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Israel’s State Comptroller Lindenstrauss complains to the Knesset that Shimon Peres’ (presidential) office refused disclosing its financial affairs, which are doubtlessly dirty.

Lev Levaev’s Africa-Israel corporation is engaged in numerous construction projects in Jerusalem.

As a result of his indictment on less-than-rape charges, former Israeli president Katsav will lose about $300,000 of annual benefits. Top Israeli officials receive that much in pension benefits.

Ex-business consultant Netanyahu filed a libel suit against Israeli TV station which implied that he fled to London during the 2006 Lebanon war where he spent more than $30,000 of public funds in six days on personal matters, such as $1,300 for laundry. Netanyahu objects on two technicalities. First, he conducted some kind of pro-Israeli propaganda in London – presumably, in the hotel bar where he left $1,000+ bill. Second, his expenses were paid not by the Israeli public, but by the Diaspora Jews. Next time you think of donating to your local Jewish organization, ask if they plan to invite Netanyahu, all expenses paid.

Israel’s major gas pipeline from El Arish to Ashkelon won’t be able to supply the required volume of natural gas. The damages amount to $500 million. Obviously, the idea was to make the pipeline narrow in order to build yet another pipe, just as with Ashdod-Ashkelon pipe: it, too, was built too narrow and eventually augmented by the underwater pipeline.
Israel gave El Arish gas field to Egypt under Camp David “peace” treaty, and Ashkelon offshore gas field to Fatah under Barak-Lieberman-Arafat deal.

Ruhama Avraham suspected of illegally aiding an agricultural company which paid for her trip to the US and Europe.

Israel State Comptroller prepared the largest-ever report on government’s misdoings.
Shimon Peres as the Galilee and Negev Development Minister collected one billion shekels of private donations in 2006 for rebuilding Israeli north after the rocket attacks – but Lindenstrauss found no traces of that money. Presidential elections are not cheap, apparently.
State Comptroller points out massive corruption and inefficiency in Livni’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
Israeli government brought 140,000 Ethiopians, mostly Christians, into the country, but does nothing to assimilate them into Israeli society. Those rootless immigrants turn into criminals.
Even the State Comptroller is concerned with dwindling discipline in Israeli schools and its effects on deteriorating education.
The government fails to stop infiltration by African migrants into Israel, and at least 5,000 of them claimed refugee status (only 0.4% of them were recognized as refugees).
Lindenstrauss addressed a notorious problem of prefabricated houses the government purchased for the 1990s immigrants from the USSR. The prefab houses are junk, unsuitable for living, purchased at inflated prices. The government spent a quarter of $40 million earmarked for repairing those houses for court expenses.

At the most, Olmert diverted some campaign donations for personal use. That is the common practice among politicians, and the line between campaign and personal expenses is often blurred.
But the critical criterion of bribe is the misuse of official position in return for payment. Olmert is not reported to have made any favors to Talansky at Israel’s expense.
It is ludicrous to speak of Olmert’s embezzlement of campaign donations after, say, Barak and Lieberman gave the Gaza offshore gas field to Arafat to pass it to British Gas in circumvention of Israel’s tender regulations.

Police interrogated mayors of Sderot, Petah Tikva, Ramat ha-Sharon on various criminal charges.

Knesset Member Tzahi Hanegbi is singled out for prosecution for political appointments. Israel is plagued by this practice. In the Histadrut trade union enterprises, 40 to 80% of administrative posts fall to relatives of the bureaucrats in place. Typical Jewish clannishness in conjunction with socialism and corruption turned ugly.
Hanegbi, as a Minister for Environment, appointed many relatives and children of fellow Likudniks (he’s now in Kadima) into the managing positions. According to Hanegbi, he somehow thought it was good that children of Likud bosses wanted to join civil service. Of course, they wanted sinecures rather than service. So Hanegbi now faces a choice of being convicted for fraud or stupidity.

