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The military earlier announced their watch presidential elections closely, implying they will overthrow Islamist candidates.

which brought Islamist Abdullah Gul to presidency.

Turkey assembled 140,000 troops at Iraq’s border. The planned Turkish invasion is meant to oust Kurdish Workers’ Party (PKK). Los Angeles court acquitted PKK of the terrorist status. Israel cooperates with Kurds to maintain a base for operations against Iran.

European leaders urge new Turkish government to continue political reforms, namely liberalization and democratization which will bring Turkey’s Islamists to power. Polls indicate support for the US sinking in Turkey to 2%. Jordan, another major American ally in the region, sports the same approval rating for its patron.

Abdullah Gul, a noted Islamist, is voted Turkey’s president.
A major American Jewish organization ADL recently alienated otherwise friendly Turkey by declaring the deaths of more than a million Armenians in riots during the Ottoman rule genocide – as if the Armenian-Turkey relations are Jews’ business.

The US Administration continues a dumb policy of undermining security measures of its close allies. After twisting the hands of Israeli government and Pakistani military, Bush’s administration now prevents Turkey from attacking Kurdish terrorists in their safe haven across the border with Iraq. Turkey is posed to retaliate against Kurdish insurgents for the attack on Turkish military. In similar situations, Israel undertakes token retaliation only.

Turkey admitted a number of Jews expelled from Spain in 1492; Spanish government recognized Israel only in 1986. Peres spoke to Turkey’s overwhelmingly Islamist parliament. According to Peres, Islamist Turkey instills trust in him, and can liberate Gaza from Hamas.

Turkey was creative in showing disdain for Condi Rice who visits the country. On the night of Rice’s visit, Turkish forces entered Iraq against the US-supported Kurdish insurgents.

Syria, Turkey signed energy act aimed at mutual development of nuclear energy. Turkish military would love to have the nuclear technology, and Israel cannot afford to bomb nuclear facilities in Turkey.

Iraqi Kurdish rebels scored a rocket hit at the apartment house of police families in Turkey.

For decades since Ataturk’s brutal reforms, Turkey’s military guaranteed its secular character. The army repeatedly toppled the governments suspected of Islamic leanings. In the unusual shift of power, the Islamist government arrested two generals who organized earlier massive protests against Turkey’s Islamization.
As backward villagers stream into cities, Turkish society becomes increasingly Islamist.

Israel lashed against Germany for a minor E100 million gas deal with Iran, but here Turkey – an ally of Israel and the US, and aspiring member of the EU – openly trades with Iran in circumvention of sanctions.
Turkey, Iran will construct a new gas pipeline.

Turkey is the first NATO member to invite Ahmadinejad. The Iranian president has earlier visited other NATO member countries, including the US, on diplomatic occasions.
During his visit, Ahmadinejad is expected to sign an oil deal with Turkey for $3.5 billion despite the UN sanctions. Europe, too, buys Iranian oil for E5.5 billion annually.

Turkey seeks to purchase various S-300 modifications and TOR-1M SAM batteries from Ukraine to use them for evasion training at its Konia air force base. Israel, too, uses that base.
The arrangement works fine with Russians. They soothe Israeli and American fears over TOR-1M and possibly S-300 deliveries to Iran by implicitly allowing IAF to train against those SAMs. Russian SAMs are Iran’s best option, and the Islamic republic cannot afford to refuse further purchases even though IAF learned to evade them.

ErdoganTurkey, a former Israeli and US ally, increasingly aligns itself with Muslim states. Iran is drawing Turkey into its orbit by promising cheap natural gas. Turkey also finds itself close to Syria which has no other state willing to talk to it; Obama, too, has promised to engage Syria.

Turkey’s secular character is eroding as fervently Muslim masses stream from villages into towns and become politically active. Ataturk’s secularization did not touch Turkish villages.

Turkey’s Islamist PM Erdogan called Hamas rocket attacks on Israel “a mistake,” but also noted correctly than Israel violated the six-month ceasefire understanding by refusing to open the border crossings.

Not long ago, Shimon Peres praised Erdogan’s Turkey as Israel’s major ally against Hamas.

The Turkish PM made headlines by walking out during Peres’ speech in Davos. Erdogan’s demarche was calculated to appeal to Muslims and immediately brought him acclaim in Turkey, where thousands greeted him at the airport.

Erdogan accused Peres of “murdering children” even though Turkey does just that in reprisal raids against Kurdistan.

After being publicly humiliated, Peres turned the other cheek and phoned Erdogan – not to demand excuses or arrange for duel, but to excuse himself and hear Erdogan’s assurances of Turkey’s commitment to cooperate with Israel. Erdogan has no say on the issue because Israel cooperates mostly with the Turkish army, an institution largely independent from the PM.

 When the army set out to dislodge him, the US and EU pressed Turkey to accept the election results that brought the Islamist PM to power.

After Turkey’s Islamist PM sparked a crisis with Israel over Gaza, relations between the two countries deteriorated to the point where Turkey won’t allow armed guards on Israeli flights to disembark.

The Turkish move might save Israel the half-billion dollars that Jewish tourists spend there annually.

Erdogan avoids a head-on clash with the Turkish army by banning Israeli military aircraft. IAF routinely trains in Turkey, which is the only friendly country with suitable terrain nearby.

Turkey has summoned Israel’s ambassador over an Israeli general’s remarks accusing Turkey of Armenian and Kurdish genocides. This is how normal countries react to indignities? Israel did not summon the Turkish ambassador when Erdogan repeatedly accused Israel of war crimes in Gaza.

Obama’s visiting envoy Mitchell met with Turkish prime minister Erdogan, and praised the “special relationship” between Israel and Turkey, and requested that Erdogan further his peace efforts.

This fellow, Mitchell…does he watch TV? In the last month, Erdogan has proven himself to be grossly anti-Israeli. He cracked down on Turkish secularism, engaged Syria and Iran, and established cozy relations with Hamas.

Obama reiterated American support for Turkey’s ambition to join the EU. France leads the pan-European opposition, arguing that Islamic Turkey does not fit into European identity. At the same time, however, the EU powers assume that a 34 percent Arab population fits into Israeli identity.

The US supported Turkey’s EU bid to reward its NATO ally, and Obama uncritically continues this support despite Turkey’s drift from the West.

Increasingly Islamist Turkey, if allowed to join, would further tilt the EU against Israel.

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