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Ephraim Sneh (Labor) ordered internal investigation. Israel is the only country which retained medieval practice of administrative preview of real estate purchases by Jews. The rule applies to biblical lands of Judea and Samaria.

Speaking in Ariel, general Yair Naveh criticized government, praised settlers

After the IDF destroyed their hometown of Homesh in Samaria, villagers keep coming to spend holidays among the ruins. Thousands are expected to join. Reversing its earlier stance, army will protect them against Arab violence.

Army Radio claims three soldiers wounded, though the demonstration amounted to a picnic.

Conservative estimates of disengagement from Judea and Samaria project the costs in excess of $50 bn.

who planned to spend Shabbat in the ghost village of Homesh.

Even before last summer’s disastrous war ended, the Israeli Government had put together a generous aid package to compensate local Israelis for damaged homes and business losses. In a relatively short period of time, the topic was no longer on the news, and life has returned to “normal,” even though it’s no secret that the Arabs are rearming, which isn’t the topic at hand…

In contrast, the Disengagement Refugees, those exiled from their homes, when Arik Sharon, Ehud Olmert and gang decided to unilaterally—meaning without getting anything, even a promise, in return—destroyed their homes, communities, businesses and educational institutions, haven’t been given enough to resume their lives. The additional sum announced last week is still far from enough and not for immediate payment.

Pre-Disengagement, Gush Katif and Northern Shomron were not wealthy areas. On the whole they weren’t inhabited by strong ambitious “go-getters.” Each YESHA community has its own personality, and the residents of Gush Katif were mostly silent like the sand they lived on. Many had found their communities to be their refuge, where they had built productive, though modest, lives.

Most trusted their rabbis and community leaders, who promised them a chance to reproduce their heaven on earth, and now they’re unemployed and idle in various refugee camps for which they pay high rents. Their promised new neighborhoods haven’t been built. The insufficient compensation is being eaten daily for the lucky ones who fit the stringent criteria. The others are being buried by their overdrafts.

The refugees who had tried looking for new places to live in other parts of the country discovered that their “package” would buy a tiny slum apartment in old public housing. There was no way they could own anything like their previous homes. So they’re waiting for the building lots to be available. Maybe they can move into a tent there? At least they’ll own the land.

Then the government announced an increase, but it’s a pittance and to be paid over ten years. Many of the refugees aren’t considered “qualified,” since they were “only renters.”

The government turned these good people into refugees. They deserve sufficient compensation to rebuild their lives and homes in suitable cities, towns and yishuvim.

The armed Jewish settlers make the town safe and the Arabs quiet.

NIS 9 billion total (State Comptroller). Still, many Jewish evictees cannot buy new houses with the compensation they received from the government. The cost of disengagement from Judea and Samaria can be extrapolated at NIS 200 billion ($50 bn).

Livni supports the destruction of Gush Katif (interview to the Egyptian Al-Ahram newspaper) despite the fact that Israeli withdrawal provoked Hezbollah and made Gaza into the Hamas’ base. Livni insisted Israel must withdraw from Judea and Samaria.

Israeli leftist human rights organization issued a report condemning IDF, Jewish settlers of forcing Arabs out of Hebron, making Hebron a ghost town. Hebron is a bustling town with plenty of new construction; 120,000 Arabs live in Hebron and its environs, surrounded and terrorized by 600 Jewish settlers, most of them women and children.

will spend tens of million shekels to “protect” Arab market in Hebron against Jewish settlers who supposedly throw stones at it. The IDF also installed laser devices around Jewish communities in Hebron to intercept the Jews who cross in the “Palestinian” part of the city.
Two Arabs were caught at the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, carrying knives to stab the Jews.
Defense Minister Peretz recently claimed the IDF lacks funds to repel Kassam attacks.

Shalom Achshav’s Oppenheimer asserted that Olmert’s government built more settlement units than any other Israeli government. Though Peace Now seems to lie again, that would be very patriotic of Olmert.

Israeli Samaria police arrested 5 Jews for painting a water tanker orange – the color of anti-disengagement protests. The police interrogated the five Jews on violating the Disengagement Law which bans the Jews from the settlements demolished by IDF during the disengagement. Roman Emperor Hadrian similarly banned the Jews from destroyed Jerusalem following Bar Kochba’s revolt.

The Council of Settlements (Yesha) secured the government’s agreement to allow about two hundred right-wing Jews to march to the destroyed settlement of Homesh. The Council of Settlements, financed by Israeli Ministry of Interior and discredited by complacency with destruction of Jewish settlements in Gaza, periodically obtains similar concessions from the government to bolster its image among the settlers.
Right-wing activists repeatedly vowed to rebuild Homesh, a settlement in Samaria destroyed by IDF during the disengagement, with no hope to carry out their designs.

Israeli police informed the Supreme Court it “substantially doubts” authenticity of the deed of purchase of the Beit Shalom house in Hebron. Jewish community purchased that house months ago from Arabs, and Israeli leftists tried to evict the Jews. The house is located at strategic junction.
The police did not give any details on its “doubts.” Ex-police chief Moshe Karadi confirmed recently an open secret: that police often forges evidence and builds cases solely for political reasons.
The police lie, paving the road to eviction of Jews from the legally purchased house, was fittingly reported on the day the Jews mourn the Roman siege of Jerusalem.

Police and army forces evicted a dozen Jews who prayed on Shabbat at a hill near the settlement of Hashmonaim. The army declared a barren hill “a closed military zone.” An IDF officer fired shots at the ground to make the Jews run faster.

Most live in temporary housing, as the compensation received is insufficient to buy real estate in Israel. Unemployment doubles the Gush Katif level. Schoolchildren study abysmally and exhibit strong suicidal inclinations.
Jews who answered the government’s calls to settle Gaza, has been made an underclass.

IDF, Border Police ready their troops to prevent the expected hundreds of Jews from reaching the abandoned settlement of Homesh on Tuesday. Jews repeatedly came to the settlement in the effort to rebuild it. IDF claims it represses the Jews to save them from Arab terrorists who might come to Homesh.

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