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Engineer Sabar Ali arrested for passing highly classified documents to Mossad. Israel closely watches Egyptian nuclear development and earlier killed Egyptian nuclear scientists.

Ahmed Gheit met Israeli fugitive MK Bishara, indicted for treason and money laundering. Bashara resigns from Knesset. Knesset reacts, cancels Bishara’s free newspaper subscriptions.

Disturbed by growing cooperation between Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood (Egypt’s major opposition force), Egypt slightly cracks down on Hamas visitors. Palestinian al-Masri was detained at al-Arish airport in Sinai with hundreds of thousands of dollars Hamas collected in Egypt.

so as not to provoke IDF’s invasion of Gaza. Egypt doesn’t object to moderate shelling. Palestinian suicide bomber intercepted in Egypt, near Gaza, threw grenade into police officer.

claims the meeting is about kidnapped Cpl. Shalit.

Israeli government will subsidize El Al to maintain its meager twice-a-week flights to Cairo. El Al already stopped flying to Jordan. Due to widespread anti-Israeli sentiment in Egypt, Jews are wary of traveling there beyond several resort villages, also bombed regularly.

Israeli Egyptian spy Sayed Saber delivered outdated documents to Mossad. Saber is tried in Egyptian court on espionage charges.

Hamas receives weapons, explosives, and money from Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood. Nasser expelled Muslim Brotherhood, Sadat returned it to counter the Nasserite communists, and now Muslims Brotherhood is the major opposition party in Egypt. Mubarak repeatedly cracked down on Muslim Brotherhood with little long-tern success.

Egypt released 135 member of Egyptian Islamic Jihad, previously headed by Bin Laden’s second-in-command Ayman Zawahiri. The militants were released after renouncing violence against the Egyptian state. Israel and US remain their legitimate targets.

EU’s Solana accepted Israel’s welcome for peacekeepers in Egypt – not from Gaza side. The previous time, peacekeepers were stationed in Sinai and removed at Nasser’s request to start the 1967 war. Peacekeepers cannot fight democratically elected Hamas.

Muslim Brotherhood rejected the long-standing arrangement with Egyptian government which turned a blind eye to operation of the Muslim group banned in 1954, and in turn, Muslim Brotherhood did not run for Shura Council, the upper chamber of Egyptian parliament. After the recent government crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood for its cooperation with Islamic terrorist groups and subverting the secular Egyptian state, the Muslim Brotherhood abandoned its previous political restraint and sent 19 members for Shura Council elections as independents. Egyptian government, as usual, rigged the elections, but this time many adherents of Muslim Brotherhood countered poll station falsifications with violence. Gunfights and clashes raged at several polling stations. Muslim Brotherhood is the largest opposition party in Egypt, supported by overwhelming majority of common Egyptians as honest, Islamic, anti-corruption politicans. Hamas is a Palestinian outgrow of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas maintains close ties with Muslim Brotherhood, receives money and logistical assistance for weapons transportation.

In the marked change from the earlier complete inaction, the 750-strong Egyptian police contingent started moving around after the Hamas takeover of Gaza. Egypt’s policy is to do nothing against Hamas, an offshoot of the powerful Egyptian opposition party Muslim Brotherhood, while pretending cooperation with Israel on security matters to satisfy the US Administration.
Hamas and civilian smugglers made dozens of tunnels under the nose of Egyptian police, and continue smuggling arms and explosives.

Olmert will attend Sunday meeting with Mubarak in Sharm El Sheikh. Jordan’s princeling Abdullah and PLO’s Abbas will join.
Israel often talks to Arab countries in Egypt because they lack diplomatic relations with Israel and refuse to hold talks in Jerusalem. Israel, however, maintains relations with Egypt, Jordan, and the PLO. There is no reason for Olmert to humiliatingly travel to the Egyptian resort rather than inviting the Arab leaders to Jerusalem.

Egyptian strongman Hosni Mubarak called Hamas’ takeover of Gaza a coup.
Hamas is rightly surprised: Egypt supported it all along by allowing free flow of money, weapons, and explosives to Gaza.

After openly criticizing Hamas for takeover of Gaza, Egypt pushes Fatah and Hamas to form a new unity government. Fatah and Hamas called each other murderers and traitors, the international community stigmatized Hamas as gangsters and the Fatah gangsters – as moderates, so the new unity government farce could turn out funny.

In 1929, a Jewish Egyptian banker invested in the construction of King David hotel in Jerusalem. Nasser government nationalized his bank (and took over the property of thousands of the Egyptian Jews). Israel, too, nationalized the shares in King David hotel as “missing owner’s” property in 1993. National Bank of Egypt filed a case in Israel for $78 million in dividends and reimbursing the stocks which Egypt stole from the Jewish banker during nationalization.

Egypt’s president Hosni Mubarak called Ashraf Marwan “a patriot.” Dr. Ashraf, a weapons trader who notified Israel of the Yom Kippur attack two days in advance, was killed in London last week.
Mubarak’s remarks suggest strong Egyptian interest in the black market of weapons, presumably the weapons of mass destruction. Dr. Ashraf was not active as a back-channel link between Israel and Egypt.
Another Israeli spy, Sharif al-Filali, also died in Cairo jail today.

Egypt opposes Israeli and Western plans for deployment of international force along the Philadelphi corridor. Egypt knows that stopping the arms smuggling into Gaza is critical for Israel, and hopes to blackmail Israel into lifting the Camp David restrictions on the deployment of Egyptian troops in Sinai so that – ostensibly – Egypt can guard its border with Gaza.

Egypt evacuated its mediators after the Hamas’ takeover of Gaza. By now, the differences between Egypt and Hamas are settled.

After Israel demanded that Egypt stops infiltration of Blacks through Sinai into Israel, Egypt adopted a devilish approach of showcase violence to the Blacks. Egyptian police shot a number of them and brutalized more. Today, Egyptian police killed two Blacks and lynched another two before the eyes of IDF soldiers across the border. Egypt positions itself as a brutal animal who cannot be counted on to take care of the Black migrants. The Egyptian move is calculated to make it impossible for Israel to expel the Black infiltrators back to Egypt and to accept subsequent Black migrants who now swarm Egypt.

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