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Afghan police captured two unusual shahids, ten-year-olds with explosive belts. To a somewhat lesser degree, this is also a problem in Israel, where underage Arabs perpetrate deadly attacks on Israeli cars with rocks and firebombs.

Donors pledged that much at the Tokyo conference. The Afghan war has already cost the United States about $550 billion. That’s for a country with a GDP around $1 billion. Bribing every single Afghani to convert to democracy and Christianity would have been cheaper.

That cost should put the annual $3 billion in US aid to Israel in perspective. Our best ally spent our 200-year allowance in the most irrelevant part of the world, and still we’re commonly accused of milking the United States.

The US Senate has approved $83 billion for the war in Afghanistan. In comparison, America’s major ally against the Muslims, Israel, receives just $3 billion a year, and even that with a lot of complaint.

Afghanistan’s GDP stood at $1 billion a year before the invasion.

The total US defense budget is $607 billion, which dwarfs the rest of the world combined, but the American military behemoth keeps losing every one of its wars. In particular, Afghanistan has fallen to the Taliban, and northwestern Pakistan is falling to various Islamists guided by Al Qaeda.

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