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Disengagement Authority head Bassi says heís used to insults. Baruch Marzel shuts down electricity to prevent Bassi from speaking.

In a watershed event in Israeli politics, Uri Lupolyansky ignored the anti-racist laws and spoke about the Arab demographical problem. Israeli politicians traditionally refrain from discussing the problem of the impending Arab majority because of its ďracistĒ overtones. Israel enacted anti-racist laws to ban Rabbi Meir Kahane from the Knesset.
Mayor Lupolyanski nominally complied with the law by talking of the impending Hamas rather than Arab control over Jerusalem. Hamas is not present in Jerusalem, and the mayorís reference to Hamas is a thinly veiled mention of Arabs generally.
Mayor Lupoliansky didnít name the two main reasons for the Jews to stay out of Jerusalem: poor security (suicide bombers easily operate in the city full of Arabs) and ideological failure (Israel prohibits the Jews to pray at the Temple Mount to avoid provoking Arabs. Muslim shrines humiliatingly dominate the Temple Mount).
Arabs have more than doubled their presence in Jerusalem since Israel re-took the city in 1967. Iran, Saudi Arabia, and other Muslim countries and Western charities finance Arab purchases of Jerusalem apartments from Jews. When Arabs move in, Jewish residents move out, abandoning apartment houses to Arabs.
Olmert promised $1.5 billion to foster the Jewish presence in Jerusalem. Israeli Left hunts Olmert because of his recent overtures with the right Jews. Olmert was historically a right-winger and voted against the return of Sinai to Egypt in 1978.
US, Germany, France, other EU members refused to take part in the Knesset ceremony celebrating 40 years of the Jewsí re-taking Jerusalem from Arabs. During its rule over Jerusalem, Jordan razed Jewish Quarter, including synagogues and historical buildings, and banned the Jews from the holy places. Ultra-Orthodox mayor Lupolyanski scolded both the foreign envoys and the Israeli government which tolerates such insults to its national identity. Lupolyanski adopted right rhetoric to counter Arkady Gaydamak, a Russian demagogue billionaire who aims at becoming a mayor of Jerusalem.
Israeli public opinion shifts to the right. 84% of Jews in Israel donít believe peace with Palestinian Arabs is possible and majority supports holding on to the Gush Etzion settlements (Institute for Israeli Studies).

The Knesset finally took on the tens of thousands of non-Jews, a fraction of non-Jews who groundlessly reside in the Jewish state. The Right of Return law’ amendment, adopted in the first reading and unlikely to pass, demands that children of Slavic, Black, and Arab residents of the Jewish state go. Even so, they might re-enter the Jewish state through family re-unification schemes.
Israel Beitenu’s Lieberman, who otherwise poses as ardent Jew, promised to battle the amendment which is detrimental to his Slavic constituency.
Olmert and Jerusalem Mayor Lupolyanski recently decried the growing number of Arabs in Jerusalem. Israeli official mood swings to the right, prompted by swelling numbers of hostile non-Jews in Israel.

Israel Beitenu’s Lieberman called for blockade of Gaza, repressions against Palestinian terrorist prisoners in Israel, and retaliatory bombings. Lieberman talks right. If only he had put his voting arm where his mouth is.

A Jew who executed Yitzhak Rabin will become a father. Yigal Amirís wife, Larisa Trembovler is expected to give birth this summer. Yigal and Larisa had conjugal visits while he’s serving a life sentence. Unlike the Arab terrorists, Yigal won’t be released anytime soon.

Knesset approves 64-16 a preliminary votes that restores common sense to Jewish National Fund: it will only lease land to Jews. Attorney General Mazuz of leftist breed earlier demanded that JNF leases Israeli land to Arabs.
The fifth column of Arab MKs decried the bill as racist.

Netanyahu publicly decries withdrawal from Judea and Samaria, citing the lessons of disengagement from Gaza. Visiting Egyptian foreign minister told an Arab newspaper Netanyahu agreed in principle with the Saudi “peace plan.”

Israel Beitenuís MK David Rotem declared he would do everything for peace with the Arab enemy, even blow the Western Wall.

Netanyahu the Bla Bla joined the fray against Professor Hillel Weiss who cursed an IDF officer for evicting Jews from Hebron.
In a separate development, relatives and hometown residents cursed, spat at IDF Human Resources chief Stern for pushing ultra-Orthodox Jews out of the army.

