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Former IDF Chief of Staff Shaul Mofaz, now Transportation Minister in Olmert’s government, testified before Winograd commission that he fully supported Lebanon war and called for invasion the day Hezbollah kidnapped two IDF soldiers.

Sunday bomb attack that killed six UNIFIL peacekeepers in Lebanon demonstrated impossibility of countering guerrilla groups by patrolling or limited military engagement. Fatah al Islam takes the lead over Hezbollah trying to provoke renewed fighting in Lebanon. Fatah al Islam recently launched a Katyusha missile at Kiryat Shmona.

Lebanese army’s fight with Fatah al Islam in a Palestinian refugee camp that recalls Israeli operation in Jenin substantially ended with over 300 casualties, well above the Jenin toll. No country condemns Lebanon for using tanks and artillery against Palestinian refugee camp that hosted the terrorists. Israeli “massacre” in Jenin entered the annals of “human rights” organizations.

After a roadside bomb in Lebanon killed six UNIFIL members a week ago, UNIFIL arrested a group of Muslim terrorists planning attack against a German vessel.
Arab terrorists need to push UNIFIL out of Lebanon to provoke Israel for renewed attacks against Lebanese civilians who shield Hezbollah, and rally Muslim public opinion against Israel.

Lebanese army pounds a Palestinian refugee camp with artillery and tank fire in the effort to root out Fatah al Islam group. The Palestinian terrorists answer with Katyusha rockets.

Hezbollah moves Katyusha rocket launchers from field storages to villages both to avoid detection by UNIFIL and restrain Israel’s retaliation.

Lebanese army uses artillery against Nahr el-Bared Palestinian refugee camp which hosts a small number of Fatah al Islam guerrillas and thousands of Palestinian civilians. The world does not object the shelling.

While UN peacekeepers police the area south of Litani River, Lonon’s Telegraph reports Hezbollah buys real estate just north of Litani for deployment of Katyusha rockets.

Human Rights Watch prepared a report condemning Hezbollah for attacks on Israeli civilians in 2006 Lebanon war. As if the sides in WWII did not target enemy civilians.

On Shimon Peres’ request, the Pope will check with Nasrallah about the kidnapped IDF soldiers.

With killing an anti-Syrian member of Lebanese parliament, its anti-Syrian faction ceased to be a majority. The next Lebanese president will be pro-Syrian.

Jewish convert to Islam is held on espionage charges.

Israeli Military Intelligence chief Yadlin told Israeli government that Syria will use Hezbollah to retaliate for Israeli attack on Syria’s nuclear facilities.
Israel is unlikely to start another Lebanese war, but IDF will use the pretext of Hezbollah’s attack to clear itself from the 2006′ indecisive victory.

The United Nation reports that under its protection Hezbollah fully replenished its stocks of missiles and acquired missiles with 150 miles radius.

Hezbollah conducted the largest-ever military exercises, involving thousands of personnel and lasting for three days.

Lebanese newspaper al-Saphir reports members of a small terrorist groups admitted to Lebanese security they fired Katyusha rockets on Israel to spark the battle between Israel and Hezbollah.

Two Katyusha rockets strike at Israeli north, one hits a Jewish home

IDF supplies UNIFIL and Lebanese Armed Forces with assessments of Hezbollah’s activity in South Lebanon

The leaked information on Winograd report indicates that the commission accepted a doze of common sense: army rather than a prime minister is responsible for shortcomings during the war. Winograd report won’t blame Olmert too harsh. Barak, therefore, would be able to renege on his pre-election promise of leaving the government upon publication of Winograd report.

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