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Jordan signed peace treaty with Israel. Palestinian entity is governed by moderate Abbas.

Hamas pulls down a Mickey Mouse cartoon series that incited Palestinian children to jihad against Jews. Palestinian Information Ministry declares cartoons a “mistaken approach”: fighting Israel is a serious business. The peace process-era Palestinian media is saturated with anti-Israeli incitatement.

continues airing Judophobic Arab Mickey Mouse show. Hamas’ Mickey Mouse is more radical than Haniyeh: no truce with Israel, Jewish state must be destroyed, Jerusalem liberated. Arab children called into the show, enjoy it.

Fafo poll found that only 58% of Palestinians support peace negotiation with Israel. 56% of our moderate neighbors support rocket attacks on Israel.

Pressed to take a Jew-hating Mickey Mouse-like character off the Palestinian TV, Arab terrorists had the Jews murdering the Mickey Mouse who thus died the martyr death. Palestinians quickly replaced Mickey Mouse with a similar character who teaches Arab children to kill Jews.

Hamas accused Fatah of violating the long-standing Judenrein policy, enforced in Jordan and Palestine, which bars Jews from buying or leasing land there. Fatah denounced the accusations, explaining that the only foreigners allowed to buy land in its territory are foreign Palestinians, and not Jews.

Mad leftists of Israeli Supreme Court ordered the Jewish National Fund to lease even the lands developed with private Jewish donations to Palestinians.

NY Times cites a poll that shows 84% of Palestinians support Merkaz HaRav terrorist attack. “Only” 64% of Palestinians support Kassam attacks on Israel; the number is apparently lower because Kassam rocket attacks cause Israeli retaliation against Gaza.

Just outside of the Fatah-controlled Ramallah, Palestinians attempted lynching an Israeli driver who got there by mistake trying to reach his home kibbutz.

Fatah “policemen” arrested three armed IDF soldiers near Bir-Zeit. Under the Oslo and Netanyahu’s Wye River agreements, Palestinians are entitled to keep the areas of their occupation free of Jews.
Jews lack a comparable right in Israel.

The Palestinian Ministry of Prisoner Affairs called on Hamas to kidnap more Israelis to exchange them for jailed terrorists.

That ministry, like all others, is financed by Israeli tax transfers to our Palestinian enemies.

Palestine’s chief Islamic judge reiterated that selling land to Jews is high treason, punishable by death. The PA, like every other Arab country, bans land sales to all non-Arabs (Arabs are politically correctly described as “citizens of Arab countries”). Jews are singled out: selling land to us is not just illegal, but a capital offense. Significantly, Jewish land purchases do not infringe on Arab jurisdiction, so the issue is purely one of Judeophobia, rather than politics.

PA courts have condemned scores of Arab land-sellers to death, usually in absentia because they flee immediately after the sale. Terrorist organizations often kill the sellers without waiting for a court order.

Earlier, the Israeli Supreme Court ordered the Jewish National Fund to sell lands to Arabs, even though JNF develops land from sand and marshes with private Jewish donations.

The PLO’s ambassador in Lebanon, Abbas Zaki, called on the Palestinian faction to accept any terms for the two-state solution because the Jews will lose, anyway.

Zaki’s words should be tattooed on every MK’s forehead:

The two-state solution spells the end of the Zionist dream. Abandoning Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria makes talk of the Promised Land and the Chosen People pointless. And all the Jewish losses and sufferings would lose their meaning.

Israeli police proudly reported on their increased level of cooperation with the Fatah gang: this year alone, Palestinian police arrested and deported 1,232 Israeli citizens who had ventured into West Bank towns.

While Jews are absolutely banned from Palestinian-occupied areas, hundreds of thousands of West Bank Arabs stay in Israel.

A Palestinian court refrained from imposing a death sentence on an Arab found guilty of selling land to a Jew. The Palestinian attorney general has appealed the ruling.

Land sales to Jews are banned in every Arab country, but Israel, of course, gives land to her Arabs free.

Carmel fireThe PA is assisting Israel in fighting the Carmel fires. The Palestinians have sent several fire brigades into the Jewish state.

Palestinian firefighters will only protect Arab population centers in Galilee. Even during a humanitarian crisis, our Palestinian enemies are unwilling to extend help to Jews. Never mind that Israel gives them everything from electricity to money to free vaccine for their cattle during the swine flu.

We should not have accepted the Palestinians’ help, which only helps the PA to score points with Israeli Arabs. There are enough Arab firefighters in Israel; let them take care of their own villages.

Meanwhile, two Arabs from the Druze village of Daliat el Carmel were arrested for arson, and other Arabs from Gaza continued shelling Israeli population centers in the Negev.

Following the Itamar murders, Palestinian media rushed to blame immigrant workers or even Jews themselves for the crime. According to Abbas’ logic, Jews cannot blame Palestinian Arabs for the murder until courts sentence the perpetrators.

Though despicable, that attitude signifies a major new twist in the Arab mentality. Many of them are no longer happy with terrorist murders. Years ago, the West Bank would have erupted in celebrations over this terrorist act, just as Gaza did. This time, praise was muted and criticism transparently implied.

Perhaps the other side has also grown weary of the war.

Meanwhile, other Arabs do not laud Gadhafi for defying American pressure to step down. Years ago, he would have been idolized by the Arab street for fighting despite the US orders. Now, Arabs shrugged at his bloody methods. It seems that Arabs are losing their Bedouin mentality to consumerism and quickly acquire ethical values similar to Europeans.

PA brandishes UNESCO credentialsThe PA has applied for full membership in the UNESCO. Though technically open to states only, various UN bodies have long admitted the PLO.

And fittingly enough, the Palestinians showed great concern about ‘their’ cultural heritage by defacing Joseph’s tomb in Schem with swastikas.

Some 1,500 Jews assembled at the Tomb of Joseph for a monthly prayer event sanctioned by the IDF. They were heavily guarded, and entered the Palestinian-occupied town at night so as not to disturb the Arabs.

During the prayer, Arabs pelted the Jews with firebombs. Imagine the outcry if the opposite were to take place.

Under orders to abstain from fighting at all costs, the IDF troops refrained from shooting the attackers.

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