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Israeli Supreme Court put the Katsav’s plea bargain on hold, required Attorney General Mazuz to explain why almost all charges were dropped. Mazuz cannot honestly tell the court that he trumpeted the charges some of which are patently false, others cannot be proven in court, and still others past the statue of limitations – to oust the President and clear his place for Shimon Peres.

Though the Torah exhorts justice and is silent on diplomacy, Israeli Supreme Court accepted the government’s argument in favor of transferring the four terrorists to Jordan. Israeli government argued that diplomatic considerations supersede justice. The four terrorists, convicted for life in Israel, will be jailed for no more than 18 months in Jordan and released.
Israeli government does not extradite Russian gangsters who serve sentences in Israeli jails.

Greece’s Foreign Ministry clashed with ousted patriarch of Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem Ireneus I. Jordan ousted Ireneus for his land sale to Jewish companies. Jordan, at peace with Israel, bans sale of land to Jews whom its law euphemistically describes as “non-Arabs.”
Israel’s Supreme Court will decide whether Ireneus was fired legally, and can reinstate him. This is the first time when Jews decide the fate of a Christian patriarch.

Tel Aviv court sentenced Ahsraf Keisi, one of the Arab residents of Israel, for the 2005 bombing of the Stage club. Oddly, the court found the Arab guilty of aiding an enemy in wartime. Wait, if Israel is at war with Palestine, why Israel sends them money and humanitarian aid instead of carpet-bombing the wartime enemy?

Hassan Yousef, Hamas’ leader in the West Bank to 4.5 years in jail only. The same court released Palestinian education minister who supervised anti-Israeli brainwashing of Palestinian children.

IDF built the barrier in question – 32 inches high – along the 25-mile route connecting settlements to prevent Arab terrorists from driving into the highway. During the hearing, judges screamed at the IDF representatives.

Sderot parents offended by Olmert’s refusal to heed the Supreme Court’s ruling that government must fortify every primary and secondary classroom in Sderot. The court’s order wildly exceeds the judicial capacity and is patently absurd in terms of the cost/benefit analysis.

Yoram Danziger is the second private attorney in a month appointed Israeli Supreme Court judge. Though somewhat offsetting the ultra-left bunch of the Supreme Court judges, Danziger has no experience whatsoever in criminal law. Danziger’s experience in corporate law is useless in the Supreme Court.

Police have long investigated Ashkelon mayor for corruption and, failing to find any evidence, recommended charging him with “election bribes” – a normal practice of offering his supporters municipal sinecures. If that’s a crime, send every Israeli politician to jail, since that’s what almost everyone does.
Roni Mehatzri was elected from the New Ashkelon movement, breaking Likud control over the city.

Jerusalem court catches on the government policy to keep arresting new terrorists while simultaneously releasing previously convicted terrorists. Jerusalem judge allowed ultra-Orthodox squatters to remain in the bankrupt Heftziba’ houses, but warned against any new squatting.

Jerusalem court prohibited banks from taking over 2,600 of bankrupt Heftsiba housing units sold but not transferred to customers, even though banks have them as collateral.
Real estate boom and rising prices keep many other fraudulent developers afloat.

Israel’s Supreme Court upheld the government’s ban on 16-35 year old Gazans to enter Israel. Ostensibly related to security, the prohibition is intended to punish Hamas.

Justice Minister Friedmann asserts he does not seek replacing the leftist president of Supreme Court, but only seeks to stem the tide of judicial activism and Supreme Court’s intrusion in political and military matters.
The Supreme Court strikes any law or government’s decision at whim. If the existing legal framework doesn’t allow for such judicial infringement, the court invents a suitable doctrine. The Supreme Court directs government and military policies.

IDF major who accidentally entered a friendly Palestinian town of Jenin on Monday and almost got lynched by the crowd of our Palestinian neighbors, is sentenced to a month in jail for violating IDF security regulations. No Palestinians are arrested in the connection with attempted murder.

The leftist Supreme Court ordered the IDF to remove security fence around Jewish town of Modiin to avoid harming Palestinians. The lunatic decision of the activist court is removed from reality: Israeli government always pays the Palestinians for expropriated land – in particular, the land necessary for the security fence. The government pays for the entire field even if only part of it is expropriated.
Israeli Supreme Court’s decision is a victory for Peace Now which fought the Modiin expansion project started by Heftsiba. Frozen investments in Modiin contributed to Heftsiba’s collapse.

The Arab Minister of Israeli culture announced that Israeli fighter jets entered Syrian airspace to take photos. That was treason – no charges files.
The Labor moron Peretz who doesn’t know tanks from closed binoculars announced that Israeli jets entered Syria on specific orders. That’s another act of treason, revelation of state secrets, also certain to go unpunished.

While Israeli government slowly negotiated with settlers over the outposts issue, the anti-Semitic Supreme Court demanded the government’s plan of eviction. The Supreme Court is a self-appointed bunch which long overstepped judicial limits. Israeli Supreme Court is internationally known as the most activist court in civilized world, entirely independent of Israeli laws and legislative review.
The Supreme Court remains unconcerned over the dozens of thousands houses Arabs illegally build on Jewish land, often on private plots belonging to Jews. Neither is the Supreme Court concerned with the strategic importance of hilltops which the outposts anchor for the Jewish state.

Mazuz forms a commission to investigate the 2002 deaths of 14 Palestinian civilians when Israel Air Force dropped a whopping one-ton bomb to kill Hamas leader in Gaza Salah Shehadeh.
Targeted assassinations have long proved inefficient and have little deterrent effect on terrorists. “Targeted” assassination with a one-ton bomb is probably a Guinness world record.

Israeli Supreme Court starts hearing on the petition by leftist Attorney General Mazuz against Jewish National Fund. Mazuz demands that JNF leases land to Arabs.
Though JNF received considerable land tracts from Israeli government free, it developed it with Jewish donations. Though Israeli government administers JNF, it remains a private organization.
Jordan, Palestine, and every other Muslim territory bars Jews from buying land.

Petah Tikva court ruled that the controversial Yom Kippur ritual of kapparot violates government’s animal slaughter rules. Nice to see a stupid judge from Petah Tikva settling the centuries-old religious dispute.

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