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MK Jamalka said, “the police became political.” Israeli police also arrested scores of Jewish conservative activists.

praises cooperation with Arab-rights organizations. Border Police committed many brutalities against Jewish protesters in Gush Katif and elsewhere. Hasain Faris tries to whitewash his image before departure, says protesters should not “raise their hands,” protests must be limited to raising flags.

during a demonstration in Jerusalem against the government’ raising tuition fees.

Jews failed to obtain Israeli permit for visiting the tomb located behind the Green Line. Olmert was apparently not involved in the incident. Border Police received orders from the Ministry of Religions (sic) officials.

Jerusalem police devastated religious neighborhoods of Jerusalem days before the gay parades to preclude the protests. Arutz Sheva reports on wholesale destruction of property with water cannons, beatings of rabbis and other religious Jews with fists, feet, and batons.

Police caught today two ultra-Orthodox Jews who stuck posters on a monument to Jewish soldiers yesterday. Israeli police maintains immense number of Jewish informants.

Failing to build communist utopia in Russia, Jews do it in Israel. Police “investigate” a professor of literature Hillel Weiss for cursing a police officer during eviction of religious Jews from Hebron where police brutalized his children. Police treat the professor’s death wish to police bandit as incitement. Strong wishes materialize…
Shas MK Margi asked Bar Ilan university to suspend Professor Weiss.
University’s president called Weiss’ curse “hair-raising.” To the leftist president, eviction of Jews from King David’s capital is not hair-raising.
Hebron residents wooed away visiting chief police inspector with similar curses today.

Ezra Ish-Ran, a policeman from Tkoa whose son was killed by Arabs, slapped Limor San-Har-Melech, a well-known female activist who was arrested along with her baby ostensibly for attacking a policeman.

IDF trains for evicting Jews from “illegal” hilltop settlements. Conservative Jews settle on hilltops in caravans to prevent Arab terrorists from shooting at Israeli towns and villages. Israeli government ordered the eviction but left the date to Olmert’s discretion. Thousands of soldiers and police are expected to act against Jewish families on the hilltops. American Administration is reportedly a major force behind the push for eviction of Jews.

Israeli media are allowed to omit the phrase “according to foreign sources” in their reports about the Israeli attack on Syria. Now it’s a free press.

Communist members of Israeli Knesset such as Gal-On, Avital, and similar scum lambasted new Israeli anti-terrorist laws as restricting the human rights. The ultra-left were unconcerned with Sharon’s law that criminalized mere expression of dissent over the disengagement from Gaza.

Israel loves to brag about its Western liberal values and the commitment to freedom of speech. Police arrest six Jewish teens who tried to hang anti-Bush posters in Jerusalem. It is no crime in America to criticize Bush.

Hundreds of conservative Jews at the center of Jerusalem protested Bush’s policy

After a few days of delay, police released the seven teenage Jewish girls arrested when protesting the Israeli Army’s destruction of Jewish hamlets (“illegal outpost”) near Beth El. The girls symbolically refused to divulge their (well-known) names to police, thus defying the authority of treacherous government. The girls were held in high security Ramle prison.

Israeli police detained conservative activists Ben Gvir, Eskin for burning Ukrainian flag near Ukrainian embassy protesting the officially condoned Ukrainian anti-Semitism. Among the charges the police brought against the activists was defaming the Ukrainian flag.

The Knesset Law Committee approved a bill that declares any gather of “racist or Nazi” groups illegal, subject to imprisonment. The bill is superfluous for punishing Israeli Nazis, as ample body of laws is available to that end. The bill targets Jewish conservative activists.
The Knesset introduced the concept of racism in 1980s to ban the meteoric rise of Rabbi Meir Kahane’s Kach Party which campaigned on a commonsense platform that Arabs will never be loyal citizens of a Jewish state. The Knesset defined racism as “advocating against a group” – which, as R. Kahane pointed out, allows for arbitrary banning of every political party in Israel.
In the wake of negotiations with Palestinians over the division of Jerusalem, Olmert’s government expects mass protests orders of magnitude larger than those that took place in support of Gush Katif. It is imperative, therefore, to ban such gatherings. Olmert lacksif. It is imperative, therefore, to ban such gatherings. Olmert lacks the political power of Sharon who was able to straightforwardly criminalize the dissent with his policies (that’s true, peaceful opposition to disengagement from Gaza is a criminal offense in Israel). The Knesset, therefore, lumps Jewish conservatives (“the racists”) together with Nazis and bans them both.

Israel’s Internet Service Providers will filter indecent content, even though the users can ultimately gain access to it.

Jerusalem court charged a police officer Mehager with grievous assault, etc. Mehager, among other policemen, wantonly beat Jewish protesters seating on the floor of a house in Amona. Many other policemen were spared injunction for the similar crimes in Amona. Mehager filed counter-complaint against police charging having received orders for brutality.
The evacuation of Amona, a tiny hamlet dubbed “illegal outpost” was exceedingly brutal by Israeli standards, but nothing special compared to repressions against demonstrators even in the Vietnam-era America.

Bush refused direct talks with Iran, though such talks repeatedly took place in Baghdad on the level of ambassadors.
Bush declared he won’t negotiate with a state which puts people in prison for their political beliefs, meaning Iran. Mind you, Israel keeps a lot of Jews (forget the Arabs) in jail specifically because of their political beliefs. The list of jailed Jewish dissidents includes teenage boys and girls, as well as elderly Jews. Some Jews still languish in jail on Ariel Sharon’s law which made open dissent with disengagement from Gaza a punishable offense. Jews are routinely arrested in Israel for trivial political expressions, down to the recent “desecration” of Ukrainian flag by Jewish activists protesting the official Ukrainian anti-Semitism. It was in Israel, not in Iran where a Jewish girl named Tatiana Soskina served three years in jail for painting “prophet” Mohammed as a pig.

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