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In the interview to Al Jazeera, JEM leader Khalil Ibrahim confirmed that his guerrillas have a permanent representation in Israel. He also claimed that top Sudanese officials routinely and secretly meet in Israel with Jewish officials.

The Jerusalem Post reports on Mossad’s meeting with political leader of the Sudan Liberation Movement. [News reports on Mossad meetings, huh...] Israel has supported SLM for some time, and the guerrilla group has an office in our country.

The issues of common interest include Al Qaeda, stopping the flow of Sudanese refugees to Israel, and intercepting weapons shipments to Gaza.

Mossad seems to take over IDF wars where the government lacks the will to conduct them. The agency is also heavily engaged against Iran, disrupting its nuclear program.

In addition to attacking a weapons convoy, IAF also reportedly sank an Iranian ship with arms cargo en route to Sudan during the Gaza war.

Rather than a return to the good old days when Israel operated abroad at will, the operations seem to be the last help to Israel from our hapless friend Bush, who approved the Israeli attacks.

The moderate Palestinian chairman met with Sudanese president Omar Bashir, who has been indicted by the International Criminal Court for the Darfur genocide.

Never mind that; the leftist supporters of Darfur remain equally supportive of Abbas.

Abu Mazen requested Sudanese assistance in reconciling with Hamas. This confirms Sudan’s pivotal role in transiting weapons from Iran to Gaza.

Now that the Sudanese government and the rebels have reached peace accord, international donors have pledged $1 billion to the impoverished region—a far cry from $7 billion pledged to Gaza after the Israeli war.

The peace is unlikely to hold because, as was the case with the Israeli-Palestinian Oslo Accords, it relegates the most important power-sharing questions to later negotiations.

The Sudanese people held a referendum and overwhelmingly approved the country’s dissolution. This ends the conflict, which the Jewish state has become a part of.
Most African infiltrators claimed they came from Sudan or Eritrea seeking asylum. Now they must be deported back to their desert and jungles.

The West has succeeded in breaking the oil-rich South Sudan from the north. This followed years of media hysteria over Darfur and accusations that the Sudanese ruler supported terrorism, which he actually abandoned long ago when Osama left his country.

South Sudan President Salva Kiir

Israel and the newly founded state of South Sudan have exchanged embassies. This symbolic gesture marks the culmination of more than a decade of extensive clandestine support Israel provided for Sudanese insurgents, who in turn helped us against Al Qaeda and Iranian smuggling networks there. This support was an open secret in Sudan. During the independence celebrations, South Sudanese waved Israeli flags.

South Sudanese celebrate independence

After Israeli leaders hosted the president of South Sudan, Hamas leaders had an official meeting with president of the ‘old’ Sudan. While Israeli leaders discussed intercepting weapons, Hamas leaders discussed smuggling them.

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