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demand that Israeli Army evicts the Jews from the recently purchased house in Hebron. Brinkner, Zimmerman, Hirschfeld and other teachers declare the purchase is in violation of unspecified international law, call on the army to protect 120,000 Arabs against the 600 Israeli settlers.

Jordan often hosts other prominent peace activists such as Abu Mazen, Ismail Haniyeh. Itzik will discuss 2002 Arab peace initiative, including partition of Jerusalem with Palestinians and admitting 3.5 million refugees.

Realizing the communist dream, Israel has the highest ratio of labor strikes in the world

develop artificial islands instead of clinging to Judea and Samaria.

Alberto de Jesus detained for planting Palestinian flag on Israeli military installation, will be deported

Declares, if any more soldiers are kidnapped, Israel will kidnap Hanieyh. Palestinians attempted to kidnap Israeli soldiers under the cover of rocket barrages on Monday.
Sneh: “We will reduce the level of terrorism as much as possible.” Others prefer to reduce the terrorism as much as necessary.

Paz-Pines will sit in the tent only occasionally, and devote most time to running in Labor primaries and living as usual.

blast the practice of swearing at the terrorists, chaining them to chairs, and isolating them. Neither b’Tzelem, nor any other leftist human rights group has condemned the police’s brutal treatment of Jewish demonstrators.

who destroyed a roadblock. IDF and border police beat leftist hooligans who tried to prevent them from controlling Arab infiltration into Israel.

who destroyed the IDF’s checkpoint near Hebron.

In a joint conference with Arab Al-Quds University president Nusseibeh, Israeli writer Amos Oz advocated for the Palestinian demands and called to make Jerusalem a capital of an Arab state.

near Hebron, attempt to dismantle a checkpoint that prevents Arabs from infiltrating into Israel. After a similar clash several days ago, Peretz ordered the army to prosecute the officers who repelled the leftist attackers. Encouraged by the IDF’s “justice,” the Israeli leftists attacked again. Five attackers arrested.

Shimon Peres offered help to Abu Mazen fighting Hamas.

The Jewish morons forget that war crimes are not about electricity.
Israel provides Palestinian Arabs with subsidized – at the Jews’ expense – electricity and water. Arabs largely don’t pay for water and electricity consumption, and Israel foots the bill to avoid discontent among delinquent Arab customers.

Trade unionist, peacenik activist, and now Defense Minister Peretz ordered the IDF not to destroy infrastructure in Gaza, lest the Palestinians unite around Hamas. Peretz somehow missed that the Palestinians are already united around Hamas. Indeed, the Palestinians voted for Hamas. Peretz’s peacenik vision of warcraft is opposite to the Israeli strategy that worked in Lebanon: there, Israel bombed infrastructure until the world and the Lebanese government agreed to restrain democratically elected Hezbollah a bit.

Peretz lambasted Barak for failure to develop anti-Kassam missile defense system during his term as prime minister. Peretz, too, didn’t order developing such system during his year as a Defense Minister. Peretz’s idea of countering missiles from Gaza with passive anti-missile system rather than active ground operation strikes a common ground between pacifism and lunacy.

A third of the Labor Party members intend to vote for Barak, despite his explicit corruption, shady businesses, mindless withdrawal from Lebanon, and giveaway of an offshore gas field to Arafat. It’s time to legally equate voting for Barak with state treason.
Ayalon, for his part, as a head of Shabak security service presided over the witch-hunt following Rabin’s assassination. Though critical of Sharon government’ demonizing the settlers, Ayalon supported the withdrawal from Gaza. Ayalon campaigns on the platform of establishing the Palestinian state.

The three groups ostensibly follow Barak, Ayalon, and Peretz. Peretz lured the audience with promises of 1,000 euro a month minimum wage. Peretz’s earlier promise of $1,000 per month minimum wage was almost fulfilled due to the rising shekel with no government’s efforts. Peretz lags behind corrupt and treacherous Barak and pro-Palestinian state Ayalon. The Labor stand for the largest vote in national elections if headed by tough-looking Ayalon.
Barak campaigns under the funniest slogan, “Barak will bring back our security.”

1% of Israeli population, half of the Labor Party’s members, will elect the party’s leader who might become the next prime minister. Barak and Ayalon have approximately equal prospects, according to polls. Israel faces a real threat of corrupt, worthless, treacherous Barak heading it into the suicidal capitulation. The Defense Minister Peretz, a distant third candidate, counts on Arab voters to win.

38-39% of the Labor voted for Barak in the primaries, polls indicate. Barak withdrew the IDF from Gaza amid clear signs of Hezbollah build-up, along with Lieberman was instrumental in giving Israel’s only gas field to Arafat, is incredibly corrupt and incompetent.

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