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Yad Vashem recognized Andree Geulen-Herscovici as a Righteous Among the Nations in 1989, but only now has Israel offered citizenship to 86-year-old woman. “Disobeying the laws of the time was just the normal thing to do,” said Andre in direct relevance to the current situation.

12 patients in Kfar Saba hospital infected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria, 4 dead.

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Students protesting tuition rise throw smoke grenades, flares at police, burn tires, block Ayalon Highway in Tel Aviv.

With no MK’s speaking at the protest rallies in Tel Aviv, organizers settled for popular musicians as a way to attract and cheer up some crowds. Uzi Dayan, one of the organizers, supported Barak’s year 2000 withdrawal from Lebanon. The protests are expected to gather few people because Winograd report contained no shocking news, and mostly accuses Olmert of launching a very popular war instead of seeking unspecified political solutions.

to treat her son according to the Koran. According to Koran, though, infidel soldiers must be killed.

ignore the universities’ threat of annulling the semester. Oslo, Hebron, Gush Katif, Lebanon war, or Winograd report failed to incite Jewish students.

Polish embassy in Israel protests over the Holocaust cartoons published in Haaretz that depicts Poles as wicked drunkards, implying their active participation in the Holocaust. All historian agree that Poles on the whole supported Nazi’s extermination campaign. Poland is the only country where dozens of Jewish survivors were killed in a police-sanctioned pogrom upon returning home. Before the war, Zhabotinsky warned of the impending mega-pogroms in Poland.
Months ago, Jews protested publication of Holocaust cartoons by Iranian newspapers. The Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, which has published the Mohammed cartoons, reprinted the Iranian Holocaust cartoons.

for lack of financing. There is no lack of funds to pay for Arab-language classes.

Israeli government decides to allocate a fixed number of bureaucratic positions to Ethiopian Black Jews. Jewish Blacks (1.5% of the population) will get 10% of positions reserved for students. The government will adopt new tests “better suited” for Ethiopian immigrants. New tests won’t require the would be Black Israeli officials to know Hebrew or even writing, but conducted in Amharic language orally.

Residents of Sderot meet Livni, who tours the area with Solana, with words of insult and throw trash at her.

Tuition rates – some of the lowest among the developed nations – will remain unchanged. The change was meant to lower subsidies for students from mid-to-high income families.

Arkady Gaydamak will set up a tent city in Tel Aviv. Israeli government fights back by offering Sderot residents free vacations to lure them away from Gaydamak.

Sderot municipality asked the IDF to order fleeing municipality officials back to work.

Justice Minister Friedmann equated Sudanese (Darfur) refugees with Jews in Egypt. Implied, he is Moses for them. Justice Minister demands that Israel absorbs thousands of Blacks who flee Darfur. Egypt and other Arab countries refused to accommodate the notoriously militant Blacks who launched the current round of violence in Darfur.

While Israeli supermarkets sell non-kosher foods, Tiv Taam would set an example by abandoning sales of pork, so dear to half a million Israeli Slavs.

Darfur residents flock to Israel due to the lenient treatment and economic opportunities. The Sudanese Blacks who illegally cross Israeli border are not endangered refugees, since they cross into Israel from Egypt where they are already safe.
It is unlikely that Sudanese Blacks would have helped Jews, should we need their help.

Israeli Border Police detained 26 infiltrators from various African countries. Many more have slipped through. Jewish state with lenient laws and welcoming leftists becomes a heaven for Blacks.

Sudanese Blacks who illegally entered Israel stage demonstration in front of the Knesset. Beersheba municipality transported them to Jerusalem. 600 Blacks from various countries infiltrated Israel in May. Egypt does nothing to prevent the infiltration. Israeli Border Police transports the infiltrators to southern townships instead of expelling them on the spot. Attorney General refuses to charge the Black infiltrators or evict them. The Africans cross into Israel from Egypt where they are not threatened, and cannot be treated as refugees.

Jewish and Arab pupils scored equally bad on Zionism, both groups failing to answer about 40% of the most basic questions. A third of Jewish students don’t know about Balfour Declaration.
It is not easy to teach Zionism in a state that gives away Judea and sends humanitarian aid to the Arabs who shell Sderot.

Israeli vagrants set a camp at the center of Jerusalem and demand “decent housing” as their human right. Israeli education made them oblivious than the relevant human right involves working to pay for a house.
Jerusalem municipality doesn’t disperse the illegal gathering.

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