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Jordan signed peace treaty with Israel. Palestinian entity is governed by moderate Abbas.

Less moderate factions as Palestinian Islamic Jihad, work daily to make his dream true

Israeli trade restrictions cripple Palestinian economy. Arab workers lack access to higher-wage Israeli labor market. Israel must not hinder free movement of Palestinians between Gaza and Judea/ Samaria.

Jordan and Egypt will send instructors to train 1500-strong Presidential Guard. US provides $59 mln in weapons, equipment, and cash. Members of Presidential Guard carried a number of attacks against Jews.

disperses demonstration of Arab journalists who protest kidnapping of their British colleague by Palestinian security forces.

Adding to its 10,000-strong army in Gaza, Hamas infiltrates Palestinian Authority’s troops in Judea and Samaria instead of building own forces. Creation of Palestinian unity government removed obstacles to infiltration.

at 5a.m., guerrillas avoided targeting Arab students. Last year, foreign personnel left the school after double kidnapping.

Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade openly trains its forces in UNRWA refugee camps, such as Bureij in Gaza. Future martyrs receive monthly checks from the UN along with other third-generation refugees.

No embargo was ever imposed on Palestinian trade. US and EU briefly ceased aid to Palestine after the democratic elections brought Hamas to power. Palestine receives more aid compared to its GDP than any other country.

In the recent days, several top Hamas officials called for intensifying war with Israel. Hamas members shell Sderot and Negev villages. Hamas spokesman Obeideh called rockets “a message to the Zionist enemy” and declared cease-fire ended.

Zahar demands release of all terrorist prisoners, withdrawal from Judea and Samaria as precondition for such fruitful talks.

12-year boy killed in factional strife in Gaza, four Arab civilians wounded.

Abbas harvests European support for still more aid to the Palestinians .

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