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Musharaf joined a line of Muslim rulers offering to mediate between Israel and Palestinian Arabs. Musharaf didn’t elaborate whether he will be pressuring Israel to accept millions of Arab refugees or the Palestinians to drop the demand.

after assassination attempt on Musharaff. Pakistani police clashed with Islamic students. Pakistan owns approximately 53 nuclear bombs. Some of the Pakistani nuclear bombs are believed to be hidden in Saudi Arabia.

Thousands of troops so far loyal to Musharaff besiege a mosque where thousands of Islamic guerrillas and students of Saudi-financed religious school stage a determined defense. Tens of thousands of Pakistanis joined the protests against Musharaff, accusing him of being an insufficiently good Muslim.

Pakistani troops finally stormed the besieged mosque compound, held by Islamic terrorists for a week. The Islamists used terror campaign to impose strict Islamic law on nuclear Pakistan. Huge demonstrations supported the terrorists.

US delivered two F-16 jets to Pakistan. The US refused to deliver the jets after Pakistani nuclear test.
Now the US is pleased with Pakistani military’s stance against Islamists.

Al Qaeda had always have a special relationship with Pakistan. Osama bin Laden refrained from harshly criticizing Musharaff. Taliban and Afghani mujahedeen critically depend on Pakistan for logistics and safe havens. After the Pakistani troops stormed the compound of the Taliban-style Islamic terrorists affiliated with Al Qaeda, Ayman Zawahiri called for jihad against the insufficiently faithful Pakistani government.
Al Qaeda relies on the heavily Islamist Pakistani areas bordering Afghanistan. Pakistani troops rarely venture there, and hard-line Islamists control vast areas. For Pakistanis, Osama bin Laden is a superhero. India’s occupation of Kashmir increases militant tendencies among Pakistanis. Al Qaeda continuously demands Pakistani military action to regain Kashmir for Islam.
Musharaff’s government is very weak. Spreading Islamic influence in the army undermines Musharaff’s hold on power. Islamists work in Pakistani nuclear program. Pakistan has about 53 nuclear bombs.

Pakistan tested a new nuclear-capable cruise missile, in addition to its 2,000kms-range Shaheen II. Pakistan’s military are heavily Islamicized and Pakistan already helped North Korea and Iran with nuclear technology. Pakistan is believed to store some of its nuclear bombs in Saudi Arabia.

Pakistani military ruler Musharaff discusses cooperation with ultra-corrupt opposition leader Bhutto to prevent Pakistani Islamists from joining the government.

President Musharaff won almost unanimous re-election.

As if the suicidal peace process was not enough, Bush phoned Pakistan’s President Musharaff and urged him to step down as the army chief and hold the elections. If General Musharaff loses power, Islamists will get access to about fifty Pakistani nuclear bombs.

Syrian dictator Bashar Assad announced that a while ago he turned down an offer from A.Q.Khan to buy some of the Pakistani nuclear bombs. Assad’s statement is highly credible as it implicates Pakistan in the worst type of nuclear proliferation. Assad disclosed so sensitive information about a major Muslim ally probably on request of Musharaff. Pakistan’s president wants to show the world (correctly) that short of his undemocratic rule, Pakistani Islamists would quickly sell the 50-something Pakistani nuclear bombs.
A.Q.Khan ran the Pakistani nuclear program as his private venture, and sold nuclear technologies to Iran, North Korea, Libya, and other countries at his personal discretion, with payments accumulating in his bank accounts. It is widely believed that Pakistan delivered several nuclear warheads to Saudi Arabia in the payoff for Saudi financing of the Pakistani nuclear program. The US sold Saudi Arabia advanced fighter jets capable of delivering nuclear warheads into Israel.

Ultra-corrupt Pakistani politician Benazir Bhutto was shot, blown in her car. General Musharaff, who likely organized the assassination, will keep Pakistani nukes out of the hands of Islamists.

After the infamous intelligence estimate on the absence of Iranian nuclear program, CIA continues prostituting itself to the political interests. CIA announced that Al Qaeda-affiliated group killed the ultra-corrupt “opposition leader” Benazir Bhutto. Oh yeah, sure, Islamists have killed their best hope against Musharaff. Obviously, Musharaff has ordered Bhutto’s assassination, and for good: Pakistani nukes are somewhat safer in his hands.

In the unique briefing, Musharaff’s general tried to reassure the West that Pakistan’s regime is capable of safeguarding its nukes. Reportedly, 10,000 Pakistani soldiers guard the nukes so as to make them inaccessible to Islamists. But how may of those soldiers are themselves devoted Muslims?

Pakistani opposition scored landslide win against the supporters of the key US ally General Musharaff. The opposition will necessarily ally itself with Islamic fundamentalists in the parliament to gain 2/3 of the votes to oust Musharaff.
Pakistan, a fervently Islamic country whose population strongly supports Al Qaeda, has about 53 nuclear bombs.

Interpol praises Pakistan for releasing the files of 169 most wanted Muslim terrorists to international authorities. Apparently, Pakistan withheld this information for seven years.
Pakistan is a virulently Islamic states with about 50 nuclear bombs. Interpol chief, a South African, was recently sacked on the allegations of bribery and assassinations.

A.Q.Khan, the ex-boss of Pakistani nuclear program, revealed that General Musharaff knew about the year 2000 shipment of Pakistani nuclear centrifuges to North Korea, which jump started the Korean nuclear program.
Pakistan has about fifty nuclear weapons, some reportedly stored in Saudi Arabia in exchange for Saudi financing of Pakistani nuclear program. Pakistan is a feverishly Islamist state whose single most popular political figure is Osama bin Laden.

demands his resignation. Musharaff still controls the Supreme Court to fend off the impeachment, and might be able to use the army against opposition. If Musharaff is removed, Pakistan’s Islamist opposition parties would get the nuclear bombs.
It is mind-boggling how the US Administration goes around the world breaking societies with its idiotic policy of democratization. The American-propped elections brought to power Hezbollah in Lebanon, Hamas in Palestine, atrocious Saakashvili regime in Georgia, degenerate Yuschenko in Ukraine, and the incredibly corrupt and substantially Islamist Pakistani politicians, among other scum from Romania to Africa.

After the US-propped “democratic” elections, the victorious Islamist parties hunted down General Pervez Musharaff. Yesterday, they threatened Musharaff with impeachment and prosecution unless he resigns – which he did.
For years, General Musharaff was the only guarantor of Pakistani nuclear weapons, approximately 53 nuclear bombs, some of them stored in Saudi Arabia in exchange for Saudi financing of the Pakistani nuclear program. Even despite Musharaff’s efforts, the A.Q.Khan proliferation ring supplied nuclear technology to Libya, North Korea, Iran, and many others.
Now that General Musharaff is no more, the Pakistani nuclear threat greatly exceeds the Iranian one. Unlike the relatively civilized and conservative Persians, Pakistanis are semi-nomadic, highly irresponsible, and fervently Islamist. The single most popular person in Pakistan is Osama Bin Laden, and Pakistan’s border regions are home to Taliban and other ultra-fundamentalist Muslims who will now get hold of the Pakistani nuclear weapons.

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