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Formally accepting the defeat, Fatah will announce the early parliamentary elections which apparently won’t include Gaza. Fatah will have a West-Bank-only parliament. Egypt, Israel, and now Fatah in turn refused the hot potato of lawless Gaza.

Fatah’s official newspapers, including Al Hayat Al Jadida controlled by Abbas heaped praise on the two suicide bombers who killed an elderly Jewish woman, wounded 39 Jews in Dimona.

Israel stopped hunting down a number of terrorists from Fatah’s Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade on the condition that they serve a sentence in Palestinian jail. 14 of them left the jail in Schem (Nablus) to protest undisclosed “breach of agreement” with them. A day later, they went back to the prison.

Speaking to al-Dustur newspaper in Jordan, a country at peace with Israel, Abbas announced that his opposition to fighting Israel is temporary, because Palestinians cannot succeed now, and that in the future the situation will change.
It is unbelievable that Israeli government sees that gangster as a peace partner. As Rabbi Kahane remarked, moderate Arabs kill Jews moderately.

Fatah and Hamas are evidently not so much at odds as they normally try to show. Besides, why don’t Abbas negotiates for Israel a cease-fire with Fatah’s own Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades to begin with?

In a nod to her “peace process” partners, Israel allowed Fatah to sentence and jail the two Arabs who murdered Jewish hikers in Nahal Telem. The Arab murderers, members of Fatah, were sentenced to 16 years in jail. Today the were reported walking in Hebron. It is a normal practice for Fatah security prisoners to leave their jails at will.

Ehud Barak allowed 600 Fatah “policemen” trained in Jordan to enter the terrorist nest of Jenin, ostensibly to install a semblance of order there. Fatah “policemen” routinely participate in attacks on Jews. According to Barak, he wants to exhaust all options for the peace process.

At the Arab League summit, Fatah boss named Abbas boasted of supporting Gaza despite the Hamas takeover. According to Abbas, 58% of the Palestinian Authority’s budget was allocated to Gaza in 2007, paying for 77,000 employees controlled by Hamas.

As happens regularly, a dozen of Palestinian terrorists left a Fatah-run prison in Nablus where they are ostensibly jailed. Fatah radio urges them to return, as serving a nominal jail sentence is part of the amnesty deal they received for Israel. Fatah, concerned over the safety of its terrorists, welcomes them back to jail, promising better conditions.

The US-trained, Israeli-armed elite Palestinian police forces entered Schem (“Nablus”) to re-arrest several members of Fatah who walked out of a Palestinian prison a few days protesting the delay in receiving wages. That’s correct, Fatah pays salaries to its own terrorists in its own jails. Israel duly finances the salaries with tax transfers. In the raid, two female bystanders and five policemen were wounded, as well as a single escapee. Fatah aimed at demonstrating Israel that Palestinians are qualified for statehood.

Israeli peace partner Abbas chooses candidates for the highest award, Jerusalem Mark of Honor, among the list of Palestinian terrorists held in Israeli jails. The list was submitted for consideration by the Palestinian Ministry for Prisoners’ Affairs. Israel, the US and the EU subsidize this ministry, a part of the Palestinian government.

In an unmistakable sign of warming relationship between the two peoples, Palestinian military court handed down the capital punishment to an Arab suspected of collaborating with Israel. The Arab, Emad Saad, helped Israel to pinpoint wanted terrorists, which is ostensibly the Fatah’s obligation.

in Jordan. It is disheartening to see Abu Mazen still alive.

in the West Bank. Clearly, the US-funded Palestinian Authority does its best to implement the Oslo Accords which oblige it to dismantle all terrorist infrastructure, huh.

The 600 Fatah cutthroats cannot enforce the law where only a handful of Israeli soldiers maintained a semblance of security with daily raids.

from 600 to 1,500 to counter the competing militants. The initially approved number was 300. That’s just in a single refugee camp. So how many armed Hamas supporters are there in the West Bank altogether?

and Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Palestine before the Arab crowds commemorating the Naqba, Palestinian catastrophe of founding the Jewish state.

The Quartet envoy praised the excellent skills of the Fatah “police” which they will unleash on Hamas – or on Israel.

US consultants trained the Fatah thugs in Jordan. Israel and America arms the Fatah.

Israeli defense officials universally slam the US-trained, Israeli-financed, and Jordan-armed Fatah “police”, such as the 600 Arab gangsters recently deployed in Jenin and 3,000 of them in Schem. After the Arabs took daytime charge of the security in Jenin, Islamic terrorist attempts rose dramatically. Fatah gangsters operate against civilians and petty criminals but provide a security shield for terrorists. Fatah policemen sell their US-supplied weapons to Hamas cells.

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