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Saudi Arabia

claims doesn’t know how to transfer the money to Abu Mazen’s account. EU and US are the largest donors of the terrorist Palestinian entity.

Turki Faisal al-Saud, member of the Saudi royal family and former intelligence chief who fostered bin Laden declared to Palestinians, “It is a shame that we point our wrath and anger at our fellow Arabs and Muslims in a more deadly manner than we do our enemies.” Saudi insists that Israel adopts its peace plan.

Hosni Mubarak rejected Olmert’s offer for a direct meeting with Saudi Arabia officials as unrealistic: “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has circumstances that differ from those of any other state. They have holy lands and men of religion.” Apparently, Israel has neither of them.
Olmert surely knew of the futility of his call for negotiations with Saudi Arabia, but he needs to play his part in the peace process show.

The Shiite empire of Iran is at odds with Wahhabist Saudi Arabia, but Ahmadinejad correctly reasoned that the US wouldn’t attack Saudi nuclear installations. Saudi nuclearization will legitimize Iran’s nuclear aspirations.
Saudi paid for the Pakistani nuclear program and reportedly stocks some of the unaccounted Pakistani nuclear bombs.

Saudis purchase 72 Typhoon fighter jets from Britain. The purchase dwarfs IDF’s annual procurement budget. No country threatens Saudi Arabia.
Saudis often purchase extravagant quantities of advanced weapons.

Saudi king invited Ahmadinejad for hajj. After the US intelligence report ended the chances for the US attack on Iran, Saudis feel they better improve relations with Iran ASAP.

During the visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bush will discuss democracy in the Middle East and sell Saudis $20 billion worth of hi-tech weapons.

Under the Western pressure, Saudi Arabia agreed to increase its oil output by meager 500,000 barrels daily.

If true, the alliance is curious. Saudis don’t want Iranian influence in Syria and Lebanon, and taking Mughniye out is a natural thing for them.

Saudi Chief Mufti has issued a fatwa allowing Arab men to marry ten-year-old girls.
And why not? Mohammed’s most beloved wife Aisha was nine or eleven years old at the time of their marriage.

Abdullah warned Israel that the Arab peace offer can expire.

Too bad for Arab armies.

The Sunday Times, an official paper for Israeli government leaks, reports that Mossad has assured Netanyahu that Saudi Arabia will grant IAF overflight rights en route to bombing Iran. IAF thus can bypass Iraq, whose airspace is controlled by friendly Americans who insist on Iran’s right to nuke Israel.

While Obama has been negotiating with Saudi Arabia to secure overflight rights for Israeli commercial jets, our common Iranian enemy has made military cooperation a done deal.

There is one “but,” though. Israel’s real enemy is Wahhabite Saudi Arabia, the premier sponsor of worldwide terrorism. Israel would benefit greatly from a nuclear Iran’s expansion of its influence into the Saudi Shiite oilfields, which would break the Saudis’ wealth.

The Saudis sent twenty-four trucks of food to Gaza, a mere drop in the bucket compared to the amount of supplies routinely delivered by UNRWA for the last sixty-one years.

Israel reciprocated with the similarly empty gesture of allowing the convoy through the Rafah crossing, though we normally deny entrance to trucks from enemy countries.

Saudi Arabia has joined the growing list of Arab countries that have announced their intentions to build peaceful nuclear power plants. Oman, Egypt, Jordan, and most other emirates want these politically correct nukes.

Libya ended its military nuclear program a few years ago, and now pursues the Iranian path of ostensibly peaceful nukes. Egypt is using peaceful nuclear labs to produce weapons-grade uranium.

Peaceful nuclear power plants can be used for harvesting weapons-grade plutonium.

Saudi fighter jets flew over Yemen to bomb the pockets of Iranian-backed insurrection there.

Now that the American incursion in Iraq has delivered it to the Shiites and Obama’s overtures to Assad have resulted in a Hezbollah government in Lebanon, the Saudis can ill afford to have Iran controlling Yemen as well.

The Saudis are furious at Obama for letting Iran acquire nuclear weapons, which would spell unrest in the Saudi oil field region, which has been settled by Shiites. The Saudis, accordingly, are conducting independent military actions in Yemen, and are likely to cooperate with Israel against Iran.

The Saudis expressed their disapproval of Obama’s inaction on Iran in a free-market way—by purchasing $2 billion worth of armaments from Russia. The Saudis have exclusively purchased US weapons since the Gulf War, as a way of repaying their American saviors.

Sales of S-400 SAM batteries are on the agenda. Since Saudi Arabia is a stable country, it can purchase a scaled-down export version of the S-400 with no trouble.

Israel cannot follow the Saudi example. Unlike in Saudi Arabia, where the decision to approach the Russians is made by a single ruler, in Israel thousands of corrupt officials depend on American military manufacturers for their living, and would torpedo any deal with Russia.

Saudi king Abdullah visited Syria. Abdullah rarely leaves his country, as it is customary for other Arab rulers to visit him.

Relations between Saudi Arabia and Syria have been strained for the last few years, as Abdullah resents Syrian help to Shiite radicals in Lebanon.

It may be that Abdullah is trying to pry Assad away from Iran, into the American embrace. It is no less likely that Assad is mediating between near-nuclear Iran and Saudi Arabia, which has come to accept Iran’s nuclear status.

Saudi Arabia has every reason to fear Iranian retaliation for its cooperation with the US against Iran’s nuclear program, such as the kidnapping of Shahram Amiri, an Iranian nuclear scientist making a pilgrimage to Mecca.

A paragon of human rights in the Middle East has joined the international condemnation of Israel for its decision to build a few houses for Jews in our capital. The Saudi FM called on Obama to be tough with Israel.

Israel should learn hypocrisy from the Arabs. The Saudis ban Christianity in their state but have the audacity to constantly appeal to the leader of the Christian world. They install their puppets in every country in the region (notably in Lebanon), but condemn Iran for doing likewise. The Saudis developed nuclear weapons in cooperation with Pakistan, and now they want the IAEA to inspect Israeli weapons. The Saudis would allow Israel to use their airspace for an attack on Iran, but trumpet Muslim unity. Together with the Americans, the Saudis have repeatedly carried out attacks inside Yemen, but condemn Israeli anti-terrorist raids.

The Saudis have the most expensive army in the Middle East.

The kingdom barred15,000 individuals from the medical profession after they failed very basic tests and their certificates appeared to be forged.

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