordanian-Palestinian, can create law and order,” Netanyahu said.

Needless to say, this isn’t being received too well by the right. For my money, the biggest problem here is that it seems that Bibi’s just trying to pass off dealing with the Palestinians as an Arab problem. Maybe this is smart, because the Palestinians probably wouldn’t respond well to an IDF presence. But if Bibi’s serious about Israel “strengthening the moderates against Hamas”, it needs to have a multi-national coalition. It is in Israel’s AND Jordan’s (AND Egypt’s) best interest to keep Hamas’ control limited. Communication is a good start, but pawning it off on the other Arab countries- even assuming they’re sincere about helping control Hamas in the first place- is a big mistake.

$250 million earmarked for Kassam-proofing Sderot houses. The construction will take 2-3 years.

Dr. Ashrah Marwan, a prominent Egyptian and son-in-law of Gamal Nasser, was killed on Wednesday in London. Dr. Ashraf passed to Israel enormous amounts of top-level intelligence on Egypt, and informed Mossad of the Egyptian attack fully two days before the Yom Kippur War.

One scum named Eli Zeira, who headed the IDF Military Intelligence in 1973 and was fired after the war on the recommendations of Agronot Commission for gross negligence, revealed Dr. Ashraf identity in his silly and self-serving 1993 book.

Even on the background of Israel’s notoriously careless approach to her agents and collaborators, Zeira’s vengeful revelation of the spy’s identity amounts to a high crime.

Olmert announced in the Knesset that since Fatah government now actively fights terrorism, he would take the risk of removing roadblocks that stop Arab terrorists in Judea.
Fatah fights terrorism by facing defeat from Hamas in Gaza and incorporating Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigae into Abu Mazen’s security forces, financed by Israel and trained by the US. Regrettably, Olmert runs no risks by removing the roadblocks. Terrorists, walking freely, will kill ordinary Israelis, not Olmert.

The IDF arrests the Darfur infiltrators and brings them to police, which refuses them and direct to Beer Sheba municipality which drop-ships them to Wohl Rose Garden in Jerusalem for the government to take care of them. Olmert ordered the IDF to prevent infiltrations, but many Sudanese Blacks still manage to get into Israel.
The infiltrations underscore how porous is Israeli border. Terrorists are better at crossing the border illegally than refugees. Unless Israel starts punishing the infiltrators to the fullest extent of the law, the Blacks won’t stop pouring into the Jewish state.

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