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Paz-Pines, who lost the Labor’s primaries, instructed his voters to turn to Barak in return – officially – for Barak’s promise to push Olmert’s resignation on Winograd report. Barak, then a prime minister, presided over the withdrawal from Lebanon which paved the way to the Second Lebanon War and Winograd accusations against Olmert.

Infrastructure Minister Ben Eliezer connected 175 Israeli Arab houses to electricity as a payoff for Arabs voting Barak in Avodah primaries. Electricity is virtually free for Arabs since Israeli government pays there arrears to avoid disturbances. Relying on Arab voters is an instance of treason by Barak, the Jewish State’s prime minister hopeful.

Katsav only perhaps raped a girl. Shimon Peres raped the entire country, and repeatedly. Peres is directly responsible for thousands Jewish “victims of peace process.” Peres engineered Oslo Accords and brought Arafat from exile to Gaza.
Semi-right presidential candidate Reuven Rivlin seeks support from Israeli leftists and Arab parties.
Israeli people have no say in election of president, who is appointed by Knesset through party machinations. Shimon Peres, corruptioner and machinator par excellence, naturally stands the best chance to win presidential elections. Peres needs presidential office to lobby for further Israeli withdrawals and concessions to Arabs while having none of prime minister’s responsibility.

The Labor’s quasi-communist Shelly Yacomovich supports Ehud Barak in Labor primaries. Yacimovich correctly reasoned that Avodah headed by Ami Ayalon stands little chance against Netanyahu-headed Likud. Ayalon is too right for Labor voters: he was cautious about disengagement from Gaza and respectful toward Jewish settlers, universally hated by the Left.

The Labor members elected one of the most non-electable Israeli politicians, Ehud Barak. Headed by Barak, the Labor is slated to lose national elections to Netanyahu’s Likud.

London Sunday Times, a semi-official paper for Israeli news leaks, published a piece on Tzipi Livni’s career in Mossad. Apparently, her job had something to do with hunting down Arabs (“terrorists”) in Europe, which he quit because of work pressures.
Livni would be unable to publish this secret information in Israel, but needs an informational boost for Kadima primaries.

The Labor Party joined others to support dissolving this Knesset. The bloc, theoretically, might gather 74 votes out of 120 in favor of reelection. The witch hunt signals the end of the last traces of law in Israel: the prime minister who is not even indicted on absurd, common charges is forced to step down by a bunch of no less corrupt crooks. Barak, Netanyahu, Lieberman – all of whom made riches from their civil service, who engage in the very same – more massive – violations of campaign financing as attributed to Olmert, are screaming him down. The Arabs and ultra-left Meretz scum joined the chorus, even though they represent infinitely greater threat to Israel than Olmert’s meager financial irregularities.
The move to dissolve the Knesset comes at the time when Iran is months away from developing a nuclear bomb. In fact, Iran will put the final touches to its nukes while Israeli political crooks would be busy with their election campaigns.
It remains to be seen whether Olmert will follow Barak and Sharon’s example and push with the peace process to gain support with the left – or would break the hell loose by invading Gaza and attacking Iran while still in the office. Olmert the great tactician, though, still can outmaneuver his opponents – to call them “political opponents” would be too charitable, indeed.

Kadima primaries will replace Olmert with Livni unless he persuades her to retract. Oddly enough, Olmert authorized primaries even though he is nowhere close to being indicted, let alone convicted.
It is rather unlikely that Olmert suffered a failure of nerves and decided to step down. One option is that he expects to devastate Morris Talansky on (or before) the July 17 cross-examination. With threat of indictment thus dismissed, primaries would no longer be required.
Two, Olmert might be dragging the things. Until the primaries, he can invade Gaza, attack Iran, and do other things which would make the election campaign impossible. He can also try garnering the left’s support for speeding up the Jewish national game of collective suicide, the peace process.
The hint seems to be in Olmert’s instruction to Hanegbi to prepare the primaries “quickly.” What does he mean by that, we don’t know yet.
Olmert’s approval of the primaries bought him a tactical respite: Barak withdrew the Labor’s support for the petition to disperse the current Knesset, which would have forced new elections in November. For Barak, the Kadima primaries are a face-saving measure: he does not support Olmert and is all for change, but there is no need for the elections because Olmert will step down after the primaries.

The majority for the bill to dissolve Knesset hinges on the Labor Party votes. It makes no sense to Ehud Barak to support the Knesset dispersion. Polls predict Likud 25-30 seats and Kadima 22-29 seats. Netanyahu would form the government with Kadima and Shas to the exclusion of Avodah and Barak.

Israel’s prime minister threatens to fire any ministers of the Avodah Party who vote for the bill to disperse the Knesset. Olmert’s move is reasonable: if the government is so bad that the Knesset has to be dispersed, how come those good ministers sits in the bad government? The threat targets Barak who would be left out of planning the Iran attack.

Avodah Party faction decided to support the dispersal bill in preliminary reading. The Labor ministers opposed the decision after Olmert vowed to kick them out from the government if they vote for its dispersal.
Olmert works frantically to bribe Sha$ and UTJ with subsidies to mega-families and money for ultra-Orthodox schools so that the religious special interests would oppose the Knesset dispersal.

