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Israel transferred the Fatah gang $118 million instead of the earlier announced fifty. Abbas pledged to hide the money from Palestinian civil servants affiliated with Hamas. That, of course, won’t happen: Abbas cannot pay half officials and withhold money from the other half based on their political preferences.

In order to retain an image of legitimate rule, Abbas announced new elections in Palestine. EU approves the move.
Foreign democrats have a small problem dealing with Fatah gangsters: they lost the elections. Abbas imagines better results in new elections where he would threaten Hamas candidates out of the race and rig the elections results. Hamas, locked in Gaza, won’t be able to challenge the elections forgery.
Washington Post cites US intelligence reports decrying Bush’s rapprochement with worthless Abbas.

Palestinian Information Minister announced that Fatah will use Israeli tax transfers and the US aid to pay salaries of Hamas officials.

Palestinian quasi-parliament for the third time did not assemble a quorum to approve Fayad’s government. Besides the Hamas members, many Fatah members boycotted the parliament’s session, as well.

Israeli government gives Palestinian gangsters 1,000 automatic rifles. Fatah mobsters won’t fight democratically elected Hamas even if given a hundred thousand rifles, but the rifles will come handy for shooting Jews.
Fatah claims it seized several caches of Hamas weapons, and so presumably is flush with rifles.

Satisfied with his cut from Israeli tax transfers and international aid, Abbas announced to Yossi Beilin he would not run for reelection.

IDF reestablished security coordination with the Fatah-PLO rulers of the West Bank after Fatah made a show of arresting a few political opponents. Israel gives Fatah money to buy automatic rifles from wanted terrorists who are amnestied after they thus “surrender” their weapons. Compensation vastly exceeds the market price for AK-74 rifles in Palestine. The terrorists received M-16 rifles from Israel, ostensibly to fight Hamas.

The illegal Palestinian PM Fayyad, the US darling, during the press conference in Cairo tried hard to whitewash himself from the accusation of collaboration with Israel. Abbas’ government is under criticism for renouncing armed struggle with Israel and announcing only “resistance.” Fayyad defined the legitimate resistance as “all possible efforts” to reach the Palestinian goals. That’s very much what Hamas does.

Fatah promised to avoid paying Hamas members with Israeli tax transfers. Haniyeh returned his salary to the Fatah government – a move that implicates Fatah in paying salaries to Hamas members with Israeli and American money.

Hamas published scores of the PLO documents seized in Gaza detailing corruption in the Arafat government. Though the list only runs in millions of dollars whereas the PLO stole billions, Fatah vowed to defend Arafat’s honor and accused Hamas of stealing millions of dollars of aid from Iran and a minor sheikhdom of Qatar, a place relatively friendly to Israel but also to Islamists.

Israel abandoned hunt for 178 wanted Arab terrorists who were supposed to join Abbas’ gang against Hamas. Less than half of the terrorists sold their weapons to Abbas for outrageous prices paid by Israeli money.

Palestinian negotiator named Erakat called Israeli decision to reduce electricity supply to Gaza in response to Kassam attacks, provocative. Our Palestinian friend don’t even know the difference between provocation and retaliation.

The chief Palestinian gangster named Abbas warned the Jewish state that unless Judea and Jerusalem are promptly surrendered, Palestinian Arabs will break out in violence. As if they are quiet now.

The EU announces still more aid to Fatah gang, optimistically called “Palestinian police.” The Fatah gang’s bookkeeper Fayad promised Barak to finally start implementation of the Road Map’s first stage: establishing some sort ofsecurity in the Fatah-occupied Judea.

Fayad, the Fata gang’s bookkeeper, told the AP that Israel needs to take bold steps in order to build trust among the Palestinians. Oh sure, we don’t sleep at night, burdened by that question: How do we make the good Palestinians trust us the liers?

The three Palestinian Arabs who killed Jewish villager Ido Zoldan belong to Abbas’ Palestinian National Security Force trained and supplied by Israel and the US.

That’s five times the annual US aid to Israel. Arab countries are unlikely to honor their pledges, as they didn’t in the past.

Two employees of the Palestinian Authority, one working for Fatah security forces, killed two Jewish hikers in Judea. Israel, US arm Fatah security forces.

Peace efforts are doomed if Israel insists on demilitarized Palestinian Authority, Fatah officials claim. Fatah long espoused the springboard concept where peace with Israel is a prelude to the eventual Arab takeover of Israel.

Nine Palestinian terrorists surrendered to Fatah forces to seat out in Palestinian jail rather than being arrested by IDF

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