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Arab petition alleges the destruction of hundreds of Palestinian houses is war crime. Demolition took place in 2004 as Israeli army countered weapons smuggling from friendly Egypt into Gaza. Human rights group threaten to bring a case against Israel in international court.

The Administration must not spray disputed lands with chemical dangerous to Bedouins and animals. The Court’s Arab judge rules the Administration have no right to protect the land against Bedouin incursions.

In a rare decision, Jerusalem court acquitted Shmuel Yehezkel who shot an Arab. Israeli courts mostly sentence the Jews who kill or wound Arabs in self-defense. Yehezkel will not be reimbursed for defense costs. Police asserts Yehezkel had to shoot the Arab who drove at him in minivan; that makes an unusual driver because the Arab was shot in the back.

Court essentially sided with Olmert and Peres, allowed publishing sections of report only. Publication is not expected to add to the obvious: Israeli government and staff handled the war in the manner of peace activists. Portions of the report to be published could benefit Olmart’s image.

The man who has told the world about Israeli nuclear program in 1986, is convicted on 14 charges. Olmert, who likewise confirmed Israeli nuclear deterrent publicly, remains at large.

The highest Jewish court aims at establishing “universal values” (sharia is more universal than Judaism), tolerance (nationalist Jewish zealots will be sentenced), love of humanity (co-existence with Arab enemies), a “society that fulfills expectations of the founding fathers” (socialists like Ben Gurion, Rabin the murderer of Altalena, and Teddy Kollek the British agent). Beinisch moralized about “a society made up of good people,” opposed Jewish character of the State of Israel and any violence – including the “violence” of Jewish demonstrators. Beinisch called for more brainwashing of Israeli children in schools. Not a single time in her speech did Beinisch mentioned rule of law, being preoccupied with judicial activism.
There is some hope in Beinisch’ statements about “political turmoil” and “storm clouds.” Bad for Beinisch, good for the Jews.

Tel Aviv courts sentences an Arab to 7 years in jail for knowingly driving a Palestinian suicide bomber who later killed a Jew and wounded 55 more. That’s one and a half month for every wounded Jew.
Weeks ago, three Jews who unknowingly drove a suspicious Arab to Netanya where he blew himself, received 13-year jail term.
A Jew who drove his friend to shoot at the Arabs in Haifa in retaliation for Arabs’ lynching two Jews in Ramallah, was sentenced to three years.

Menachem Livni was convicted in 2003 for stopping an Arab truck which has illegally entered an Israeli security road.

Moshe Karadi, fired recently from the position of police chief, tries rapprochement with conservative Jews, claims Amona was a mistake on the police’s part. Karadi presided over brutal suppression of the Jews who opposed Israeli destruction of the Amona settlement. On Karadi’s orders, police forged a videotape of purported instruction to the troops to avoid violence in Amona. Karadi’s successors will be wary of beating Jewish right-wingers.
Karadi told the Jerusalem Post what every Israeli knows: that the ruling establishment frequently uses police for political witch-hunt, forces police to investigate innocent or dead-end cases to feed the political smear campaigns.

Tel Aviv sentenced ex-Justice Minister Ramon for forcibly kissing a girl, but ruled the act didn’t constitute public disgrace, a decision that would have banned Ramon from the office.
The allegation of kissing emerged after Ramon, then a Justice Minister, called to reform the leftist-activist-feminist Supreme Court.

Friedmann demands that rabbinical court which oversees conversion of Gentiles to Judaism also apply unspecified alternative law.
Friedmann’s position is thus to the left of even Conservative Movement in Israel.

Mazuz demands that Jewish National Fund, a non-government organization, sells land to Arabs. Mazuz insists on equality regardless of nationality. Mazuz instructed JNF to allow Arabs to bid for land plots in Carmiel. Arabs already constitute majority in many places in Galilee.
The issue is at the Supreme Court. The court ruled against the government Jewish Agency in a similar case, but Jewish National Fund is NGO. Many NGOs choose beneficiaries based on nationality and religion.
Supporting the Israeli reputation for political schizophrenia, the security agency Shin-Bet on the commission of the very same Mazuz informed an Arab rights group Adalah that Shin Bet investigates activities undermining the Jewish character of the State of Israel. Forget Adalah. Shin-Bet should arrest Mazuz for selling Jewish land to Israeli Arabs.

Justice Minister Friedmann follows the governments line, demands that the Knesset and government influence the appointment of Attorney General. The current procedure leaves the Supreme Court’s and Attorney General appointments entirely in the hands of legal activists. Previous Justice Minister Ramon was hunted down and displaced with allgeations of forcibly kissing a girl when he similarly sought to extend public control over judicial appointments.
Israeli Supreme Court reached many infamous verdicats, including the one that obliged Jewish Agency to sell land to Arabs.

Court found Eran Naim and Avraham Eliran guilty of “common assault,” a minor charge. Naim and Eliran tore the nostrils of Akiva Witkon who peacefully protested Gush Katif eviction. The policemen face up to two years in jail, but likely released on probation. More than a dozen other policemen who were videotaped participating in brutal beating of the Jewish protester in Ramat Gan went unpunished. Naim and Eliran were not taken into custody. The proceedings drug for more than a year.
Israeli policemen are routinely discharged and promptly given long sentences for being less than perfectly nice with Arabs.

Justice Minister Friedmann earlier sought the government appointing attorney general. Israeli attorney general is now appointed by left activists from the Supreme Court. The left-wing political establishment routinely uses attorney general for political witch-hunts. Previous Justice Minister Haim Ramon was sentenced for kissing a female soldier after he carped at the authority of Israeli judicial establishment.

Moshe Karadi ousted Niso Shaham, a Negev District police chief after Israeli TV broadcasted Shaham instruction to police troops to club anti-disengagement protesters at genitalia. Karadi, non-enthusiastic about the disengagement, was later ousted by leftists amid ephereal allegations. Shaham is eyed for promotion to Jerusalem District assistant chief.

Most have entered Israel illegally or violated their visa terms. Labor immigrants from Africa and Asia often live in Israel for decades and bring up many children whom the defenders of human rights want to stay.
Israel naturalizes seemingly the highest ratio of illegal immigrants among civilized nations.

Omri was sentenced for accepting illegal contributions to Ariel Sharon’s 1999 campaign. The leftist Attorney General did not charge Ariel Sharon in order to allow him to pursue the disengagement.

Israeli government mulls implementing an amnesty clause from a 2005 memorandum with Palestinians which stipulates that Israel is not to hunt down the wanted terrorists who renounced violence. Whether they committed crimes against Jews in the past, doesn’t matter. Nothing precludes Palestinian terrorists from both renouncing violence publicly and continuing terrorism secretly.

Olmert ordered the IDF, Border Police to enforce Israeli immigration laws against Sudanese refugees infiltrating Israel from Sinai. Hundreds of Blacks now live with socialists in kibbutzim.

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