Olmert the master politician reached the eleventh-hour agreement with Avodah. Kadima promised to hold primaries on or before September 25, and Avodah voted against the dispersal of Knesset.
The agreement assures that Olmert stays in power. When he loses in primaries – if he runs there at all – he will continue serving as prime minister until the end of his term. The primaries’ winner would scream bloody murder and attempt to stage putsch in Kadima, which Olmert reasonably expects to check. During at least a year between Kadima’s primaries and the next elections, Olmert will trash the winner irreparably in politics and public relations. Then he can leave politics – probably triumphantly after bombing Syria and Iran – or stage new primaries in Kadima in the hope to prevail that time.
For Barak, the agreement with Kadima is a face-saving measure. During his own primaries, Barak falsely promised to never join Olmert’s government, then switched to the promise of leaving the government after Winograd report. Polls show Avodah loosing mightily in the next elections, possibly leaving the coalition government altogether. As we wrote before, Barak couldn’t afford the Knesset dispersal and was sure to retract – as in fact he did.

In her bid for Kadima primaries, Livni shows off increasingly tough. Wait. She told Winograd Commission that she objected to attacking Lebanon in 2006. Today Hezbollah is stronger and Israel’s pretext for attacking it is weaker: how comes Livni has changed her mind?
Why the fuss about Hezbollah? The guerrilla group doesn’t significantly cooperate with Palestinians or threaten Israel. It legitimately fought Israeli troops to drive Jews out of Lebanon. Hezbollah only demands of Israel to return Lebanon the minuscule Shebaa farms, which Israel insisted on returning to Syria which doesn’t even ask for them, as the farms are a Lebanese territory. Today, Olmert confirmed his willingness to abandon the Shebaa.
In 2006, Livni prized herself with arranging the UNSC 1701 resolution which brought peacekeepers into Lebanon. As every analyst has expected, the arrangement failed miserably, and Syria and Iran rearmed Hezbollah mightily. The Lebanese terrorist group increased its 2006 arsenal of rockets thrice, to 40,000 pieces.
Livni is a good second-tier executive. Under able leadership she would work honestly and hard. In Mossad, she diligently hunted Arab terrorists in Europe but took no major decisions. Likewise in the Foreign Ministry she does good job but isn’t creative. In the run-up to the elections, she haphazardly tries to come up with police statements, and fall invariably.

The primaries, technically, don’t require Olmert to step down until the next general elections. Livni is slated to win the primaries by a wide margin.

to attack Iran as Kadima primaries on or before September 25 can force Olmert to step down, according to Kadima’s revised charter.
It is unfathomable that Israelis are so stupid as to give the Kadima scum another chance of ruining the country.

Olmert-supported Shaul Mofaz now trails Tzipi Livni in Kadima polls by only 2%, though it is possible that Mofaz campaigners skewed the poll results. One should be crazy to vote for Kadima, and Mofaz is as bad as it gets, but at least Tzipi is way worse.

Prime Minister of Israel Ehud Olmert announced he will not run in the Kadima primaries. With across-the-border opposition to Olmert, his Kadima successor would have no trouble forging a new government and replacing Olmert by the end of September.

Olmert might quit prematurely in order to pass the office to Mofaz and improve his chances in Kadima primaries. Presumably, an acting prime minister has better chance in primaries.

Olmert’s successor, be it Shaul Mofaz or Tzipi Livni, would be immeasurably worse than him. Of all the Israeli prime ministers during the last twenty years, Olmert was the only one who, through political intrigues, managed to give nothing to Palestinians and leftist defeatists.

Under Olmert’s government, Israel attacked Lebanon at the first pretext, though she had routinely swallowed similar kidnappings before. The results of the Lebanese war were as good as practically possible: Olmert could not occupy Lebanon, change its government, or carpet-bomb it. Military misdoings during the war were the Defense Minister’s and Chief of Staff’s fault, not prime minister’s.
Olmert quietly and courageously ordered attack on Syria, and did not use the operation for self-promotion as every other politician would have done.

Olmert firmly opposed irresponsible calls to invade Gaza, an operation certain to engage Israeli army in massive urban conflict with no chances of eradicating deep-rooted Hamas.

Despite the tremendous American pressure, Olmert did not dismantle any settlement or significant outpost. Under his leadership, settlements were enlarged and the number of outposts grew manifold.
Olmert presided over a robust economy.

He was a politician par excellence, intrigued and manipulated, gave promises to our enemies not meaning to fulfill them. He soothed Syria with peace negotiations after bombing it, and maintained perfect relations with the American administration even though refusing all of its demands de facto.
All the corruption allegations against him bore no charges, let alone convictions. His alleged financial misdoings were trivial and did not harm the country. Olmert had for long survived an incredible witch-hunt by some of the most corrupt Israeli politicians, including Barak. Stupid right-wingers and Jew-hating leftists joined forces against him, and misused police to that end.

Those who hunted down Olmert bear responsibility for bringing Livni or Mofaz to power.
Notable excerps from Olmert’s resignation speech are here.
Recent articles on Ehud Olmert: Olmert isn’t worse, Others are worse.

NU, NRP members seek to establish a single list for the upcoming elections. Their lame reasoning goes that a unified list can gather broad support from religious voters.
That is sheer nonsense. Israeli religious voters belong to various niche groups which refuse to intermingle or even interact. Ultra-Orthodox would never vote for a religious Zionist party. The Jewish National Front right-wing supporters would be taken aback by Meimad Party, a left-wing religious outfit.
Another strategy makes more sense. Each mid-sized religious party should run separately, fully tapping into its niche audience. Small parties which cannot otherwise pass the anti-democratic electoral barrier, have to unite. After the Knesset elections, all of them should cooperate on political issues without concerning themselves with theoretical religious differences.

saying the prime minister must have security credentials. For Barak, it’s working with Mofaz who security credentials are dismal versus Livni with no security credentials at all.
Barak also expects the Labor Party to come out a bit stronger in the elections if Kadima is lead by less popular Mofaz.

Polls indicate 71% of the votes to Livni versus 4% for Mofaz.
A good reason for Jews not to vote Tzipi.

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