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After withdrawing its meager six planes from the NATO operation in Libya, Kuwait pledged $177 million to the Libyan rebels. That places Kuwait in a curious de facto coalition of the United States and Iran, which support anti-Gadhafi forces.

In Bahrain, Kuwaitis joined Saudi Arabia against the US and Iran.

In Yemen, Kuwaitis and Saudis brokered a partial deal acceptable both to Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Kuwait is building a large seaport named Grand Mubarak on its Persian Gulf island. Touted as a commercial port, it is reportedly being considered as a future base for the US Navy—possibly meaning that the US has accepted the loss of its base in Bahrain, mostly a result of Obama’s support for the Arab Spring.

For the first time ever, a terrorist group has launched SCUD missiles. Iraqi Hezbollah thus attacked Kuwait over its construction of a US Navy base there.

Scud launcher

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