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Ex-Mossad chief Danny Yatom should not have been in politics in the first place for the clear conflict of interests: at Mossad, he knew the information which, as an MK, he had a duty to tell the public.

Danny Yatom is Lev Levaev’s partner in the Angola diamond business. Danny Yatom uses his Mossad contacts for personal gain. In Angola, Levaev also cooperates with Russian KGB/ FSB.

Danny Yatom claims he left the Knesset due to its deteriorating morals. Sure, a Mossad chief is himself a beacon of morality.

After the Jerusalem terrorist attack, Kadima and Avodah parties agreed to the bill they have opposed just a day ago. Edelstein’s (Likud) bill would strip members of Palestinian terrorist organizations of Israeli citizenship. Kadima, Avodah initially opposed the bill in order to avoid alienating their Arab voters.
The bill violates human rights, as no one can be stripped of his citizenship.

The Knesset forms a commission for rehabilitating Palestinian refugees in the West Bank, Lebanon, and elsewhere. Though technically meant to resettle the fourth-generation descendants of refugees, the commission establishes a dangerous precedent of Israel agreeing to deal with the refugee issue – something which we had vehemently denied for decades.
An Arab-led UNRWA almost forcibly keeps the Palestinians in refugee camps to heat up the problem instead of helping them to resettle and move on with their lives.

The Knesset continues deliberations over a Basic Law which would require national referendum to cede any part of Israeli land. If approved, it would be funny to see Israeli Arabs voting on ceding the Golan Heights to Syria.
The law would realistically apply only to the Goland Heights and not Judea and Samaria which are legally occupied rather than a part of Israel.

and annuls their driving license. The draconian law applies to debtors who owe just $150 for a year.
There is no seventh-year debt release anymore.

Netanyahu has announced that if elected PM, he won’t conduct negotiations on the West Bank and Jerusalem. Really? And who signed the Wye River memorandum?
Shas’ Yishai screamed that he only wanted from Livni some money for ill children. That, and a billion for Torah scholars.
Peres called on the MKs to defeat any enemy. Elsewhere, he argues loudly against an Israeli attack on Iran.

MK Aryeh Eldad very reasonably called upon the leftist Attorney General Mazuz to indict Ehud Barak for abetting the enemy at war, after Barak opened the Gaza crossings for food supplies despite the barrage of rocket attacks from Gaza.
Laborites countered with the calls to charge Eldad with incitement. In fact, any normal Jew should go out into the streets and incite against Barak.

The entire government should be indicted for supplying Gaza—officially, “the hostile territory”—with water, fuel, and power.

Netanyahu the liberal has created a mammoth government of thirty ministers. That leaves just thirty-three coalition MKs for the Knesset work. The opposition numbers fifty-one MKs, which assures Livni’s dominance in the Knesset committees and in voting on routine bills when ministers don’t attend the sessions.

The Knesset coffee shop is due to be closed by the owners, who cite massive delinquencies. The MKs routinely attempt to bypass the cashier, ask for credit, and refuse to pay their bills. The total delinquency exceeded $100,000.

IDF arrested MK Ben Ari for trying to stop policemen from dragging four children from the settlement of Yitzhar. The teens were hurling stones at the Arabs. No Arabs were arrested for hurling stones at Jews.

The Knesset is discussing changes to the law which refuses Palestinian claims of property damage during military actions.

As the law stands, pro-Arab Israeli courts recognize as military actions only situations in which soldiers’ lives are in danger. Based on that ultra-liberal interpretation, Palestinians have filed hundreds of lawsuits in Israel against the state.

The changed law would recognize any operation in the West Bank as inherently dangerous, thus closing the loophole for Palestinian suits.

The proper approach would be to announce a state of war with the Palestinians and damage their property as much as is necessary to stop the terrorists.

In preliminary reading, the Knesset approved a draft which would recognize Sephardi Jewish emigrants from Muslim countries as refugees. Theoretically, this bill might allow Israel to treat the Palestinian exodus in 1947-48 as an exchange of population.

Nonsense. The Palestinians fled Israel before the Jews left the Muslim countries, so Israel will be guilty of provoking the “exchange.” The Jews fled third countries rather than Palestine, so there is no exchange.

The Torah’s solution is straightforward: the Arabs must be expelled, no exchange is necessary.

The bill is a sweet pill to Israel’s Sephardic voters, giving them a faint hope of restitution for their abandoned property.

The Knesset has postponed—and effectively withdrawn—a bill supported by animal rights groups which would ban fur imports from Asia. Female fur lovers were saved by ultra-Orthodox legislators whose constituency needs fur for traditional hats.

Likud, Labor, and Kadima MKs voted against a bill that would ban visits to terrorist prisoners until Hamas provides access to Shalit.

Unwilling to jeopardize the government’s cozy relations with Hamas and offend those parties’ Arab voters, the MK’s explained their shameful action by claiming that the ban violates Israel’s international obligations.

Lie. These international obligations are unenforceable, and have never been reciprocated by Hezbollah or Hamas. Moreover, the obligations apply only to POWs; Israel sentences Palestinian guerrillas as common criminals. They are not citizens of any state, and Israel’s treatment of its criminals is an internal affair. Yigal Amir, sentenced for the same offense as most terrorists, has been held in solitary confinement and denied visits for most of his incarceration.

Having created the largest government ever, with 30 good-for-nothing ministers, Netanyahu continues down that path. He guaranteed two new ministries and several deputy ministries to Kadima MKs who are ready to leave their party.

Netanyahu fears defections from Likud—whose many MKs are dissatisfied with his cowardly policies— and has to split Kadima, which could otherwise vote his government out.

Meanwhile, Kadima is trying to bring the Labor Party dissidents to its Knesset faction.

An electoral system in which people vote for long party lists populated by largely unknown candidates who then enjoy independence in the Knesset invites corruption.

The Knesset has overwhelmingly passed a bill which clears the criminal records of the Gush Katif protesters.

Sharon made mere disagreement with his disengagement plan a criminal offense, but most criminal records were accrued in real riots.

Arabs and Meretz opposed the bill.

The Knesset has adopted a law recognizing Jews who have fled Arab countries as refugees. Nice words, but unfortunately the Palestinians do not care about them. There is no chance that the Palestinians would formally forfeit their right of return to Israel, or their property claims, in exchange for Sephardi Jews doing likewise.

Rivlin derailed the proposed Knesset rule which would have stripped Arab MKs who visit enemy states of their immunity, arguing that the precedent of “trial by the Knesset” could be turned against the very right-wingers who proposed the legislation.

Rivlin added that such things have happened in the past, by which he could only mean the blocking of Meir Kahane from the Knesset. This is the first high-level confirmation yet that the state erred in persecuting the maverick right-wing rabbi.

As the years pass, Rabbi Kahane will enter the Israeli pantheon just like Avraham Stern, Yitzhak Shamir, and Menahem Begin.

The Knesset Committee on the Rights of Children is demaning an emergency meeting of parliament to protect Arab children against Jews. The MKs became concerned after a Jew hit two Arabs with his car who were throwing rocks at him.

In the words of Rabbi Kahane, it takes the Jewish form of AIDS, guilt, to pity two Arabs who tried to murder a Jew.

Arabs routinely throw rocks at Jews in Jerusalem. Police are powerless because courts sentence the young terrorists to three months at most. Jewish residents of mixed neighborhoods suffer from constant attacks.

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