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OPEC cut the production quotas at the two recent meetings to keep oil price rising. Qatar, Algeria insist on further oil production cuts to create short supply and drive oil prices up. US oil corporations drastically increased crude oil inventories, pushed the demand, and helped OPEC to raise oil prices.
OPEC is an illegal cartel created to manipulate oil prices to Muslim benefit. US saved Kuwait and Saudi Arabia from Saddam, but didnít make OPEC to lower oil prices. US imposed sanctions on many foreign companies and organizations that engage in illegal trade practices, but refrained from condemning OPEC.

Iranian president seconded Osama bin Laden, declared that oil prices are too low. Well, nuclear bomb will increase the Iran’s bargaining power.

Russia has agreed to build a nuclear power plant in Venezuela. Chavez follows in the steps of his pal Ahmadi Nejad, who also started with a Russian nuclear power station. Peaceful power stations can be used to harvest plutonium, and weapons-grade uranium can be extracted from the spent rods.

Chavez wouldn’t have started a major confrontation with the United States over a power plant: the oil-rich Venezuela doesn’t need nuclear power. No doubt, he aims to make nuclear weapons. Unlike Iran, Venezuela lacks scientists to build the weapons, but it enjoys Iranian expertise.

America tolerates the almost-completed nuclear program of Brazil, and would hardly bomb Venezuela. In a few years, the Americans will understand what it means for Israelis to live near the nuclear-armed enemy.

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