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The United Arab Emirates concluded a $3.3 billion purchase of Patriot anti-missile defense batteries, apparently to protect the UAE against its long-time nemesis Iran. The UAE’s move is senseless because Iran is almost pacifist in regard to the Emirates: it took Iran decades to occupy the disputed Tunbs islands. Not impossibly, the UAE might use Patriots to close its airspace in case of an Israeli-Iranian confrontation.

At the Abu Dhabi IDEX arms show, the oil emirates purchased in excess of $5 billion worth of advanced military equipment. Other Arab countries’ purchases remain undisclosed, but the Saudis generally purchase more than the Emirates.

The UAE and the Saudis are beefing up their armed forces to deter Iran, even though Iran has no plans whatsoever against them, and has not start a single offensive war in recent history. This hysterical attitude is typical of the Arab relationship to Israel, as well.

The Arabs’ military procurement exceeds Israel’s by an order of magnitude.

Unable to reach Mossad, Dubai police decided to bar from the country anyone who looks or speaks like an Israeli, regardless of his passport. They probably imagine Jews like Borat, so we’ll see how well this decision ends up being implemented.

The important thing is that neither the UN nor any country objected to Dubai’s decision to bar Israelis—and anyone who looks like an Israeli. May Israel proceed now to bar all Arabs, lest we have another Mabhouh here?

Dubai’s police department made headlines after lashing out against the Mossad assassins who dispatched Mabhouh.

The story was completely different this time. Hardly any information was leaked on the murder of Ahmad Rezaei, an important critic of the Iranian regime. He was killed, undoubtedly by Iranian agents, in a hotel in Dubai.

Clearly, Dubai’s police chief is willing to build his reputation at the expense of nice Jews who are not going to retaliate for his disclosure, but not willing to confront Iran’s deeded Al Qods Brigades.

Mahmoud al-Mabhouh

Given the chaotic reality of the Middle East, it came as no surprise when the president of Palau, a mini-state in the Pacific, told his Israeli hosts that the UAE had offered him $10 million a year for five years plus $50 million bonus after that for withdrawing his support for Israel in the UN.

In the absurd system of the United Nations General Assembly, every state counts for one voice, be it the United States or Palau.

The UAE is America’s major ally in the Middle East, the only country to receive F-16s with FoF software, which allows them to target US allies. The UAE also maintains strong relations with the Israeli security establishment, which recently lost a major contract for upgrading the army in Abu Dhabi.

Palau Senate

Iran did not wait long to retaliate against the UAE for joining the US air drill in the Persian Gulf. Ahmadinejad simply visited one of the Tunbs Islands.

Iran took the three islands from the UAE forty years ago. Recently, British archives revealed correspondence between the UAE sheikh and the British consul in Iran, in which the UAE requested that Iran take the islands by force rather than allow the Arabs to surrender them voluntarily. Submitting to overwhelming force is acceptable in the Arab mentality.

Ahmadinejad’s démarche was very rude, and the UAE temporarily recalled its ambassador from Tehran. But the Iranian point was certainly well taken.

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