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Plans for new community, Ramat Arbel, scrapped. Arabs constitute majority in the Northern District of Jewish state.

Ethnic-blind Israel hosts 1,425,000 Arabs, 280,000 official Slavs and estimated 200,000 with fake Jewish papers, 70,000 migrant workers. The official number of 5,415,000 Jews must be reduced by at least 200,000 who forged birth certificates in Russia.

This week, for the first time since 1984, more people emigrated from Israel than immigrated into it. Since mid-1980s, Russian aliyah temporarily reversed the long-term trend where more people left Israel than came in. At least 500,000 and probably close to a million Jews emigrated from Israel, mostly due to insecurity, economic hardships and lack of job opportunities. Polls indicate 60 to 80% of Israelis sympathize with those who leave the country. Sohnut seeks to offset the trend by bringing to Israel non-Jewish immigrants and the people with a single Jewish grand-grandparent.

A third of the city’s population is Arab (Institute for Israeli Studies), almost twice the country’s average rate. Arabs from South Israel and the villages move into Jerusalem while secular Jews leave the “too religious” city. Suicide bombings made Jerusalem particularly unsafe. Poverty of its religious Jews and low level of municipal services add to the flight of Jews. Municipality encourages investment projects for non-resident foreigners, making neighborhoods into ghost communities and making the real estate unaffordable for Jews of moderate means. The government opposes Jewish settling in the predominantly Arab East Jerusalem.

Meir Sheetrit himself doesn’t live with terrorists and criminals the next door. Israeli Lands Administration director Ephrati supported the communities right to reject unsuitable applicants.

Import Christian Arab from the West Bank. Mayor Lupolyansky’s associate suggested to ease the restrictions on the Arabs who bring spouses from Judea and Samaria. The decidedly racist move would apply only to Christian Arabs. Christian Arabs, better educated than Muslim Arabs, leave Jerusalem for better jobs abroad.
The problem of Jewish demography in Jerusalem is exaggerated because many Jews who prefer living in Jerusalem suburbs are not counted as the city’s population. MK Katz (Likud) offered a fictitious demographic solution by counting nearby Jewish communities as part of Jerusalem.

Livni says, Palestinian state should be created so that Israel exists as democratic Jewish state. Livni means that if Israel annexes Judea and Samaria, their resident Arabs will vote in Israeli elections and democratically vote Jewish state out of existence. Livni ignores a right-wing solution of resettling the West Bank Arabs into Jordan.
Arab citizens of Israel constitute 34% in 0-9 age group.

Frantically seeking to prolong its existence after the Soviet aliyah ended, Jewish Agency brought 110,000 Ethiopians to Israel. This year, the Sohnut will bring the last Blacks from Ethiopia with the least claim of Jewishness. Jewish Agency has brought into Israel large numbers of Black Christians who claim descent from Jewish converts.
The Jewish agency’s efforts annihilated a millennia-old community of Black followers of Judaism and added to Israeli underclass a hundred thousand Blacks who would never be able to bridge a cultural and economic gap with Ashkenazi Jews.

Israeli government allowed 41 Arab refugees to “return” to Judea and Samaria in family reunion schemes. Another five million refugees are waiting to follow the suit after Israeli government established the legal precedent of return.

Israeli politicians universally reject the right of return for the Arab refugees of 1948 because Israel must remain a Jewish state. If, however, it is permissible to expel some Arabs (in 1948) to keep Israel Jewish, why isn’t it permissible to expel all Arabs now for the same purpose?

Despite the continuous assurances that 1.5 million Arabs in Israel pose no demographic threat, Israeli government decided to fix the status quo de jure, and requested that the Palestinian Authority recognizes Israel as Jewish state (as if we care about some Arabs’ opinion). Fatah refused, and its negotiator Erakat sensibly retorts that Israeli Jewish majority can call the country whatever it likes. Erakat implies, while the Jews are still the majority in Israel. Arafat and Ahmadinejad explicitly proclaimed the policy of taking over the Jewish state demographically.

The Knesset will hear a bill on increasing the marriage age from 17 to 18 years. Religious Jews bear children continuously through their life while Arabs bring up children mostly in their early age. The bill, therefore, would not significantly affect Jewish birth rate but will decrease the birth rate among Arabs.

Central Bureau of Statistics in Israel published devastating data: Arabs constitute 28% of Israelis under 17. The CBS avoids publicizing the data for under-9 age group: Arabs constitute 34% there. The situation is actually still worse, as the CSB counts Slavs with remote Jewish relatives as Jews. Such Slavs are estimated at 19% of the young population of Israel.

The traditional Jewish blessing was realized in an Israeli Arab woman, born in 1888 and still alive. Mariam Amash has over 250 great-grandchildren.
Talk of the demographic threat.

The Knesset approved in first reading a bill to give Israeli citizenship to at least 9,000 Ethiopian Christians who claim to be truly Jewish. Those 9,000 would then proceed to bring their extended families into Israel.
The bill is pushed by the Jewish Agency, others to justify their existence after the aliyah has ended.

Arab birth rate in Israel decreases to 3.9, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics.

Weeks ago, Internal Minister Sheetrit negotiated visa-free travel for Israelis to the United States. That move was a bit odd, as the government has traditionally opposed travel restrictions on Israelis, many of whom would gladly move to a less scary place.
Now we have learned that the Internal Ministry expects Arabs and non-Jewish Russian immigrants to make use of the new travel opportunities and leave Israel for illegal work in the United States.

After Likud accepted civil marriage for non-Jewish Israelis, Yisrael Beitenu vowed to continue the struggle to provide civil marriage opportunities to 200,000 Jews who wish to live with non-Jewish partners.

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, 34% of Jewish families in Tel Aviv lack children.

Average Jewish family has 1.5 children, and the number is much lower among atheists. Meanwhile, the average Arab family has 2.8 children. If the Arab birth rate is twice the Jewish rate, the ratio of Arabs to Jews in Israel will double within one generation.

Unless we expel them.

After numerous articles in the media, Tel Aviv police finally started planning to cleanse the central bus station of African illegals. Truthfully, there are many legal Ethiopian immigrants there, as well.

Jews are advised not to enter the bus station’s upper levels because of rampant crime there.

But what can the police do? The illegals have no passports, cannot be deported, and have every “human rights” group on their side. They will be released within a matter of days and return to terrorizing Jewish civilians, who are barred from using weapons against them.

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