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Produce of Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria is excluded from the free trade regime between Israel and the EU. Libya is more to Europe’s liking than Jewish settlers.
Gaddafi’s son claims France paid half a billion dollars to release the Bulgarian nurses sentenced in Libya, Britain agreed to release a Lockerbie bombing convict, and the EU sold Libya $400 million worth of weapons.

France expects to sign a commercial deal with Libya for nuclear development in the terrorist state during Gaddafi’s visit to France.

Though Saudi Arabia presents its “peace initiative” as a panacea for normalizing Israeli relations with all Muslim countries, a grotesque monkey-like Libyan dictator Qaddafi announced that his country would only accept a mixed Jewish-Palestinian state.
No problem with that, actually. Arab enemies already constitute a third of Israel’s young.

Putin arrived in Libya to sign a contract on sale of top-of-the-line Russian MiG and Su fighter jets and other equipment. If you think that Russia is an irresponsible proliferator, Putin wrought the contract away from France which tried to sell Libya similar fighter jets under Israel’s great friend Sarkozy.

after the meeting. The Libyan dictator called recently for winding up Israel by establishing a joint Jewish-Palestinian state alongside Jordan.

German court sentenced Gotthard Lerch to five years in jail out of the possible sentence of 15 years for aiding Libya’s nuclear program.
A few years ago, Libya surprised the world by allegedly dismantling its advanced military nuclear program.

Libya will buy $2 billion of weapons from Russia, including S-300 and TOR-1M anti-aircraft batteries. Libya is technically not a “problematic zone,” and Russia will supply it all the arms it wants. Then Libya’s dictator can transfer them to Iran.
The agreement will be finalized during Qaddafi’s upcoming visit to Moscow.

If someone criticized Israel for accepting money from Germany for the dead Jews’ confiscated property, the United States accepted $1.5 billion from Libya for the Americans who died in several terrorist attacks sponsored by Libya in 1980s.

To add to the shame, the US paid $300 million to Libya for the victims of a retaliatory attack on Libya. Crime and punishment thus became morally equated.

Compared to the US-Libya settlement, Jews are cheap. Libya paid $1.5 billion for about two hundred Americans. Germany paid Israel close to $60 billion in today’s dollars—only forty times more—for you know how many Jews.

Libya and Russia signed a military nuclear deal during Gaddafi’s visit to Moscow. The Russians eviscerated the news from their reports, focusing instead on oil and gas matters.
The nuclear deal, though nominally a civil one, includes production of nuclear fuel and treatment of nuclear waste. In plain words, Russia will help Libya with exactly the same technology Iran pursues right now—uranium enrichment and extraction of enriched uranium from spent rods.

A Libyan ship, which allegedly carries 3,000 tons of “humanitarian cargo,” is trying to break the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza.
Though Israel couldn’t torpedo the leftist boats from Cyprus that have defied the Gaza blockade three times already, sinking a Libyan ship is still a politically correct option in the Palestinian war.

The government sent the Israeli Navy to intercept a ship carrying 3,000 tons of humanitarian cargo. Too cowardly to state clearly that we will blockade Gaza from any supplies because the Arabs are firing at Sderot, the government alleged ridiculously that the ship might carry weapons to Hamas.

Libya lodged a complaint with the UNSC alleging that Israel’s refusal to allow its boats with humanitarian cargo into Gaza amounts to hijacking. Absurdly, the terrorist state of Libya is a temporary member of the UN Security Council.

Israel offered a weak legal reasoning for pushing the ships out of Gazan waters: since Libya doesn’t recognize Israel, the ship presents a security threat. By this reasoning, Israel can go on downing Libyan planes throughout the world. And what if the leftists hire yet another ship to carry humanitarian cargo to Gaza under the flag of a country that does recognize Israel?

Some things are just funny: Libya and Venezuela have signed declaration on fighting terrorism.

Libya is a premier sponsor of terrorism. Like Iran, Libya outsourced state terrorism to various terrorist organizations, mostly Palestinian Abu Nidal and the Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine. Libyan terrorism peaked with the Lockerbie airplane bombing. Since then Libya has kept a low profile, even giving up its advanced nuclear program under US-British pressure.

Venezuela is an aspiring terrorist state. Trapped within the US sphere of influence, Venezuela cannot support terrorism openly, but it cooperates with liberation movements in Latin America. With that in mind, Chavez and Gaddafi proclaimed in their declaration that terrorism in pursuit of liberation is not terrorism.

Despite being ostensibly aimed against terrorism, the declaration actually supports it by allowing terrorism to liberation movements.

Ironically, Venezuela and Israel support the same terrorist rebels in Colombia. The scandal broke out when the Russians arrested Colonel Yair Klein, one of the scores of Israeli military instructors training the Colombian FARC rebels.

