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Shop’s workers stabbed the attacker with knives. Luckily, he was a Jew and the workers won’t be charged with aggravated assault. Scores of Israeli soldiers and policemen were sentenced for wounding Arabs.

who suffered heart attack. In the 1929 Hebron massacre, Jewish paramedic opened his heavily barricaded house to Arab woman in childbirth. His family was subsequently butchered.

PHR also blasted Israel for insufficiently free and speedy health services to Arab workers, illegal immigrants, and Palestinian spouses of Israeli Arabs.

Unlike Arab terrorists, Jews are not likely to be released in prisoners swap

Jews will also add 20% to Bedouin salaries to induce them to work. Aid to be approved on Sunday meeting.

Yosi Beilin introduces a bill for expelling Jews from Hebron

Left rabbi activists, accompanied by foreigners with cameras, incited Arabs to tend their sheep on Jewish farmer’s land, claim the two farmers beat them all.

Israeli Arabs built tens of thousands of houses without permits. Israel only enforces building laws against Jews.

cites violation of unspecified international humanitarian laws. The Red Cross remains unconcerned over the American separation of Mexicans, including prohibition of free movement from Mexico to the United States. The Red Cross similarly did not demand that Greece opens its borders to Russians to join the 400,000 Russians who reside in Greece. The Red Cross lambastes Israel for using the occupation for her own advantage, rather than the advantage of the Palestinians.
The Red Cross grieves over losing monopoly over the Nazi concentration and death camps’ archives which will now be opened to public. In the tradition of political neutrality, the Red Cross kept silent during the Holocaust even though its personnel working in concentration camps was fully aware of the annihilation of Jews. The 1948 Red Cross’ WWII report calls the death camp of Theresienstadt “a relatively privileged ghetto.” (v.3 p.75)

Israel keeps her border with Egypt wide open to Bedouins tribes. IDF’s soldiers on border duty have no instructions on dealing with massive Bedouin caravans; camels are often used for smuggling arms and drugs into Israel. Israel refrains from cracking down on Bedouins, even tolerates their polygamy.
Other Arabs consider Bedouin the worst scum. Bedouins commonly and with great brutality raided Jewish settlements before 1948. Israel later bought them off to pursue Arab infiltrators in deserts.

amid the heat wave. Israeli power utility urges the customers to decrease consumption.
Israel continues supplying electricity to Gaza without restriction and despite non-payment of bills. Israeli Arabs also don’t pay electricity bills as a rule.

In a major policy shift, Israel will buy “Bedouin lands” at market prices. Bedouin have no title to the land, and don’t use them continuously, thus cannot claim the right of homestead. Arab countries disregard Bedouin flexible ownership of the land.
Israel will additionally renovate seven Bedouin towns and build seven new villages for them with modern infrastructure, schools, and hospitals. Bedouin will be allowed the ultimate right denied to the Jews: to live homogenously. The Supreme Court bans the Jews from buying land in Bedouin settlements, but allows the Arabs to buy land in Jewish communities.

Arabs upgrade Haram ash-Sharif, dig trenches with heavy construction equipment without archaeological supervision. Israeli government authorities allowed the work without archaeological supervision.
Months ago, Muslims worldwide rioted when Israelis attempted a minor dig near the Temple Mount.

Answering the petitions by leftist groups and the Supreme Court’s order, IDF undertook to promptly process visa requests for the Palestinians. No civilized country commits to issuing visa to foreigners, let alone enemy at war, at a specific interval before the requested travel date.

Israeli police brutally beat Bedouin protesters over the demolition of two houses in one of the dozens of illegal Bedouin villages in the Negev. Israeli government carefully scale the force: oppressing Jews to the fullest extent of the law over the minor construction irregularities, rarely clashing with friendly Bedouin over their villages built illegally on squatted Jewish land, and never enforcing the law against the hostile Israeli Arabs who built tens of thousands of illegal villas on Jewish land.
Israeli government seeks to end the conflict with Bedouin by giving them the squatted Jewish land free.

Britain demands trial of IDF Lieutenant Haib, a Bedouin who shot British photographer James Miller when he was waving white flag. Bedouin reconnaissance squad apparently took photography equipment for weapons and fired no less than six shots, killing James Miller on the spot in Rafah. Jewish soldiers are generally sentenced for similar actions of manslaughter through gross negligence. Unwilling to spoil her shaky relations with the Stone Age Bedu nomads, Israel refuses a show trial for Haib, facing instead unnecessary diplomatic confrontation with Great Britain.

Arab mob in Jerusalem attacked a Druze policeman attempting to stop illegal Arab construction works at the Temple Mount. The police removed the policeman.

Tens of thousands of Muslims joined Ramadan festivities, praying in Al Aqsa mosque – a Muslim structure that occupies the Temple Mount. Israel bars Jews from praying at the Temple Mount.
Top Israeli archaeologists petitioned the leftist Supreme Court to stop the destruction of the Second Temple ruins by Muslims digging a 450-yard-long construction trench over the Temple Mount. Moshe Dayan gave the Temple Mount to Muslims after the Jewish victory of 1967, saying that he doesn’t want the second (Jewish) Vatican.

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