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Treason doesn’t pay. Leftists provided Ariel Sharon’s family with informal safety net against criminal prosecution in return for Sharon’s disengagement from Gaza, but in the end Omri Sharon is sentenced to jail for trivial irregularities in funding election campaign.

Even though the ex-president’s action clearly signals his innocence, vindictive attorney general Mazuz promised charging Katsav with rape.

Israeli leftists orchestrated ridiculous allegations of rape against Moshe Katsav to clear his place for the infamous Shimon Peres. According to the silly allegations, the girl continued working for Katsav after he raped her on two occasions.

Jewish hero who sought to execute Rabin filed a petition asking for the right to meet his extended relatives. The judge ordered the Penitentiary Department to clarify Yigal’s status, stating that the terms of his imprisonment are so bad they cannot be possibly worse.
Even the Knesset does not believe that Yigal Amir killed Rabin, as it has passed a law a month ago revoking the statute of limitations for killing a prime minister (it is still okay to kill a minister). The law opens the way for new investigation, presumably against Shimon Peres.
Yigal has already spent in jail more than most Arab terrorists. Unlike them, he is not waiting to be exchanged.

New charges against Olmert involve accepting bribes from a Jewish American businessman. All earlier charges against Olmert proved to be a fiction, with police unable to bring up a case against him.
Leftists are exceedingly dissatisfied by Olmert’s staunch refusal to abandon Jerusalem and Jewish settlements in Judea to the Arab enemies. As usual (e.g., with Sharon) leftists use trumpeted-up police investigation to push politicians into acceding to defeatist policies.

Just about every leftist scum in the Knesset who should be jailed for treason, lambastes Olmert over the still-unclear new investigation. From what we know so far, the affair is a credibility contest between a murky Jewish American businessman and the prime minister of Israel. The businessman claims he have passed to Olmert large amounts of cash, which is unlikely given Olmert acumen and law degree. The cash was reportedly collected in America for Olmert’s political campaigns in Israel dating as far back as 1999. Every Israeli political party collects money abroad.
The leftists attack Olmert with new charges as they are dissatisfied with his dodging of the giveaway of Jerusalem to Muslims.
In the time when we need Israeli prime minister to concentrate on attacking Iran, bugging him with the alleged transgressions of 9 years old is a stupid thing to do.

The court-imposed gag order allows leftists and the police to attack Olmert over undisclosed crimes while leaving him no opportunity to defend himself. Outrageously, leftists (with honorable exception of the corrupt Ehud Barak) call on Olmert to step down amid the investigations when even the charges remain unknown.
Even Yishai, the religious hypocrite from the Shas Party, supports Olmert, asking the fellow MKs to end the so far completely unfounded accusations against the prime minister.
What’s the point of keeping the information secret from the public, if all those involved know it intimately?

The details of Olmert’s probe became clear. Morris Talansky, a renegade American Jew, allegedly contributed to Olmert’s mayoral campaign. Morris (Moshe) Talansky, a 75-year-old rabbi, turned the state’s witness against Olmert. The affair is a credibility contest between the prime minister of Israel and a shadowy businessman.

And Talansky is a truly shadowy figure. He runs investment business from his house near New York, a company named Global Resources. Talansky once invested in Israeli satellite company ImageSat of Israel Aerospace Industries – and then sued it for over $6 billion for refusing to rent spy satellites to Hugo Chavez with whom Talansky’s partners are apparently close.

Talansky is an oddly active political campaign contributor. He has a habit of making micro-donations of less than a thousand dollars each to scores of American politicians and causes, including Bush, Giuliani, Clintons, etc. Helene Talansky handles some of his meager charities, such as semi-dead New Jerusalem Foundation. Other shareholders of Talansky’s Global Technologies company are similarly active micro-donors.

The case seems clear: a dirty businessman with maniacal desire for political involvement helps the leftists to besmear Olmert.

Olmert’s long-time friend and fellow attorney Uri Messer reportedly cooperates with the police investigation against the prime minister regarding the American donations. The money in question were not Moshe Talansky’s but collected by him. It is unknown what part of the money Morris Talansky has pocketed. Thus, Talansky received $90,000 kickbacks as a salary in 2004 for collecting donations for Shaarei Tzedek Hospital. He is not donating his own money for the last decade.
Morris Talansky allegedly passed the money either directly to Olmert or to his secretary Shula Zaken. The funds were to be used for Olmert’s mayoral and the Knesset elections. Both Olmert and Shula Zaken passed the funds to Uri Messer to be spent for campaign purposes.
The transaction is technically illegal, but just every political party and figure in Israel collects unaccounted cash from foreign donors for political purposes. Olmert is also accused of appropriating part of the collected funds for himself. Even if true, that’s also a standard practice among Israel establishment and indeed in every country. The Knesset hypocrites who bring in tons of cash from American donors slammed Olmert for accepting money from Talansky.
Outrageously, the Likud MK’s demand ousting Olmert amid the investigation. It’s not even an issue of “innocent until proven guilty,” long forgotten in Israeli trial-by-media. Olmert isn’t even indicted, and the accusations are murky. But Olmert accepted money collected by Morris Talansky specifically for the Likud! Olmert used the money for Likud election campaigns in Jerusalem and the Knesset.
There are no hints whatsoever that Olmert did anything improper in return for the money.
The statute of limitations for campaign financing crimes had passed.
Uri Messer’s cooperation with the police investigation to implicate Olmert is unlikely, as there is just no reason for Messer to do so. The case would entirely hinge on his testimony, and why would he implicate both himself and Olmert? It is much easier for Uri Messer to deny any wrongdoing as did Olmert during a short press conference following lifting the gag order.
Uri Messer is married to Deputy Attorney General Davida Lachman-Messer, hilariously in charge of tax and corporate matters, the very field of Uri Messer’s purportedly illegal activities as an attorney. That makes is easier for Attorney General Mazuz to press Uri Messer to testify against Olmert.
We received a yet unconfirmed report of Uri Messer suffering an odd traffic incident. A sensible insurer won’t make a policy on his life now.
Rabbi Morris (Moshe) Talansky

