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Egypt renounced Israeli intentions of deporting the Black infiltrators back into Egypt. As the Egyptian Foreign Ministry correctly notes, international law does not obligate Egypt to accept the infiltrators back.
Israel refuses Egypt’s reasonable demands to increase its forces in Sinai to 7,500 – a militarily insignificant level – to counter the Black infiltrators.
Egypt defended its practice of shooting the illegal Black migrants as the way to make them respect the law. Israel offers the Blacks jobs and subsidizes them. No wonder, the number of Black illegals swelled in July to perhaps 3,000.

Egyptian newspapers condemn Waked and Actors Union promises a probe on him for working on TV series in Tunisia where an Israeli actor was also employed. Egypt is at peace with Israel for three decades.

Egypt, a recipient of $1.4 billion American aid for decades, sided with Iran against the American demands for ending its nuclear program. Egypt works to restore diplomatic ties with Iran which Iran cut after the Egypt-Israeli peace agreement.

Egypt allowed a hundred of hard-core Hamas members and other militants trapped in Egypt since June coup in Gaza, to cross into Gaza. About two thousands of Gazans who support Hamas less ardently remain in Egypt.
Egypt probably decided to rid itself of the Palestinian terrorists.

After the victories of democracy in Lebanon and Palestine (Hezbollah and Hamas elected), the half-witted US Administration pushes for democracy in Pakistan and Egypt where Al Qaeda-affiliated Islamic fundamentalists and Islamic Brotherhood, respectively, will gain power in democratic elections. To that end, US Administration continuously carps at Mubarak who is insufficiently concerned with human rights of good Muslim terrorists. Egyptian press decries the US attempts of democratizing Egypt, and Mubarak warned in a speech that Egypt will not bow down to the US pressure but will continue pursuing stability in the Middle East.
America gives the Egyptian regime, non-democratic and abusing human rights, military aid of $1.4 billion annually. Israel adheres to (Arab) human rights policies for the fear of losing the American support.

Egyptians in El Arish riot, burned the ruling party’s building to demand that Egyptian government provides better security.

Egypt detected, destroyed 60 tunnels from Sinai to Gaza in 2007, seized 20 tons of explosives. Another 120 tons of explosives were smuggled into Gaza since the 2005 IDF escape from Gaza.

Despite the recent Egyptian show of discovering sixty tunnels from Sinai to Gaza, Israel’s Public Security Minister announced Egypt is doing nothing to stop the massive arms smuggling from Sinai into Gaza.
Egypt complains of being allowed too few forces in Sinai under the Camp David demilitarization treaty, but the 7,000 policemen could stop the arms smuggling into Gaza momentarily, as Dichter correctly noted.
Egypt almost ended the Blacks’ infiltration into Israel, and can end the arms smuggling equally well.

Egypt did not sign an additional protocol for the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Egyptians found in Sinai and confiscated a thousand pounds of explosives allegedly slated for Gaza. It is possible that the Egyptians stage such discoveries to show themselves as diligent opponents of terrorists.

Israel’s Defense Ministry prepared a video of Egyptian policemen in the Sinai helping Palestinian Arabs to smuggle weapons into Gaza. The video was intended for congressmen in the wake of voting on the Egyptian aid package (the US gives Egypt about as much aid as Israel). Israel’s Foreign Ministry scrapped the plan to avoid offending the Egyptians.
The video is one-sided. While some Egyptian policemen help Hamas, others courageously confront the smugglers. Egyptian policeman was killed yesterday during one such encounter.

Diplomatic violence between Israel and Egypt rides high, with Israel accusing Egypt of aiding Gaza’s weapons smugglers. Egyptian FM revealed that Egypt managed the UN coalition which worked to thwart an innocent resolution on agricultural development in the Third World recently introduced by Israel. That resolution was the first Israeli proposal adopted by the UN.

Egyptians set posters of Bush on fire ahead of his visit to Cairo. When the Jews attempted to hang derogatory posters of Bush in Jerusalem, Israeli police arrested the protesting teens.

Egyptian police clubbed, fired at the crowd of Arab women trying to break into Egypt from Gaza

Gaza’s Arabs don’t heed the Egyptian ultimatum to return home by Friday.

Tens of thousands of Gaza’s Arabs stream into the Egyptian-occupied Sinai, preventing Egypt from closing its border with Gaza. Egypt risks that Israel would use absence of Egypt-Gaza border as a pretext to leave Gaza to Egypt’s care. Influx of Palestinians can destabilize Egypt, as it destabilized Jordan and Lebanon before. Egypt will try pushing Hamas to leave Gaza-Egypt border control to Fatah, and then Egypt will agree to some kind of cross-border movement instead of the previous blockade of Gaza. Failing to do that, Egypt would be forced to shoot at the Gazans to close the border.

Now that Hamas knows the way out of the Gaza blockade, it cannot last for long.

Hamas encouraged Gazans to confront the Egyptians who work to seal Gaza off. Gazans threw stones at the Egyptians, while Egyptians fired at their Gazan brothers. Gazans also used firearms.
The Arab world is unconcerned with Egyptians firing at Gazans.
Hamas decided on the confrontation path with Egypt.

Egypt’s FM announced that Egyptian police will break legs of Arabs trying to cross into Egypt from Gaza. Yitzhak Rabin similarly instructed IDF to break hands and legs of Arab teenagers participating in Intifada.

Militants nominally allied with Hamas threatened to kidnap Egyptian troops to exchange them for the Palestinian terrorists arrested in Sinai. Egyptian troops in Rafah boosted security.

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