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Ibrahim Mustafa of Jedidah drove into the car of a 30-year-old Jew from Carmiel head-on.

Palestinians from Gaza robbed a Jew in his Tel Aviv apartment, tied him and left to suffocate slowly. Israeli court downgraded the initial murder charge. Jewish prostitute abetted the Arabs.

In Ramat Gan, plainclothes police stopped a car with gangsters planning to assassinate mafia boss of Alperon family.

800 Arabs will be sent back to their Palestinian Autonomy to enjoy independence from Israel.

Two more Arabs confessed of gang raping Jewish girls, even 13-year-old. Though the Arabs’ crime was proven with DNA analysis, the prosecution “saved the court’s time” by signing a plea deal with the scum. The Arabs will receive greatly reduced jail terms. It is a policy of Israeli “justice” to treat Arab crimes against Jews with compassion.

Police arrested a criminal boss Yaakov Alperon for tampering with a Tiberias tender for developing a Lake of Kinneret beach. Alperonís people allegedly threatened municipal employees by publicly cursing them.

Following the degradation of Israeli political establishment, crime syndicates also went low. Israeli police busted two criminal syndicates for over-reporting the number of recycled bottles.

Police intercepted Ecstasy shipment in Haifa of a million pills.

Haifa court sentenced two rapists to 4.5 years, and others to lesser terms down to six months. Two rapists are acquitted.
Meanwhile, Tel Aviv court sentenced Likudís ex-MK Naomi Blumenthal to 8 months for trivial offense of paying Likud activistsí hotel expenses.

Years ago, Beilin fragrantly broke Israeli law on collaboration with enemies, meeting Abu Mazen in Cairo to secure Arab votes for Rabin in exchange for Oslo concessions. Days ago, Beilin committed a similar crime by contacting Hamas through Norway.

Advisor to Dan Naveh, government secretary in Netanyahuís cabinet, is arrested for multiple house burglaries.

Israeli inmates beat the arrested Neo-Nazis held in Ofek prison.

The usual suspects: Olmert, Ramon, Barak, Lieberman – top the newly released Israeli corruption index which measures public perception of the government corruption. Livni, the model of honesty, comes out poorly: only 46% of Israelis believe she is honest. The real corruptioners, Peres and Beilin, evaded the top ranks of the corruption index even though they appropriate hundreds of times more money than Olmert. Peres and Beilin, moreover, receive money from the EU, which amounts to high treason, while Olmert is merely involved in shady apartment sales.

Hapoel Holon baseball team fans prepared to sabotage the coming game with hundreds of fireworks. Police raided the houses of baseball fans, confiscated firecrackers and Sony Playstations.

The policemen set explosives under the Nahariya’s mafia boss car and at his relative’s house with the intention of frightening the gangster who otherwise operates with impunity. Why cannot Israeli police just kill Michael Mor, making the world a better place?

Haifa court sentenced four Arab serial rapists to 9 to 21 years in jail.

17-year Arab murdered Israeli prostitute in Beersheva over the dispute whether her services cost 100 or 150 shekels.

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