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Israel prepares to peacefully co-exist with failed Iraq dominated by Shiite terrorist factions.

Maliki and Sadr cooperate to present the US with Iraqi government cleansed of avowed terrorists. Sadr will switch from politics to street protests and terrorism. When Maliki fails, Sadr – untainted by political collaboration – will strengthen his position in government.

Missiles, announced by Abu Omar, head of Islamic state of Iraq, will expand Al Qaeda’s capability to target the population and augment suicide bombings in Iraq.

Moderate mayors are fair game in the Iraqi city US Marines liberated from Islamists.

Iraq paints a relatively rosy picture for its foreign sponsors, arrests thousands at random to imitate a crackdown on insurgents.

The law, certain to be vetoed by Bush, provides a loophole for leaving any number of troops after April 1, 2008 for anti-terrorist operations in Iraq.

Iraqi Shiites throw stones at police for failing to protect them, police fires back.

Bush vetoes the bill that sets the timeline for withdrawal from Iraq.

Paris Club of lender nations has already forgiven $100 bn of Iraqi debt. Israel pays off her $82 bn foreign debt.

Muqtada’s Mahdi Army attacked the Badr Brigades affiliated with Iraqi police.

Profit share is capped at $12.5%, three times above the profits Saddam had paid to Russian and Chinese oil investors. The law diminishes Iraqi’s central government authority by allowing provincial administrations to grant oil concessions. The Kurds vowed to continue independent oil deals regardless of the law passing the parliament.

Dozens of casualties in the explosion which dispersed chlorine gas in Diyala province of Iraq

Turkey amassed military forces at the border with Iraq ready to attack the terrorist Kurdistan. Israel supports Kurdistan as a base for operations against Iran. Western oil corporations support the Kurdish state in Iraqi oilfields.

In an unusually realistic assessment of Israeli perspectives under the American Roadmap plan, Bush hailed Israel as a model for Iraq. Presumably, if Israelis do not want to travel down the Iraqi road, their should reject the American peace plan.
The American president said he envisages a victory in Iraq as “a dawn of a Middle East where leaders are at peace with their own people.” Sure, and wolves with lay down with lambs.
Bush is so removed from the facts. He claimed that soccer matches and crowded markets are signs of normalcy in Iraq. In fact, soccer matches never ceased in Iraq and markets were always crowded as most Iraqis buy food there.
Bush defined a new American goal in Iraq: democracy there must function despite the car bombings. In other words, America can withdraw anytime, since Iraq already has a functioning democratic façade. Israel will be left to deal with a terrorist state of Iraq, a mega-Gaza.

Senate Republicans voted against withdrawing 158,000 American troops from Iraq. Bush earlier promised that the invasion would end if the Iraqi government fails to meet the security-related benchmarks. The Iraqi government failed on every benchmark but Bush insists on the US participation in the Iraqi civil war where the US forces are a problem rather than a solution.

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