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The relaxation won’t affect hundreds of thousands of Jews searched in Ben Gurion airport on par with Arabs.

plant 4 million profitable trees along Israeli borders. Groves will create hiding place for infiltrators and prompt Arabs to enter Israel illegally to steal olive crops.

Mob protested building security fence near Ramallah, demanded Israel opens itself to Palestinian citizens.

IDF killed notorious bomb-maker Amin Lubadi, a teenager throwing Molotov cocktail, and several other Arabs

Soldiers, Sderot residents confirm dozens rockets are fired from Gaza, in line with Hamas’ figures and contrary to IDF’s official claim of six rockets only.

because schools are protected against Kassams better than houses.

MK Yisrael Katz (Likud) calls on Olmert to assassinate Hamas’ leaders if Izzadin al Kassam group executes Shalit. The group’s spokesman Obaidah raised the PR stakes for Olmert by threatening to kill Shalit if Israel invades Gaza.

claims the IDF must accommodate Sudanese refugees. Hundreds of Darfur refugees entered Israel illegally. Checkpoints and border security are even less likely to stop Arab terrorists.

Maj.-Gen. Dayton, US military rep at the Palestinian Authority, demands that Israel removes roadblocks that caught hundreds of suicide bombers, allows uncontrolled traffic between the Hamas-controlled Gaza and the relatively safe West Bank, and arms the PLO. In return, Hamas is expected to cease arms smuggling and missile attacks. The plan, approved by Rice, shows that US military bureaucrats are divorced from the Middle East reality.

when Kassam rocket struck near his family house in Sderot.

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomed US aviation authority representatives to study security arrangements in Ben Gurion airport. The top-secret security procedures will be openly discussed in America. Ben Gurion airport’s security normally prohibits even taking photos inside the airport.

City of Eilat has reduced its swelling crime rate through a program codenamed “LOVE.” The program installed TV cameras throughout the city and increased the police presence.

working on the fence construction at the Israeli border with Gaza. Palestinians want a state with no Jews, but demand that Israel opens herself up to Arabs – no security fence.

The IDF retaliated against Gaza after Kassam rockets wounded dozens of Jews in a few days, including children, women, and old people. The IDF attacked Hamas camp near Rafah from the air, killing only four Arabs with three expensive missiles. The IDF also attacks the Kassam “launching pads,” though Kassam can be launched from anywhere.
In drastic change to the Israeli historical practice, the government refuses to follow the IDF recommendation on Gaza; the IDF demands invasion. Israeli response is now dictated by foreign opinion and leftist policies rather than military necessities. Loony Defense Minister Peretz claims Hamas showers Israel with missiles “to provide cover for its murderous campaign against Fatah.” Leftists imagine that Hamas stepped up rocket attacks on Israel not as a continuation of its long-term policy, but to draw Israel into Gaza either in Hezbollah-style trap or to unify the Palestinians against common threat.
Israeli government started evacuation of Sderot residents threatened by Kassam attacks. Sderot residents are moved to Jerusalem, a popular destination for Palestinian suicide bombers.
Invading Gaza now would embroil Israel in a Palestinian civil war, unless Israel kills out any suspected militants and imposes martial law.

and a direct rocket hit at a school.
Defense Minister Peretz stopped the government and various organizations from evacuating Sderot residents. Peretz said the government “can’t sit and watch” as Russian oligarch Arkady Gaydamak sent buses to evacuate the residents of Sderot. Peretz maintains a house in Sderot, guarded by the IDF soldiers, but doesn’t show up in that dangerous place. After a year of extensive missile attacks from Gaza, municipality still failed to prepare two-thirds of Sderot bomb shelters for use.

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