Though the investigation against Olmert remains less than clear even for investigators, the main lines of accusations are now evident:

Olmert received money from Jewish American businessmen including such prominent figures as Sheldon Adelson. The money may or may not be tight to Olmert and Likud’s immediate election-time needs. If that is a crime, every Israeli politician should be in jail.
Olmert asked Sheldon Adelson to consider business cooperation with Talansky, a minor supplier for Adelson’s casinos. Such requests are abundant in the Jewish world. Olmert received no money specifically for that favor. Morris Talansky has other business contacts with Adelson besides Olmert, such as Itkis family. Critically, Talansky never paid his own money to Olmert, but only collected funds for him from Jewish Americans including Adelson. It would be odd for Morris Talansky to bribe Olmert with Adelson’s money to procure a favor with Adelson.
The police also revives an old case against Olmert for subsidizing a factory represented by his friend attorney Uri Messer. Just every Israeli minister likewise provides subsidies for his cronies.
A very warm meeting between Bush and Olmert suggests that Olmert won’t be indicted. It is unlikely that the US president would implicate himself by hugging a soon-to-be-convicted criminal.

The police brought a star witness in the interrogation of a rich American Jew Daniel Abraham: the taxi driver claims to have witnessed the transfer of envelopes full of cash from Abraham to Olmert.
Really, the mayor of Jerusalem accepts bribes personally, on the street, in the taxi, in many envelopes.

During today’s hearing on Olmert-Talansky affair, state attorney accused Olmert of accepting “envelops with cash” from Talansky. Therefore, only trivial amounts of money are in question. Never mind that every politician, in Israel and abroad, accepts unregistered donations; they are not elected to be saints.

The bribery allegations against Olmert now include his request to an Israeli diplomat in Latin America (not Olmert’s subordinate while in the Ministry of Trade) to assist Talansky’s business there. The country in question is possibly Venezuela.
So what crime is that? It would be great if Israel’s ministers start promoting Jewish businesses abroad.

in Jerusalem after the attempted break-in failed. Guess by whom.

Months ago, Talansky assaulted an 83-year-old dentist Mr. Barashic in New York.

Ultra-left sham of an MK Zehava Gal On lashed against the bill which would allow Israelis unrestricted use of firearms against potentially violent robbers. The bill is meant to protect Jewish farmers against the incessant Arab attacks. Gal On declared that the bill allows shooting innocent people; indeed, it is no big guilt for Arabs to rob Jews.

The Dromi Law allows Israelis to open fire at any reasonable intruder into their home, business, or farm area. The law is dubbed after the Jewish farmer who shot a Bedouin robber last year.
The bill, nice as it is, runs against the commandment which prohibits killing robbers in daytime. The commandment wouldn’t apply to an armed robber, dangerous to the owner.

Haifa University study puts he number of murders in Israel at 2.3 per 100,000 of population, compared to 7.5 in America. Israelis have more automatic weapons per capita than Americans. The crime rate is still lower in the settlements, where the residents are most heavily armed.

The fourth and supposedly final interrogation lasted almost 3 hours instead of the planned two. Before the interrogation, the police spokesman told they only need to verify Olmert’s signatures on bills and similarly mundane issues – which couldn’t have taken 3 hours to confirm.
Olmert, for his part, was saying that he has perfectly good explanations for double-billing, and the old fox was indeed likely to invent a plausible explanation for his petty wrongdoing.
Let’s wait a short while for the leaks.

Police spokesman bragged before the previous interrogation that they need only a few minutes to verify Olmert’s signature on the bills. Then, the police had spend three hours instead of the planned two. Still, police accused Olmert of stalling interrogation.
After the leftist Supreme Court ruled that Mazuz can dethrone Olmert should he duck the investigation, police arranged today for a surprise interrogation which lasted for hours.
The case against Olmert is apparently not that strong.

An official in Sarel IDF volunteer program revealed that 14 years ago Olmert requested him to cover his $2,000 expense for traveling to New York and speaking at the organization’s fund raiser.

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