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civil strife

Jordan and Egypt will send instructors to train 1500-strong Presidential Guard. US provides $59 mln in weapons, equipment, and cash. Members of Presidential Guard carried a number of attacks against Jews.

disperses demonstration of Arab journalists who protest kidnapping of their British colleague by Palestinian security forces.

12-year boy killed in factional strife in Gaza, four Arab civilians wounded.

Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade has carried dozens of suicide bombings in Israel and regularly launches missiles at Israel. Al Aqsa is affiliated with Fatah-PLO. In the true spirit of moderation, Abbas grieves over the death of Al Aqsa’s Abu Jarad who continued to kill the Jews despite the truce.

near Karni crossing on Israel border with Gaza; 8 Arabs dead, including one PLO member IDF killed by mistake. Americans ostensibly train Fatah-PLO to check cargo, as if Fatah militants have any incentive to stop deliveries of explosives into Israel. Hamas asserts the US trains Fatah militants to fight democratically elected Palestinian government of Hamas.

41 Arabs killed in four days of brotherly fighting between Fatah and Hamas. Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, which conducts suicide bombings inside Israel, fought Hamas on the Fatah’s behalf. After a new ceasefire was announced today, Palestinians fired at the Egyptian delegation in Gaza. Palestinians accuse Israel of instigating the fighting; US and Israel arm Fatah against Hamas. Hamas accused Javier Solana of instigating the civil war in Palestine.

Palestinians fight each other regardless of the cease-fire arranged between Hamas and Fatah. During the earlier peace negotiations, Hamas repeatedly offered Israel a similar long-term truce.

Gaza increasingly becomes a Hamas state, as opposed to the relatively peaceful West Bank.

For all the help Israeli security service Shabak accords to Fatah, Palestinian security chief Abu Shabak left his post amid Hamas’ threats. Hamas earlier attacked his villa (Olmert’s apartment seem ascetic in comparison) and killed six bodyguards.

Hamas repeatedly offered Israel cease-fire in return with withdrawal from the Palestinian-settled territories.

Hamas-Fatah clashes continue despite mutliple cease-fires. Both Hamas and Fatah repeatedly offered Israel to join in the cease-fire and stop attacks against Gaza.

Fatah-affiliated gunmen managed to shoot RPGs at Hamas leader Haniyeh and his family without harming them. Hamas launched retaliatory strike against Fatah bases in Gaza, capturing northern bases where Fatah keeps weapons and ammunition received from Israel and other foreign sponsors.
With Hamas in full control of Gaza, the chances of Israeli invasion of Gaza are running high.

Hamas-Fatah left 9 Arabs dead yesterday; dozens of casualties. Human Rights Watch refreshingly accused Hamas and Fatah of shooting captives. Most Fatah leaders fled Gaza, some fled Palestine. Hamas fires anti-tank missiles and RPGs on the remaining Fatah strongholds in Gaza.
Hamas takeover of Palestine is ideal for Israel, since Hamas dominance would end the peace process and evacuation of Jewish settlements from Palestinian-settled lands.
Syria and Iran assist Hamas in order to open a second front at Israeli south border in addition to the Hezbollah’s north front.

Fatah’s boss Abu Mazen called his ex-partners in the Palestinian unity government “murderous terrorists.” Abbas said that Hamas takeover of Gaza ends hopes for a Palestinian state; apparently, Abbas doesn’t intend to proclaim Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria alone, as many analysts suggested.
According to Abbas, Fatah-PLO abide by the rule of law, while Hamas are terrorists. Fatah includes Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade which perpetrated many suicide bombings in Israel.

Hamas offered to set up a new government of independents. Abbas declared Palestinian statehood impossible without Gaza. Fatah and Hamas are undecided on how to deal with Hamas’ spontaneous takeover of Gaza.
Fatah spokesman accused Iran of supporting Hamas to undermine democracy in Palestine. America aids the Fatah government that evicted democratically elected Hamas from power.

The PLO only recognizes Hamas, its coalition partner in the government, as terrorist organization. Fatah’s wing Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade is not a terrorist organization to PLO, and won’t face disarmament.

Fatah supporters marched in Ramallah, chanting, “Islam is not about slaughtering people. Wait [Hamas] for the response from Al Aksa Martyrs’ Brigades.”

Reacting to Fatah’s violent crackdown on Hamas members in the West Bank, Mahmoud Zahar announced that Hamas will pursue Fatah’s members in Gaza, euphemistically called “Israeli agents.” Hamas will also undermine the relative security in the West Bank with the same terrorist measures it used against Israel.
Israeli operations in the West Bank so far bar Hamas from developing beachheads in Judea and Samaria, just like the IDF curtailed Hamas activities in Gaza before disengagement.

Hamas has earlier demanded that the clan-based Army of Islam group releases the kidnapped BBC journalist Alan Johnston or face attack on Monday. Hamas, however, did not attack the kidnappers’ clan, but claimed that Fatah urged them to hold onto Johnston to rob Hamas of an important public relations’ achievement.
Army of Islam vowed to kill Johnston if its financial and political demands are not met. The move came amid Hamas’ holding two of the clan members hostage and suggest that Army of Islam received backing to counter Hamas. Though such backing can also come from Israel and Egypt in the effort to uproot Hamas, Fatah is the most likely force behind the Army of Islam belligerent move. Army of Islam can mobilize several hundred armed members, comparable to the numbers of Hamas fighters who actively participated in the takeover of Gaza.

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