Sweet talker Netanyahu offers Russian demagogue Lieberman to merge his Israel Beitenu into Likud. The move would bring Netanyahu Russian votes and displace Moshe Feiglinís candidates into the bottom of Likudís list with no chance of entering the Knesset. Merger with Likud will allow Lieberman to salvage a few votes of Russians who otherwise grew disenchanted with his betrayal of all electoral promises.

Israel Beitenu announced its firm demands for any final-status agreement with the Palestinian enemy, which mostly relate to Lieberman’s long-discredited idea of territorial swaps. Lieberman imagines swapping Arab-populated regions of Israel for the settlement blocs. That idea is unrealizable because Israeli Arabs would move into the other places of Israel before the swap, and thus remain in Israel. Lieberman’s swap cannot rid Israel of the Arabs, and is anyway rejected by all parties. If, however, Lieberman is prepared to forcefully evict Israeli Arabs during the swap, why not evict them without a swap?
Lieberman also promised to withdraw from the government over negotiations of splitting Jerusalem with the Arab enemy.

The son of Yigal Amir, a brave Jew who assassinated the treacherous Yitzhak Rabin, was circumcised today in his father’s prison, on the 12th anniversary of Rabin’s execution.

Conservative Jewish activists entered the Arab village of Jabel Mukaber to destroy the house of Merkaz HaRav terrorist. Tearing down terrorists’ houses is a normal practice of Israeli police on the presumption that terrorist’s family had to be somehow involved in the murder. At the very least, such families fostered supportive attitude for terrorism. Also, some terrorists might be dissuaded from acting by their knowledge of some retribution against their family.
The Jewish activists threw some stones at the Arab villagers who cheered the dead terrorist, and clashed with Israeli police which protected the Arabs.

A great strategist, indeed. Israel cannot deter even a non-nuclear Palestine or a Hezbollah non-army. So far, Israel is only good at deterring good Jews.

at newsru.co.il:

- No direct answer on attacking Iran,
- Nothing specific about dealing with the Gaza problem. Vague suggestions of acting harshly against Hamas.
- The majority of Arabs are loyal citizens of the Jewish state.
- Israel should economically develop Palestinian towns in the West Bank to make their Arabs loyal.
- Netanyahu claims he never made an electoral promise to denounce the Oslo Accords, and therefore he didn’t renege on it. He gave the Palestinians only 2% of the Israeli-controlled land (he keeps silent on giving the Arabs vast territories not fully controlled by Israel).
- He supports giving Hebron to the Palestinians on the grounds that Israel still controls Hebron to an extent.
- Netanyahu promises to refuse the partition of Jerusalem and giving the Golan Heights to Syria, and to freeze the peace process.

Our position is to vote for Baruch Marzel. Netanyahu would still win the elections with or without our readers’ votes, but we need a real Kahanist party in the Knesset.

Aryeh Eldad managed to obtain signatures of 42 Knesset members in support of the Jews’ return to the 4 settlements in Samaria destroyed by the IDF during the 2005 disengagement from Gaza. Though the bill won’t get the majority of votes, it is a good show of strength for some very right-wing lobby.
Jewish conservative activists often attempt to repopulate the abandoned settlement of Homesh. Israeli court ruled that the legal prohibition for the Jews to return to the destroyed settlements is moot because it was intended only for the duration of disengagement.

Orthodox yeshiva students from Yitzhar settlement constructed a simple Kassam-like rocket and test-fired it on the nearby Palestinian village whose villagers bug the Jewish settlers incessantly. The first rocket didn’t make it through and fell on the open ground nearby.
Shin-Bet security service investigates the affair with the zeal it doesn’t routinely show against Palestinian rocket-makers.

of the Caterpillar terrorist’s house. Police didn’t allow Baruch Marzel and a handful of Jewish demonstrators into the terrorist’s village.
IDF cannot demolish the house because Palestinians claim there’s another family living in it.
Jerusalem municipality asked court to demolish the illegally constructed house back in 2004 but the court refused citing hardships for Arabs.
It’s hard to recall an episode where an Israeli court refused demolition of illegally built Jewish houses for the reason of hardship.

In a big nod to his fellow right-wingers, Netanyahu promised – if elected a prime minister – to allow construction in the existing settlements to accommodate the natural family growth.
The Jews must be crazy to even ask such questions. We, the owners of this land, ask for a permission to build homes for our children in our villages while Arab enemies build without permits tens of thousands of housing units.
Netanyahu also voiced support for transferring the “Russian Compound,” a major piece of land in Jerusalem, to Russia. Apparently, we need to reimburse the KGB state for its support of Iran and Syria.

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