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and counting mightily, as Israeli government pays pensions to families of fallen soldiers.
That should have been enough to level Lebanon, or pay each active member of Hezbollah a million dollars to commit suicide.

Nasrallah lauded Winograd report as the confirmation of Hezbollah’s victory. Other than that, the report produced no noticeable results.
Israeli Arab MK a-Sana discussed Winograd report with Hezbollah terrorists held in Israeli jail.

Israeli government warned all Jews abroad to refrain from assembling in large groups, following Nasrallah’s vow of revenge.
Hezbollah massively retaliated against Jews for the 1992 assassination of its previous leader, but otherwise kept its promise of fighting Israel only but not the soft targets: Jews abroad.
Mughniyeh’s assassination is great for Olmert, as he struggles to keep up his fledging government, and also for Barak, as an early start for his election campaign.
It is also possible that Mughniyeh was killed by the Lebanese who took revenge against Hezbollah for killing Rafik Hariri exactly three years ago.

positions (unrealistic report by Lebanese Saphir newspaper) 50,000 its men along the border with Israel.
Kill ‘em all, no?

Nazareth court denied the petition by captured Hezbollah’s fighters to be treating as POWs rather than criminals. The court called Hezbollah “Iranian assassins.”
If it looks like a duck and flies like a duck, then before the law it is a duck: but Israel refuses recognizing Hezbollah as a legitimate military group.
If Hezbollah is a bunch of Lebanese criminals, Israel had no right to bomb the country of Lebanon over their mischief. If they’re Iranian proxy, as the Israeli court declared, then Israel have to retaliate against Iran.

from Iran, capable of reaching Israeli targets even in the Negev.

As Rabbi Kahane used to say, “Peace between Jews and Arabs would be wonderful. Meanwhile, I’m waiting for peace between Arabs and Arabs in Lebanon. It’s so wonderful to see them all living together: Hezbollah, and Amal, and whoever else.”
Hezbollah’s leader Nasrallah announced that he recognizes a symbolic crackdown by th Lebanese government as a declaration of war. The US-propped government of Lebanon which also enjoys tacit support of mainstream Arab regimes, temporarily closed Hezbollah’s TV station for incitement, and fired the security chief of Beirut airport, a notorious venue for smuggling arms from Iran to Hezbollah. Nasrallah vowed to defend his right to bring arms from Iran, though the UN resolution which ended the 2006 war in Lebanon specifically calls for disarming Hezbollah. Of course, the brave peacekeepers tend to ignore that inconvenient clause while Israel screams of Hezbollah’s massive rearmament.
Israel likely pushes the US Administration to take a tougher stance Hezbollah, and indeed both the US, EU, and the Arab regimes grew irritated by Iran-Syria’s meddling in Lebanon. Every Arab country fears for its own Shiite population which Iran can steer at the next step.

The US-propped Lebanese government rescinded its two symbolic measures taken against Hezbollah: demoting the security head of the Beirut airport (the major link in smuggling weapons from Tehran) and taking down Hezbollah’s TV station for incitement.
The week of civil unrest left only 82 Arabs killed in Lebanon.

After the two years of standoff, the US-propped “democratic” government of Lebanon ceded more ministerial portfolios to Hezbollah, giving it the government majority.

ABC reports US, Canadian intelligence sources on the increased interest of Hezbollah cells in those countries to Jewish targets, apparently in retaliation to the assassination of Mughniyeh, Hezbollah’s top man in Syria.
Der Spiegel earlier reported that Mughniye was killed by members of Syria intelligence community for betraying their putsch plans to Assad. The conspiracy was likely assisted by Israel.
The ABC reports is probably true. The last time Israel assassinated Hezbollah’s leader, there were hundreds of Jewish casualties.

Nasrallah claims that Hezbollah would demand Samir Kuntar and other Muslim terrorists in exchange for bodies of Regev and Goldwasser.
Israel had previously released minor terrorists in exchange for bodies, though the official policy remains “bodies for bodies.” Kuntar is a prized terrorist: horribly brutal, a celebrity among Arabs and leftist Jews, and unrepentant.
Thanks to his Jewish friends, Kuntar, a murderer of Jewish family, was allowed to father a number of children while in prison. The same privilege was denied to Yigal Amir for many years.

Lebanese government noted correctly that Hezbollah pushed Israel to the very same terms it refused before the 2006 Israeli war with Lebanon. Hezbollah was asking Israel to release Samir Kuntar. After Israel’s repeated refusals Hezbollah attacked an IDF outpost, took Regev and Goldwasser prisoners, and now exchanged their bodies for Kuntar.
Had Israeli government released Kuntar in early 2006, more than a hundred Israelis including Regev and Goldwasser would have been alive.

Now that the dispute between Israel and Hezbollah was limited to the minuscule mountain area of Shebaa Farms, it seemed probable that the conflict is nearing its end. Whether the high ground would be returned to Lebanon or Syria, Israel had no intention of keeping it, and Hezbollah’s claims against Israel seem to be satisfied.
A Hezbollah cleric Abdel al-Amir Kiblan declared that the terroriost group should fight to liberate the former Shiite villages in Israel.

In the new government, Hezbollah has veto power which it sought since the American-sponsored elections gave it a landslide victory in Lebanon.

to shoot Israeli planes which routinely violate Lebanese airspace.

After Mossad’s warning of Hezbollah’s imminent attack on Israeli citizens in Africa in retaliation for Mughniyeh assassination, Hezbollah’s second-in-command appealed to its foreign branches to avoid such acts.
After Hezbollah became a senior partner in Lebanese government, it has to keep appearances. Hezbollah positions itself as a militia protecting Lebanon rather than terrorist organization.

some capable of striking any targets deep in Israel, Debka reports. Before the 2006 war, Hizbullah held about 10,000 rockets.
Hizbullah violated every term of the 2006 ceasefire, and deployed anti-aircraft batteries at Baruch and Sannin peaks. Though useless against Israeli fighter aircraft (but not helicopters), the batteries can give Iran advanced warning of Israeli strike.

After Mughniye assassination, Israel is concerned about Hezbollah revenge. Weeks ago, an anti-Israeli plot by Hezbollah was discovered somewhere in Western Africa.
Olmert noted that with Hezbollah’s takeover of Lebanese government, any attacks would now be treated as Lebanese aggression against Israel and cause unrestricted retaliation.
Hezbollah responded by claiming to prepare a mega-terror act.

if she bombs Iran. Olmert had earlier announced that since Hezbollah took over the Lebanese government, Israel will retaliate against Lebanon rather than seek terrorist detachments.
Hezbollah increased its rocket arsenal four times compared to the 2006, to 40,000 rockets. Israel has no way to intercept them, and can only deter Hezbollah by threatening the entire Lebanon.

Hezbollah shot down Lebanese army helicopter after mistaking it for an Israeli one. It follows, Hezbollah tries to shoot down Israeli aircraft. Doing so might well spark Israeli retaliation against Lebanon – or may force Israel to end her violations of Lebanese airspace.

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