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Study hours rise steadily for decades due to the labor pressure to employ more teachers and increase salaries.

submits a law which allows the ministry to change pension provisions of the collective agreements. Unable to dismantle the socialist-era trade unions, Finance Ministry tries to usurp some of the Histadrutís power.

Work time increased 20%, salaries 25%. Teachers will spend only 2/3 of the paid time for teaching, and discharge unspecified administrative duties for the rest of the time paid by taxpayers. 1.1 billion shekels only to implement the changes.

Jews will pay to migrants who were invited to work in Israel precisely because they are cheap. Welfare to migrants’ children comes when Finance Ministry cannot allocate enough funds to Holocaust survivors or for other worthy purposes.

Bureaucrats from the Education Ministry strike, disrupt matriculation exams to protest installation of a new computer system.

Interior Ministry and Postal Service office workers continue strike.

Histadrut trade union threatens a strike if the government fails to meet its demand for the retroactive wage hike of 10.4% from 2001 for 600,000 bureaucrats. As if they donít get enough bribes already.

Israeli band of trade unions Histadrut, a Soviet-era monster, again paralyzed Israeli economy over the wage demands. If government employees are unhappy with their salaries, they might quit and look for better-paid jobs, as all other workers do. Histadrut, however, blackmails the entire country. Israeli companies lose up to a billion shekels daily due to the strike, and common Israelis experience untold inconvenience. Ben Gurion airport will close down on Thursday due to the strike, and most government offices remain closed. Histadrut exempted the Defense Ministry from the strike.
Though monopolies are illegal and monopolistic extortion is a criminal offense, Knesset allows Histadrut to extort monopolistic profits ultimately at the consumersí expense.

Histadrut racketeering organization euphemistically called a trade union, ended the strike after Finance Minister agreed to meager wage increases: 1.5% in January and another 1.5% in December 2008, and 2% in 2009. The strike apparently was not about wages, but reasserting Histadrutís political power. Histadrutís previous boss Peretz was Israeli Defense Minister through he couldnít tell tanks from closed binoculars, and the current chief of Histadrut Ofer Eini also eyes political career.

Police announce it gathered enough evidence to convict former Finance Minister Hirchson for fraud, theft, and money laundering during his years at the helm of National Workers Union.

Ashdod, Haifa ports operate much below their capacity. Ships are routinely delayed for several days. Freight companies decrease the cargo turnover through Israel. In the contrast, Dubai Port Authority delivers containers to customers in Jebel Ali Free Zone forty minutes after the ships dock in Dubai port.

Secondary school teachers’ trade union demand 15% salary hike to begin with, and negotiations over further rate hikes. Israeli schools are a bastion of leftist brainwashing.

Striking Israeli teachers threaten to resign should the Education Ministry appeal their strike to the Labor Court. Farewell, I should say. A few hundred less leftists will be murdering the souls of young Jews.

Besides Annapolis, Israeli government is trying to hammer a peace agreement with trade-union of Israeli teachers. So far, peace negotiations failed, and the teachers continue the racketeering strike. Israeli education is some of the worse in the civilized world.

After the senior staff in Israeli universities ended its three-month strike by extorting generous kickbacks from the government in return for the lousy teaching, junior staff wants to follow the suit. Junior staff lacks the employment rights of the senior who deliberately built a barrier against newcomers, draining Israeli universities of young bright lecturers.

Avraham HirchsonFormer Finance Minister of Israel, former head of Israeli monopolist trade union Histadrut Avraham Hirchson, three other top officials of Histadrut are charged with stealing at least $1.5 million from the trade union. Hirchson and his accomplices forged and cashed checks.
Besides the stolen amount, Hirchson received huge benefits from Histadrut, including paid personal trips.

Tel Aviv stock exchange personnel demands 50% wage increase and another 50% annual bonus.

The incredibly corrupt trade union monster Histadrut revoked the major strike planned for July 1 after the Finance Ministry agreed to abandon the plan to substantially lower income and corporate taxes for all Jews while simultaneously closing Histadrut’s tax loopholes.

Mekorot is Israeli water monopoly. Mekorot monopoly status depends on antiquated legislation from the period of British occupation.
As usual, Mekorot extorts higher prices and wages by threatening to interrupt Israeli water supply.
It is politically correct to cut water to Jews, but Israeli government cannot decide on cutting water supply to Gaza.

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