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Israeli FM Livni met in New York with Qatari princeling. Qatar is a hard-nut supporter of Al Qaeda and the host for Al Jazeera.

Israeli Foreign Minister Livni traveled to Qatar to meet Omani FM and petty sheikhs of the ridiculous kingdom of Qatar. The real purpose of the visit is to make the US Administration happy with the ongoing peace process.
Israel has low-level relations with Qatar. Arab sheikhs are called “double zeros” for the two circles of black cord on their headdress.

in response to Israeli FM Livni’s visit. All the signs of normalization and eternal peace with Arabs are there.
Hamas was a lonely voice to refrain from criticizing Livni’s visit. Hamas works hard to get a rapprochement with Israel.

Speaking at a press conference with the Qatari chieftain, Hillary Clinton emphasized that the new round of sanctions envisaged by her boss will apply to the Revolutionary Guards but will not increase the suffering of ordinary Iranians. Translated, that means no sanctions on gasoline. China, too, has blocked such sanctions.

Qatar, an ally of both Iran and the US, mediates between the two.

Israeli fighter jets have landed in Qatar on what was probably a symbolic mission. The minuscule emirate manages to maintain good relations with Iran and Saudi Arabia, host Al Jazeera and US military, and welcome Chechen terrorists and Israeli pilots.


Lieberman’s Foreign Ministry slapped Qatar with discriminatory measures over its support for Arab terrorists.

But of course Qatar has been playing both sides for decades, and was important for the West precisely for its links with terrorist organizations. The US, for example, has no problem with terrorist-sponsoring Qatar hosting its huge military base.

Qatar cooperates with Israel even in the military sphere.

But for Lieberman, posturing is more important.

Libya’s envoy to the UN lashed out at Qatar for providing military and financial assistance to Libyan Islamists.

Just a month earlier, Qatar was an important part of the NATO coalition that invaded Tripoli. Now the shrewd Qatari ruler understands that the Western-propped interim government in Libya is doomed and that power will fall to the Al Qaeda affiliates that rule Tripoli and have a strong presence in the Sahara. Unlike Western moralists, Qatar’s al Thani prefers to bet on the winner.

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