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official immorality

Histadrut associate of Amir Peretz, sexual copycat of Moshe Katsav, and political duplicate of Avigdor Lieberman looks for a portfolio. Time for Ramon to take revenge on the Supreme Court which ousted him.

Demonstrating his own moral values, Ayalon supported Shimon Peres for the president

The committee forcibly extended the president’s leave until the end of his term to leave the place to Dalia Itzik.

Jerusalem police chief Franco permitted gay parade in the Jewish sanctum on June 21. Muslims don’t protest.

Let them have it in Mecca – the best place for gay parades. Religious leaders warned homosexuals of impending violent response to their organized desecration of the Holy City. Gays leaders appeal to their own democratic rights.
In the gays’ previous attempt to hold parade in Jerusalem, police herded them to a stadium, though not circus. Gays imagine to flaunt the religious Jews by regular parade in the Jewish sanctum.
No major Jewish religious organization opposes gay parades in Tel Aviv. Mecca and Vatican were so far spared the gay show.

Jewish taxpayers paid sexual deviants to march through Tel Aviv – fittingly, starting from Rabin Square.

Israel consulate in New York joined with Maxim erotic magazine to advertise semi-nude pictures of Israeli girls serving in the IDF. The advertising, a part of the Tourism Ministry’s campaign to drive visitors to Israel, baits sexually active American males, according to Israel’s NY consulate.
Months ago, Israel consulate advertised homosexuality in Israel and happy homosexual relations between Jews and Arabs on its blog.

Permitted by the leftist Supreme Court, supported by leftist self-hating Jews, the “gay pride” parade took place in the Holy City of Jerusalem.
The homosexuals paraded surrounded by 7,000 police and private guards like animals in a zoo. The deviants did not cheer a lot and queitly dispersed. Almost all were immediately bused out of Jerusalem by the parade’ organizers. The parade of homosexuals, like most leftist events, included many paid participants.
The Bible commands that homosexuals, among other sexual deviants, be cut off from Jewish community.

Visiting Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov praised Olmert’s efforts in selling Russia a major Jerusalem property, the Russian Compound. Russia bases its claim on the ownership right of an obscure 19th-century charity. After the gay parades, why not sell the City to Russians?

Former Israeli President Moshe Katsav will not be jailed over the alleged rape, but fined. Israeli law does not stipulate fine as a sentence for rape. Israeli leftist justice establishment removed Katsav from the office with the hollow allegations of rape to clear the space someone better predisposed to the suicidal peace process.
The leftist appointee Attorney General Mazuz arranged a plea bargain because the rape allegations lacked any factual basis. Indeed, it’s not easy to imagine an office worker being raped on two different occasions and still keeping her job.

Speaking at the Caesaria Conference, Olmert rejected the calls for maximum enforcement of Sderot houses because “expensive resources” are needed elsewhere.
Olmert adopted the Kahane’s rhetoric, saying that Israelis are less at risk than the Diaspora Jews. Jewish establishment derided the late Rabbi Meir Kahane for warning of the threat of American anti-Semitism.

Katsav claimed he never called the girl who accuses him of raping her. His phone records reveal 689 calls to her.

A 62-year-old activist claims that Pensioners’ Party MK Yitzhak Ziv attempted to rape her.

The dovish Israeli president attends Zeev Zhabotinsky memorial. Zhabotinsky introduced the “iron curtain” and “iron fist” concepts in Jewish politics and organized retaliatory killing of Arab civilians.
Peres said Israel must get rid of the territories. The name, Judea, doesn’t ring a bell in the head of the old scum.

Supreme Court so far refuses to endorse Katsav’s plea bargain. Attorney General Mazuz has no hard evidence to support charges against Katsav in court.

A corrupt thug Ehud Barak redefined Israeli values when he demanded that Bar Ilan University fires Professor Weiss for cursing an IDF officer participating in eviction of religious Jews from Hebron. The officer acted illegally since the IDF cannot be used against Jews, and the IDF was in Hebron to guard against Palestinians. According to Barak, Prof. Weiss violated the basic Jewish values by cursing the IDF renegade.

Money will be used for a tent city near Ktziot. The funding amounts to $20,000 per person, about their lifetime income in Africa. The government could not comply with the court order to fortify schools in Sderot for lack of funds.

King Herod I famously erected several fortresses, including Masada, to provide himself with a safe haven. Israeli government took his example to the heart and constructs huge underground bunker near Jerusalem to protect the crooks against Iranian nuclear attack. The bunker will be connected by underground road to Ben Gurion airport to allow the government scum to promptly flee the country.

Olmert’s accomplices demand details of his recent discussions with Abbas where Olmert promised Palestinian gangster the Jewish capital.

Israeli president will discuss peace issues, namely selling the Jewish state. Abbas visited the Pope already.

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