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Less moderate factions as Palestinian Islamic Jihad, work daily to make his dream true

Adding to its 10,000-strong army in Gaza, Hamas infiltrates Palestinian Authority’s troops in Judea and Samaria instead of building own forces. Creation of Palestinian unity government removed obstacles to infiltration.

In the recent days, several top Hamas officials called for intensifying war with Israel. Hamas members shell Sderot and Negev villages. Hamas spokesman Obeideh called rockets “a message to the Zionist enemy” and declared cease-fire ended.

Zahar demands release of all terrorist prisoners, withdrawal from Judea and Samaria as precondition for such fruitful talks.

Bowing down to American pressure, Israel will not invade Gaza in response for the resumed rocket attacks. Hamas formally ended truce after IDF killed nine Arabs over the weekend.

Mashaal’s hard line so far helped prevent the exchange of 1,400 Arab terrorist prisoners for Cpl. Shalit.

14% of Palestinians feel more secure under Hamas rule (Neareast Consulting poll) while 22% generally support Hamas. 41% trust neither Fatah nor Hamas which opens a way for a new political force.

In addition to its vast network of radio stations, websites, and satellite TV channel, Hamas founded a free 24-page newspaper with initial staff of 50 people.

rejects the new timeline for concessions imposed by the US.
Israeli Foreign Ministry lies, “”We never had any illusions as to the policies and goals of the Hamas.” Israel nurtured Hamas as an opposition to Arafat.

if Israel stops anti-terrorist raids in the West Bank so that Hamas could develop there. After Israel had similarly abandoned Gaza, Hamas entrenched itself there.

In a welcome change of tactics, IDF arrested Palestinian education minister, three parliament members, and a few Arab mayors. None was killed, as promised earlier. The IDF doesn’t intend to exchange any of the Palestinian officials for the kidnapped Cpl. Shalit. Meanwhile, Israel continues discussing with the PLO-Fatah prisoners swap of a thousand Palestinian terrorists for Cpl.Shalit.
Israel Air Force bombed several minor businesses that support Hamas. The choice of targets reflects the IDF’s lack of strategy. Israeli government misuses the army to perform light-and-sound show in Gaza without derailing the suicidal peace process.

Corresponding to the Attorney General Mazuz recommendations and Israeli public mood, Hamas announces it will target Israeli government officials. A few thugs less.

The cease-fire should end Israeli assassinations of Hamas militants. Mashaal didn’t elaborate whether he wants Israel to stop targeting Hamas politicians, as well.
During the previous cease-fire, Hamas refrained from shooting Kassam missiles into Israel but relegated the job to Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade and other non-political groups.
Islamic groups commonly shed responsibility by branching out militant groups. Muslim Brotherhood initially made Hamas a separate organization for the Brotherhood to remain peaceful organization. Now that Hamas became a political organization, it also poses as moderate and relegates suicide bombings in Israel and Kassam launches to militant groups like PIJ and Al Aqsa.

Hamas announces that booby-trapped tunnel Abbas claims was meant to kill him was actually meant against Israelis. Killing Jews is socially acceptable among the Arabs.
Hamas derides Israeli-US-Palestinian talks, calls for fighting. Israel provides humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Shin Bet foiled attempts by Hamas to recruit terrorists and announced that Hamas channels millions of shekels to Israeli Arab organizations and construction at the Temple Mount and other sites. Hamas received the necessary funding from Saudi Arabia which now pitches its “peace plan” to Israel.
Israel gave Temple Mount to Jordan to administer, but the place holy to Jews is essentially controlled by Palestinian terrorists who ban the Jews from entering it.

As I have argued all along, Hamas moderated immediately after takeover of Gaza. Burdened with governmental responsibilities, Hamas cannot afford Israeli retaliation. Complying with its pan-Palestinian agenda, Hamas still allows Palestinian Islamic Jihad to initiate low-level attacks on Israel.
Israel, however, insists on isolating Hamas and enhancing ties with Fatah – a powerless conglomerate of gangster organizations which terrorize Palestinians far more than Israelis. Israel resumed security discussions with Fatah which floundered after the start of the Second Intifada in 2000 and ceased with Hamas’ victory in Palestinian elections.

Hamas insists on using the Rafah crossing to Egypt which is free of Israeli control. The Rafah crossing is closed after the European observers fled it. Rafah’s closure allows Arabs to scream that Israel violates their human rights. Hamas rejected Israeli offer of using an IDF-manned Kerem Shalom crossing.

Hamas paid to the Dughmush clan (Army of Islam) reportedly $3 million in money and weapons. The Army of Islam collaborates with Fatah (Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade) against Israel and kidnapped IDF’s Cpl. Shalit.

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