Terrorism is on the rise in Latin America, where large expatriate Arab communities support Iranian-backed Hezbollah.

Libya and Russia have agreed to sign an $1.8 billion contract which reportedly includes Su-35 long-range bombers and S-300PMU2 SAM batteries. Libya would loan the bombers to Lebanon in the event of a war with Israel.

The deal might take time to finalize and it is unlikely that Russia would deliver S-300 to Libya, which can transfer them to another country.

But if S-300 is so good and relatively inexpensive, why does Israel rely on Patriot, Arrow-2, and X-band instead of procuring the superior Russian systems?

Libya released Israeli citizen and alleged spy Rafael Haddad in return for Israel delivering some humanitarian aid to Gaza and some secret concessions.

Haddad’s release was negotiated with the Libyans by Martin Shlaff and undisclosed Eastern European Jewish oligarchs—who, it transpires, maintain cozy relations with one of our fiercest enemies.

UPDATE: Israeli government published details on the humanitarian help allowed into Gaza. In return for a single ultra-leftist, Haddad, Israel allowed into Gaza enough cement to build 1,250 housing units. Hamas will use the cement to build bunkers – an outcome the government had stressed for three years as a reason for our blockade of Gaza.

Israel also allowed UNRWA to accept $50 million from Libya to, allegedly, build those 1,250 housing units, or $40,000 per unit. That’s a lie because a typical apartment in Gaza costs ten times less. In essence, the government allowed Libya to subsidize Hamas.

Libyans proudly admitted that Israel had released a few low-end Palestinian terrorists in exchange for an Israeli photographer who had been jailed in Libya on false charges.

The UN remains unconcerned that one of its member-states is engaged in an official policy of hostage-taking.

Washington has found another target for its self-righteous criticism of undemocratic governments: Libya. The White House and other Western governments condemned the killing of a hundred or so protesters by Gadhafi’s army. Western media distorted the story by declaring that the security forces were killing mourners, though in fact the disturbances in question were common riots occasioned by mourning rites.

Removing the Libyan dictator would be a grave error for the West. Two decades have passed since Libya last engaged in terrorism, and even then its involvement was cautious, usually though Palestinian terrorists. Gadhafi is so sensible that he dismantled Libya’s advanced nuclear program immediately after the United States attacked Iraq, realizing that he might be the next in line.

Despite his rhetoric, Gadhafi silently cooperates with the West against Iran and terrorism. He may not be the nicest guy to deal with, but he is the best available choice for a Libyan ruler.

Muammar al-Gaddafi

Al Qaeda in North Africa published a statement supporting the Libyan revolution. That should give a pause to Obama, who supports the same revolution.

Obama Bin Laden

Rally in LibyaIn its simplicity, the Obama administration believed Gadhafi’s talk about a coming civil war in Libya. In fact, Gadhafi’s rhetoric is famously cheap.

There is no basis for a civil war in Libya. At worst, the government is repressing the rebels, and not outrageously harshly at that. Both the EU and Egypt are concerned with economic fallout rather than the civil rights of Libyans: Libya supplies a sizable chunk of Europe’s oil imports and provides high-paying work to 1.5 million Egyptian laborers. The trouble in Libya is of American making: the protesters were encouraged by Mubarak’s fall.

Mubarak’s departure left a void in the Egyptian strategic thinking. On one hand, the generals want stability in Libya at any cost so that Egyptian laborers stay there; on the other hand, they did not allow Egyptian Bedouins to help Gadhafi’s troops at his request.

The US plan for an air blockade of Libya, ostensibly to prevent Gadhafi from attacking rebel towns, may backfire as the autocrat would be forced to bring ground troops into urban combat, which would be far bloodier. Splitting Libya into several states—another American plan—would be harshly opposed by the Arab street, which would rightly view that as a US attempt to divide and conquer Muslim oil wealth. Removing Gadhafi might not lead to civil war, but it would certainly cause destabilizing border conflicts between Bedouin tribes.

The Western image of a popular uprising in Libya is mistaken. Libyans are generally very supportive of Gadhafi, who uniquely among Muslim rulers distributed much of the country’s oil profits to his people, making them one of the richest nations on earth. This can be seen from the soldiers’ loyalty to his regime.

As usual, Israel is missing a great chance for a strong alliance. Right now, we should be lobbying in Washington on Gadhafi’s behalf. He is a highly independent ruler who can afford to break away from the Arab mainstream and establish ties with Israel.

Russia remains implicitly supportive of Gadhafi because of its arms deal with Libya. Likewise, Israel could shift the geopolitical balance in her favor by procuring weapons from Russia instead of the United States.

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