Shmuel Levi, Barak’s campaign manager in 1999, walked into the police office and revealed criminal details of the Labor’s campaign. According to Levi, he received cartons full of money to bribe voters and influential figures.
The revelations are orchestrated by Olmert who employs Barak’s election chief, Levi’s friend, as an adviser.

because Gaydamak can use possibly use the media for political purposes.
All large parties have their nominees in the public media and use them extensively and free for rabid self-promotion during election season.

Police investigates Israeli prime minister on receiving donations from multiple sources to pay for the same trips. Olmert allegedly pocketed the difference.
It remains unclear what that has to do with public interest. Whether Olmert used donations for his trips or clothes, state prosecution has nothing to do with that as no damage to the state has occured.
Though the private sources include institutions such as Yad Vashem and Simon Wiesenthal Center, they were wrong to finance Olmert’s trips in the first place, in clear violation of their charter.
The investigations against Olmert have long exceeded the boundary of idiocy. Hunting the prime minister with irrelevant allegations at the time of Iranian nuclear crisis constitutes sabotage. Ultra-leftist Peres-Beilin-Mazuz establishment want to force Olmert on his knees just as they did to Sharon before the Gush Katif withdrawal. Upon retiring, police chief Moshe Karadi confirmed that Israeli police is routinely used for politically motivated investigations with no prospect in the court.
It is so absurd to listen about Olmert’s corruption from Israeli media which are only interested in scandals and lack any concern for the Jewish state, or from the politicians who play the ultimate corruption of pandering to Israeli Arab voters.

during the five-day examination by Olmert’s lawyers. Talansky is shown to lie on every issue, invent the facts, and guess wildly.
The only remaining accusation is Talansky’s guaranteeing Likud’s $300,000 loan in Jerusalem municipal elections, a common and minor transgression by Israeli political standards.
Even so, Kadima braces for primaries to remove Olmert.

Despite the numerous announcements of a ready indictment, police interrogated Olmert for the sixth time, for 3.5 hours over Talansky and the Investment Center affairs.
Talansky, charged in the US, has refused to testify in Israel. As for the Investment Center, the tough Israeli State Comptroller investigated the allegations and found mere conflict of interest which is not a crime. If everyone who ever had a conflict of interest were dismissed from the government, only janitors would be left there.

Lindenstrauss dug out an old 2004 Aquaria affair where a group of corrupt American businessmen sought Israeli government’s funding for a moribund amusement park project near Eilat. Olmert, sure enough, pushed for the Aquaria – but so did other ministers, particularly of Tourism, Internal Affairs, and Israeli Lands Administration.

Olmert’s seventh interrogation centered around the old story of him buying a family house in Jerusalem below the market price. That investigation was previously abandoned because Olmert, then a mayor, did not reciprocate the seller (a contractor) with any illegal privileges but merely expedited his lawful request.
The widening scope of investigations indicates that police fails to bring solid charges against Olmert on Talansky’s affairs and heaps weak charges in the hope of a plea bargain.

Olmert’s wife, an ultra-leftist named Aliza, inspected a number of properties. Not a bad deal for a man who couldn’t pay his hotel bills without Talansky’s assistance. Is this a bonus for leaving the government?

The Israeli Finance Ministry approved a $50 million aid package to start-up companies. As the procedure for receiving subsidies is daunting, only those with good connections in high places are practically eligible.
The earmarked amount is way too small to keep the companies afloat during the crisis, and will mostly serve as a conduit for kickbacks.

The leftist establishment is keeping pressure on Olmert with fake investigations, as it did with Sharon, Katsav, and many others. Despite promises to bring charges, none have been filed against Olmert. After the fourth interrogation, police claimed their case against Olmert was solid, but here’s the eleventh deposition.

This time, Olmert was questioned in regard to political appointments in the Ministry of Trade. If that’s a crime, then every Israeli prime minister, all ministers, and most MKs belong in jail.

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