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It’s easy: run first, take the government down later

Israel Beitenu (Lieberman) seems close to leaving the government to avoid the stain of being in the coalition which divided Jerusalem with Palestinians. As an alternative, Olmert works to bring United Torah Judaism party into the government – in the expectation that UTJ would swallow the divided Jerusalem and abandoning Judea and Samaria to Arab enemies.

Israeli government banned the IDF from arresting the Palestinians who killed two Jews near Hebron weeks ago. Instead, Olmert asked Abbas to arrest the assassins and keep them in Jericho prison, apparently as heroes.

Lieberman’s Israel Beitenu party quits the government amid the negotiations with Arab enemies over Jerusalem.

During the government meeting, Public Security Minister Dichter demanded that the IDF stops the Kassam rocket attacks completely regardless of Arab casualties. Barak condemned Dichter’s verbal attacks and said that the government should be united in such difficult times.

Shas’ leader Ovadia Yosef promised to back Olmert in the aftermath of Winograd report while Olmert avoids negotiating Jerusalem with Palestinian Arabs. It’s okay for Rabbi Ovadia to leave the Arabs Judea and Samaria so long as Shas receives state’s subsidies.

Maariv poll indicates that Israelis are finally coming to grips with common sense: 42% want Olmert to stay in power at least until the due elections. Olmert’s government evicted almost no Jewish settlers, gave nothing to Palestinians, fought a reasonable if politically unsustainable Lebanon war, and counters well the US diplomatic aggression. Ehud Barak has already demonstrated his willingness to give Arab enemies Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria (more than Olmert even discusses now) and Netanyahu reneged on his promises to pull out of Madrid and Oslo accords.

Barak lied to his voters when promising to quit Olmert’s government after the publication of Winograd report. Now that Winograd report exonerates Olmert and his popularity rose dramatically, Olmert in power becomes unacceptable to Barak. The longer Olmert stays, the better his approval ratings would likely become. At the same time, Barak looses his rating as he does nothing to stop rocket attacks from Gaza. Barak, therefore, has to unseat Olmert immediately to prevent further deterioration of Barak’s electoral position. Replacing Olmert with a weak nominee from Kadima is the best solution for Barak. His decision is expected over the weekend.

59 MKs approved Olmert’sresponse to Winograd report. The case is closed.

Israeli government’s failure to halt the continuing rain of Kassam rockets on Sderot puts pressure on Shas to leave the government. The persistent stream of information on the secret negotiations between Israeli government and Fatah over Israeli capitulation to the Arab enemy (“the peace process”) add to the pressure. In response to the recent revelation of such talks in Jerusalem Post, Shas promises to quit the government. To prevent Shas from living, a convicted sexual offender dubbed prime minister Haim Ramon announced that no more than a vague declaration of principles could be signed by the year’ end.
Even the renegades from UTJ would hesitate to replace Shas in Olmert’s government which works to divide Jerusalem with Muslims.
As public approval of Olmert improves, both Netanyahu and Barak show interest in early elections.

Former IDF chief of staff Dan Halutz denied the accusations of misleading Olmert’s government in the 2006 Lebanon war, and pointed out that that government included four former defense ministers (Shaul Mofaz, Shimon Peres, Amir Peretz, and Ben Eliezer). Indeed, the collective mind of four defense ministers led to Israeli strategic defeat in Lebanon.

Israeli government discusses fortifying Sderot’s public buildings. How about fortifying the ministers’ heads? A concrete shield would do.

Olmert defended the disengagement from Gaza where “30,000 soldiers defended 1,200 settlers.” The minimum number of Jewish evictees is 8,000, possibly up to 16,000. IDF soldiers – a much lesser number – guarded Israel rather than settlers, as clear now from the Sderot debacle.

Israeli embassies around the world will hold press conferences explaining that the Jewish state cannot sit quiet when thousands of rocket hit its south regions. The problem with Israeli propaganda is that the world cares not a bit about dead Jews.

Olmert announced that Israeli incursions in Gaza will continue, since “we are in the state of war.” That an incredible statement from the government which only half-heartedly recognized Gaza a “hostile territory” rather than an “enemy territory.” If we’re at war with Palestinians, then stop the peace talks and bomb them into the dust, no?
Olmert, smart as usual, laughed out Israel’s propaganda attempts, “Whoever thinks that TV speeches will silence international criticism, is wrong.” Very well, but why Israel stays in the anti-Semitic UN then?

Disproportionate, senseless Israeli attacks in Gaza have a single viable goal: making the foreigners to impose a sort of truce on Hamas. Hamas, for its part, long sought the truce.
Israeli Foreign Ministry announced that Israel considers re-occupying of Gaza. In strategic terms, that’s nonsense, as we’ve already tried occupying Beirut. But a government that even contemplate such a move shows incredible cynicism: just three years ago, Olmert pushed for disengagement at the cost of splitting Israeli society.
Israel effectively ended her operations in Gaza, probably temporary to allow Bush a conference with Jordan’s princeling Abdulla.

Haim Ramon demanded cutting off electricity and gas supplies to Gaza in response to rocket attacks. Government decided on a milder option of theatrical war, sending Jewish soldiers in Gaza for short, senseless incursions. A better option would be to cut water supply to Gaza.
Curiously, Hamon is a peacenick, ready to partition Jerusalem and give away Judea and Samaria to Arabs. The convicted sexual offender is eager to repress both religious Jews (on Judea and Jerusalem issues) and religious Arabs (Hamas).

or so he said to Ashkelon mayor. The government is not so resilient, and builds an immense underground complex for itself under Jerusalem hills connected by an underground road to Bein Gurion International Airport.

Leftist scumbag Tamir, Israeli Minister of anti-Semitic Education, visited Merkaz HaRav yeshiva to score some PR points in the wake of mass murder there. The crowd greeted her with “Murderer!” cries, at which point Tamir quickly escaped.
Tamir, one of the founders of Peace Now ultra-left anti-Semitic group, brainwashes Jewish students with “Arab are good neighbors” mantra, and flares Israeli Arab nationalism by teaching them that Jews took their land, if of necessity.

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