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At the ceremony at Beit Hanassi, Olmert warns of immense dangers facing Israel in the next few years. Olmert earlier ascertained that Syria won’t attack Israel and Iran is very far from developing a nuclear bomb. Olmert assured the participants he’s smart enough to create opportunities for Israel.

Itzik calls Palestinians “thirsty for battles and blood,” pursues peace.

Livni will continue in Olmert’s government despite demanding earlier that Olmert steps down.

Livni cooperated with IDF intelligence research’s Baidatz to end the war regardless of the IDF efforts to root out Hezbollah. Baidatz, alone among Israeli security heads, proclaimed a few days ago that Syria genuinely seeks peace with Israel and will not start war. Livni’s Foreign Ministry promulgates a similar view.

After Olmert has ordered to subsidize Holocaust survivors to the living minimum, Finance and Justice ministries scuffle over the definition of Holocaust survivor. Welfare bureaucrats want to include Russian Jews who have never lived under German occupation. Germany paid Israel reparations, but thousands of Holocaust survivors in Israel live below poverty line.

Israeli government ministers, wary of the blame Winograd commission put on Olmert for attacking Lebanon, refuse to authorize the IDF’s invasion of Gaza. Gideon Ezri rejected the invasion of Gaza because it would harm Arab civilians; that the Kassams harm Jewish civilians doesn’t concern Ezri.
Palestinians shower Sderot with Kassam missiles. Moderate Abu Mazen took no steps to stop the attacks.
The IDF, including Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi and OC Southern Command Galant push for invasion, warn Hamas becomes as strong as Hezbollah. Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia massively aid the Hamas. The IDF – its hands tied by the government – cannot even attack the well-known plants where the Palestinians manufacture Kassam missiles.

Roni Bar-On with no financial experience becomes the Finance Minister. Housing Minister Sheetrit received the Interior Ministry he has no clue about. Haim Ramon, convicted for sexual offense, becomes vice-prime minister. Yaacov Edri, previously a minister of nothing, receives Absorption Ministry with no aliyah in sight. Welfare Minister Isaac Herzog will control the media.

Despite the fact that Israeli government expected Hezbollah to target the home front even before the Lebanon war started, the government held a first meeting dealing with the home front issues only 18 days into the war.
IDF Home Front Command rejected the comptroller’s report, citing improved preparedness. Most shelters in Israel are not fit for prolonged use, and many are not usable at all.

A convicted sex offender Haim Ramon presses for a team which will negotiate with Palestinians. The team is to include Ramon, Livni, and Barak. Unhappy with Olmert’s slow progress in abandoning Judea to Arabs, his associates plan to take the matter into their hands.

Combining the horrors of Orwellian Big Brother state, Soviet state-run economy, Ottoman bureaucracy, and Persian nepotism, Olmert’s government added the 26th minister, Ami Ayalon. He will serve without portfolio until the government invents a suitable sinecure for him.

Tzipi Livni will address AHLC, calling for direct investments in the West Bank. Given the perspective of Israeli withdrawal and Hamas takeover, even Afghanistan seems a safer place for investors.
Livni will also meet Omanis for an insignificant discussion. Israel neglects relations with Oman – an unusually friendly Muslim government.

Olmert the tactical genius confirms that the Palestinians “are not ready” for the peace agreement and “have a long road” in front of them. Pressed between the American friends and Israeli leftist enemies, Olmert cannot refuse the peace process to Arab enemies, but feeds them with empty promises.

Jewish Agency’s boss Bielsky, a Sharon’s appointee, receives a Kadima’s sinecure. Bielsky is now included in Sareinu group of Kadima’s ministers. Olmert placates Bielsky after the government allocated small funding to alternative aliyah groups. The Jewish Agency wants to retain its monopoly over immigration and continue bringing Slavs and Blacks to Israel.

Israel’s Minister of Interior Sheetrit reiterated the need to end Jewish immigration to Israel. Besides the sensible points, such as not looking for any “lost tribes” or the Jewish Agency’s darlings – the Jews by great-grandfather, Sheetrit demands five-year residence in Israel before granting Israeli citizenship to Jews.
Sheetrit’s proposals are in line with other Israeli policies. If Jerusalem is partitioned with Arabs and Judea given to the Fatah scum, ending the Jewish immigration is logical. The Jewish state is finished off.

Israel’s Infrastructure Minister Ben Eliezer, a staunch supporter of evicting the Jewish villagers from Gaza, admitted the disengagement from Gaza was an error. It’s so clear, even ministers understand it.

Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni shocked the Knesset with the Kahanist platform: Palestinian state must be a place for Arab Israelis. That the very position for which Rabbi Meir Kahane was condemned as racist and banned from the Knesset. Expelling the Arab enemies from Israel is the only solution to keep Israel Jewish.
Kadima government seemed to have gathered its leftovers of Jewishness and moves to the right in fast forward tempo.
Meanwhile, Barak, true to his left-wing lunacy, did not issue a single building permit for the Jewish villages in Judea and Samaria. Thousands of Jewish families are trapped there without being able to accommodate their growing families.

According to Ehud Olmert, Annapolis peace conference is “a success in itself.” That’s a code phrase for “bug off, don’t demand anything from us.”

Israeli security government met ahead of Annapolis peace show. Barak lashed against Ramon for offering Palestinians too much. Ramon lashed against Barak saying that offering the Palestinians now half of what Barak had offered them in the 2000 would bring peace.

Speaking to the EU officials in Slovenia (a backwater European statelet), Israeli FM Livni rejected international involvement in the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. Dare she repeat that in Washington?

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