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According to the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics, Arabs now constitute 53% of the population in the North. The ratio of relatively loyal Druze and Christians among Arabs continues to fall.

In demographic terms, Galilee is no less a Palestinian territory than the West Bank.

Unless we expel the Arabs.

The Public Security Minister has revealed figures on illegal immigration from Eritrea. The official figure is too low, and in any case reflects the temporary willingness of the Egyptian border police to combat the illegals.

Despite numerous promises, the government has failed to deport the Africans even though Egypt has signaled that it would accept them back.

The simplest solution would be to transfer the illegal immigrants to UNRWA refugee camps in Gaza. If they are refugees, let the UN task force deal with them.

In the Maagar Mochot poll, a whopping 61% of Israeli youngsters answered that Arabs should have equal political rights with Jews. Even among religious Jews, 18% went against halacha in welcoming Arabs into the Knesset.

Overall, about half of Israeli youth remain sane and reject the Arabs’ right to vote the Jewish state out of existence.

It finally dawned on Netanyahu that he should make his state Jewish before asking Palestinians to recognize it as such. But instead of troubling himself with banning homosexual marches in Jerusalem, leaven on Pesach, or work on Sabbath, he sided with Lieberman in approving an amendment to the Citizenship Law. Now every new citizen will be asked to vow allegiance to the “‘Jewish and democratic” state. Never mind that any normal Jew, be he religious or nationalist, must have a problem with a democratic state in which Arab and Jewish citizens have equal say. The law will demand the oath from new immigrants only, thus the Arabs are exempt.

Long gone are the days when people viewed an oath as a divine bond, one that they were literally afraid to break. An oath is just words. No sane person would have any trouble pronouncing such a phrase as a condition of obtaining Israeli citizenship, whether he believes in it or not.

Young Arabs in Israel throwing stonesAccording to the Central Bureau of Statistics, 38% of Israeli Arabs are younger than 14, as opposed to only 26% of Jews. That means a radical shift in the ratio of Arabs in Israel as those youngsters reach the voting age.

According to our figures, Arabs constitute 34% of Israel’s young.

Despite this situation, 44% of young women in Tel Aviv remain unmarried.

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, the birth rate is 2.8 among Jews and 3.7 among Arabs.
Jewish population growth is declining steadily, and has now returned to the level of the 1980s. Thus the demographic effect of aliyah is lost in the long term.

Israel youthIsraeli media are beating their collective chest over the recent Dahaf poll of Israeli Jewish youngsters. Surprisingly (to the journalists), 70% of the youth prefer security to democracy. Indeed, just 14% think that democracy is important, and 66% support right-wing parties.

On the other hand, only 33% support Israel as a Jewish state.

The picture is clear: decades of anti-religious brainwashing have made Israeli youth jingoistic. They value strength for the sake of it rather than as a means to maintain a Jewish state.

According to the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics, moderately religious Muslim women bear on average four children, while those with fundamentalist views have just three children. If true, the data reveals that unlike their Jewish counterparts, religious Muslim women have no goal to maximize child-bearing, which would mean that the secularization of Arab society works against Jewish demographic goals in Israel.

Meanwhile, atheist Jewish women bear 2.1 children, on average.

Palestinian family

A fresh batch of data from the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics: the average Jewish family comprises 3.5 people vs 4.9 among Arabs; 35% of Arab families vs 10% of Jewish families have six or more children, Jewish families average 2.3 children vs 2.9 among Arabs.

A mild scandal is raging over the Education Ministry’s approval of a textbook which describes the Russian aliyah in derogatory terms. Now, those terms are not entirely incorrect—by far, most Russian immigrants are far removed from Zionism and Jewish ideals (much like Israeli-born Jews) and made aliyah for economic reasons only. The textbook also raises the important point that many of them are Christian.

But more importantly, the textbook accuses the Russian crowd of hating Arabs. That is largely true. But unlike those media critics, we do not see such a statement as defamation. Rather, it testifies to normality of Russians, who simply hate those who hate them.

According to new data compiled by the Central Bureau of Statistics, the birth rate among Jewish families has increased to 2.97. That does not reflect the habits of the general population, but only the rise of haredi families in the population.

Arabs have much higher birth rate of 3.7, which is not dependent on their religious habits.

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