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King calls creation of Palestinian step a first step toward Arab-Israeli peace. Implied, repatriation of refugees and partition of Jerusalem must follow. MK Hendel (NRP) says impressed by Abdullahís dedication to peace.

Like Iran, Jordan claims it will develop only peaceful nuclear energy. Abdullah earlier said Jordan needs nuclear energy to desalinate water. Large-scale desalination of the Dead Sea spells ecological catastrophe. Jordan possesses close to 200,000 tons of uranium deposits.

Jordanís political parties and trade unions slam the planned visit of dozens of members of the Israeli fifth column to Jordan, where the Jewish peace activists are to meet with Jordanian officials.

Orthodox Christian patriarchy in Jerusalem leased two hotels to a company registered in Israel. Israel allowed Jordan to administer the Temple Mount and the lands in Jerusalem where Christian churches have property. Jordan bans sale of real estate to non-Arabs Ė a version of the earlier law that prohibited land sales to Jews. Jordan sentenced scores of Arabs to death for selling land to Israelis, recently convicted the Arabs who sold Israeli Jews a house in Hebron now known as ďHouse of Peace.Ē
Jordan signed peace treaty with Israel, pushes the peace process, and regularly hosts Israeli peace activists.

Abdullah champions interests of Palestinian Arabs, called attention of the World Economic Forum to the plight of Palestinians. Abdullah envisages a Jordan-Palestinian confederation over which he will preside. Independent Palestinian state in the West Bank is a death sentence to Jordanian monarchy which rules over Palestinian majority in Jordan.

Unable to counter even the slight Hamas presence in Judea and Samaria, Abbas formally asked Israel to permit deployment of Jordanian troops. Netanyahu supports the move.
For all the training, financing, and weaponsí supply, Fatah conceded itself powerless against Hamas even in Judea and Samaria, traditionally considered Fatahís territory. Nevertheless, Olmert plans to free 250 Fatah terrorists from Israeli jails to bolster Abbasí stance.
Jordan long mulls confederacy plans with the Palestinians of Judea and Samaria. Given the Palestiniansí failure to achieve statehood and their perpetual civil strife, Jordanian confederacy is a viable option. The issue of Palestinian statehood will be reduced to the Israel-Jordan border dispute and readily solved.
Jordanian army efficiently rooted out the PLO and expelled all Palestinian migrants in what is known as ďBlack SeptemberĒ fighting, but otherwise supported Palestinian guerrillas. Jordanís army lack anti-terrorist experience, wonít be able to crash Hamas in Judea and Samaria by inhumane measures it used to finish off the PLO, and will impede the IDFís antiterrorist operations in Judea and Samaria.

Jordan Bedouin princeling Abdullah denounced the reports of possible Jordanian-Palestinian confederacy. Qualifications such as ďprematureĒ and ďat this timeĒ in Abdullahís interview show that Jordan resist incorporating a West Bank plunged in civil war but is open to confederacy scheme if the things in Palestine settle down. Jordan will prefer controlling Palestine with its Badr brigade as peacekeepers, wait and see.

Jordan barred Israeli Palestinian sheikh Salah from entering that country. Israel allows that honest Arab to continue preaching against Jewish occupation.

US will assist Jordan in developing civilian nuclear reactors. Jordan is not expected to gain expertise necessary to produce nuclear weapons.

On the day that Israeli Jews celebrate the Independence Day, loyal Israeli Arabs, naturally, commemorate their catastrophe. That’s quite a sign of them accepting the Jewish state.
Jordan, a country more sane than the leftist Israel, prohibited its Palestinians to publicly commemorate al Naqba.

for the ostensibly peaceful program. Any significant incident on Jordan’s nuclear power plant would contaminate the entire Israel. Jordan’s Bedouin camel drivers might not make the most skilled nuclear power plant operators.
Palestinians constitute a majority in Jordan and poised to take power in any transparent elections.

Though civilized world refuses dealing with Hamas terrorist organization, every Arab country cooperates with it.

According the new rule, Israeli tourists must live all visual Jewish identification such as kipa at the border so as to be somewhat less likely targets for terrorist attacks.
Israel signed peace agreement with Jordan 14 years ago.

Israel sentenced four Jordanian Arabs to life (?) in prison for murdering Israelis in 1990. As a goodwill gesture to Jordan, Olmert transferred the murderers to Jordan for serving their jail sentences in friendly conditions. Under the pressure from local politicians and NGOs, Jordan will release the four murderers next week.

Unofficially, Jordan always communicated with the terrorist group.

A note of protest to that end was handed to Israeli ambassador. During its occupation of Jerusalem before 1967, Jordan demolished every single Jewish religious property in the city.
Israel’s diplomatic response to Jordan should properly include a number of f-words.

to purchase weapons and develop nuclear energy. Jordan’s only realistic enemy is Israel as Jordan cannot stand up to Syria or Iraq no matter the weapons.
Russians reportedly agreed to arm Jordanian Bedouins and would be interested to snatch the nuclear power projects from American companies.
A nuclear reactor in Bedouin hands

There are several problems, though.

Any type of nuclear reactors, including the “peaceful” ones, can be potentially used to harvest weapons-grade uranium. Jordan’s light-water nuclear power reactor can also be used to harvest plutonium; the Arabs only need to stop the reactor for a few weeks.

A nuclear reactor run by Bedouins is a major ecological hazard for Israel.

Jordan possesses massive deposits of natural uranium, which it intends to use in its nuclear power program. But the deposits are really Israel’s, as what is termed “Jordan” is just a part of the Promised Land.

Jordan’s choice of the CANDU-type reactor is suspicious because it is the most expensive reactor, hardly a feasible solution. It would be cheaper for Jordan to enrich its natural uranium in Switzerland rather than operate a natural uranium reactor. Probably, Israel conceded to Jordan’s nuclearization on the condition of the Bedouins using the safest nuclear power reactor.

CANDU nuclear power reactor eliminates a major safeguard: repatriation of spent rods. Normally, a country would purchase enriched uranium on the condition of returning the spent rods. Since CANDU uses natural uranium, Jordan would neither buy the rods nor return them. That sham of a country, ridden by terrorists, will stock massive quantities on depleted uranium highly useful for radiological weapons.

Abu Nidal’s bookkeeper requested $2 million transfer from the terrorist organization’s bank account in Austria to the Arab Bank in Jordan. Austrian court decided to unfreeze the terrorist group’s bank account.

Two Bahreini pilots studying in Jordan flight school arrested after repeated attempts at flying into Israel.

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