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for failure to communicate security code on suspicion of terrorist attack.

near Tkoa. Shooting worsens the situation when Arabs only threw stones and Molotoff cocktails at Jews.

Israeli Arabs urged Omar al Rob to try again, at which point Shin-Bet found him.

to prevent suicide attacks. Meanwhile, IDF engaged in gunfights with Arab villagers in Kfar Dan, killed Abbas’ police officer shooting at Israeli troops.

training by Wisconsin Program organization.

PIJ fighters courageously refused to surrender and be freed soon in the prisoners’ exchange.

Firebomb moderately injures the victim.

an Arab bomb explodes in Jerusalem’s Ramot neighborhood; no injuries. Israeli border police seized an honest Arab youth near Jerusalem. The Arab, armed with two knives, frankly told the police he was going to stab Jews. American Dayton plan demands that Israel dismantle most roadblocks like the one where that assassin was stopped.

Mazab Bashir who works for humanitarian NGO Doctors Without Borders also planned to murder a Jew David Beeri. David heads the organization which buys Arab houses in Jerusalem for free market prices in goodwill transactions.
The would-be assassin, when arrested, frankly told Israeli security service SHABAK about his plans to kill Olmert. The Arab murderer will receive about five-year sentence and be freed in prisoners swap. Shortly, Bashir will have a second chance to murder Jews.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad threatens sending dozens of female suicide bombers into Israel if it launches ground operation in Gaza.

Under Abu Mazen’s moderate leadership, Palestinian Arabs today wounded two Israeli soldiers, threw five bombs, Molotov cocktails. Dozens of Palestinian refugees in the Balata camp near Nablus opened heavy gunfire at the IDF soldiers; no wounded among Jews.

The Western darling independent Palestinian prime minister Salam Fayad condemned Israeli aggression. Israel continues supplying weapons and ammunition to Fatah-PLO.

IDF arrested a Palestinian who transported a 20lbs bomb inside a dead lamb.

An Arab snatched a gun from security guard at Jerusalem yeshiva and shot the guard. Another guard shot ten bystanders trying to kill the Arab, which he eventually did. Police called the guards’ performance excellent.

A friendly Palestinian youngster carried three pipe bombs to explode in Tel Aviv during the Rosh Hashanah festivities. Abbas, Mubarak, and Rice demand that Israel dismantles checkpoints, and Olmert repeatedly promised to do so.
Shabak security service confirms increased terror activity by Fatah and other Palestinian factions.

Palestinian explosive belt found in Tel Aviv apartment. Hamas didn’t organize the attack, but praised it.
The terrorist attack was organized by a group nominally affiliated with Hamas in Fatah-controlled Nablus.
Israeli security service obtained information on the belt’s location by torturing terrorist suspect.

Tanzim leader Barghouti, jailed in Israel, assured the Jews that kidnapped Israeli corporal is in good health. Jailed archterrorist whom Mubarak called worse than Arafat is politically active. So much for the tough Israeli jails.

No charges are filed against the several Palestinian fighters who attempted to assassinate Olmert. For once, thank you, Abu Mazen, and we would like to extend our warm welcome to the Palestinian brothers who tried helping the Jews to get rid of Olmert.

Two Arab residents of East Jerusalem allegedly plotted to kill mayor Lupolyansky. It’s okay.

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