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Latin America

Despite a hug-session with Obama during the Americas summit, Chavez “temporarily nationalized” the Cargill pasta plant in Venezuela.

Obama is wrong to imagine that any amount of kisses substitutes for hard reality.

The Venezuelan Mining Ministry has announced its plans to cooperate with Iran and Russia on exploration of uranium deposits.

The US State Dept congratulated the 32 Latin American and Caribbean countries that met in Mexico to create an all-encompassing regional bloc which excludes the US and Canada. Obama’s hugs with Chavez did not pay.

Da Silva, President of Brazil in IsraelDespite Israel’s efforts to win over the notoriously pro-Arab Da Silva, the visiting Brazilian president put a wreath on Arafat’s tomb but refused to participate in a similar ceremony at Herzl’s tomb.

In an interview with The Atlantic, Fidel lashed out against Ahmadinejad for denying the Holocaust.

When he first came to power, Castro was a great friend of Israel. Scores of Israeli consultants worked in Cuba on projects ranging from the agricultural to the military. As the US pressured Israel and the USSR pressured Cuba, our relations eventually soured. Castro expelled the Israeli consultants, though in the most mild way, expressing his personal unhappiness about the Soviet pressure. Since then, Castro has offered every assistance to the PLO and other terrorist groups, which have used Cuba to infiltrate Latin American countries.

Now Fidel can afford a return to sane relations with Jews.

Ahmadinejad and ChavezThe Foreign Policy has confirmed our appraisal of a year ago that Iran moved a significant part of its nuclear facilities to Venezuela. Chavez has also confirmed that his country in engaged in ‘preliminary’ nuclear research.

Medvedev and Chavez in KremlinRussia has signed an agreement with Chavez to build a nuclear power plant in Venezuela. Naturally, the power plant will be dual-use, capable of producing plutonium for nuclear weapons.

It was easy for Obama to accept a nuclear Iran. Now let’s see what he will do about nuclear Venezuela. The United States has already forced Brazil to dismantle its nuclear program.

Responding to Abu Mazen’s plea, Brazilian president recognized the Palestinian state in the 1967 borders. Hopefully the fellow understands samba better than geography.

In 1967, there was no Palestinian state. The West Bank and Jerusalem were occupied by Jordan, which refused to entertain even the notion of Palestinian identity, let alone a state. So there is no such thing as “Palestinian borders of 1967.” In effect, Brazil recognized Palestine in the entire territory of Jordan and the Israeli government district of Jerusalem.

Mahmud Abbas and Luiz da Silva

The Israeli Foreign Ministry retaliated against Honduras—which has vowed to support Palestine’s UN bid for statehood—by temporarily recalling our ambassador. Worse, the demarche took place during a visit to Israel by Honduras’ military chiefs.

Of course Honduras, like every other country, cares more about its relations with Muslim countries than its relations with Israel.

Avigdor Lieberman

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