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Ministries need not announce tenders for purchases under $1 million anymore.

JA failed to provide records of expenses. JA claims Gaydamak breached the agreement.

Brainy treasurer deposited forged checks into her mother’s bank account. Police discovered the fraud just in time when Kadima needed to discredit Netanyahu.

If not with corruption, Olmert should be charged with stupidity. How the PM hoped to keep a so evident bribe secret?

Cowed down by corruption allegations and Winograd report, Olmert signals the left he’s ready to follow their agenda. On Tuesday, Olmert asked Peretz for a plan to destroy the “illegal” Jewish settlements, outposts. The leftist appointee Olmert-baiter Mazuz triumphantly announced the change in government policy about the settlements. Ariel Sharon was provided a “safety net” against corruption allegations in exchange for withdrawing from Gaza.

Honorary PhD requires no scientific achievements. Marc Rich was on the run from the US justice for decades for illegal oil and arms dealings with Iran. Clinton pardoned him for alleged $5 mil bribe just before stepping down from the office.

While all Israeli politicians and bureaucrats targeted by Attorney General’s politically motivated baseless investigations bow down to Mazuz, non-affiliated Gaydamak could afford to speak out because he derives his income from Putin’s Russia. This time, Arkady Gaydamak published an ad in several newspapers which demands that Mazuz files charges against Gaydamal or leaves him alone. Speedy investigation and trial is a basic human right under the European Convention on Human Rights.
Despite the government’s pressure and offering of “fine resorts,” hundreds of Sderot residents choose to live in Gaydamak’s tent camp in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv rose from the 24th to 17th place in Mercer’s list of the most expensive cities in the world.
Incredible regulation, taxation, corruption, and bureaucratic red tape made a major Jewish city too expensive to live in.

A World Bank report lashed out at the Palestinian deal with British Gas company to develop the offshore gas field near Gaza. Ehud Barak gave the field – the only viable field in Israel – to Arafat with the understanding that Arafat would concede it to the British Gas. Barak thus circumvented the tender process which was required to sign the contract with British Gas when Israel owned the gas field. The amount of kickbacks to Barak is estimated in millions of dollars. Avigdor Lieberman also partook in the corrupt deal.

Police accuses Sderot mayor of channeling the aid funds to contractor cronies. Sderot municipality abrogated the tenders and arbitrarily awarded contracts ostensibly to speed up the enforcement of Sderot’s buildings.

Arab media clam that French intelligence asked Mossad to refrain from kidnapping Hezbollah’s top brass visiting France for talks. Reportedly, Jordan and some Israelis warned the French that Mossad is going to kidnap hostages to exchange them for kidnapped IDF soldiers Regev and Goldwasser. The story may reflect Hezbollah leaders’ fear to leave the safe haven of Lebanon, but if true, it exposes a major mole inside the Mossad who passes information to Israeli leftist politicians and Jordanians.
In another possible leak, Palestinian Assenara newspaper claimed that Israeli security cabinet authorized assassination of Hamas’ Haniyeh.

Israeli police opened investigation into voting fraud surrounding Barak’s elections in primaries. Barak was elected on Arab votes in isolated villages. The Labor’s election committee chief requested the probe.

Fraud Squad raided dozens of locations in search of documents incriminating Ehud Olmert. Israeli police, staffed exclusively by leftists from the mid-level and up, routinely blackmails Israeli politicians with phony charges. The family members of Ariel Sharon were charged with corruption to make Sharon do the left’s bidding and destroy Jewish villages in Gaza. Now Peres & Co blackmails Olmert.

In order to finance the Fatah gangsters, Peres and Abbas signed an agreement to establish industrial zones in the Arab-occupied Judea. Industrial zones are the Peres’ favorite way of money laundering. His peace foundation receives grants for business development, which are happily stolen. Peres similarly invested in Gaza through his own foundation before transferring the money in the excess of $40 million to a Canadian front company which was supposed to invest in Gaza.

According to the Treasury’s Zelekha, they don’t even pay taxes. Just like the Israeli Arabs.

Israeli quasi-socialist state companies are a stereotype of inefficiency, corruption, and trade unionism. Israel State Comptroller reports widespread nepotism, with figures of corruptly appointed officials ranging from 13% in Railway Department to 44% in the sea port of Ashdod.

Peres Peace Center is a well-known money laundering establishment which launders hundreds of millions of dollars in European grants to Arabs and the peace process. The peace center’s offshoot issued a “study” asserting that solving the Arab refugee problem would cost up to 85 billion dollars. That’s $40,000 per “refugee” or $300,000 per average family in the Palestinian refugee camps. In reality, given ten percent of that amount, they would abandon the refugee camps and settle the moon.

According to State Comptroller, the number of pupils in ultra-Orthodox schools grew by 141% from 1992, while in the same period enrollment in state schools increased by mere 3.6%.
The Comptroller also noted the total lack of control over the school construction funds allocated by the government to haredim.
Oddly, the Jewish State’s Comptroller is also concerned about the supposedly inadequate school facilities for Israeli Arabs. Any number of schools is too much for the future terrorists.

Israeli investigative journalist Yoav Yitzhak published secret police materials concerning numerous criminal investigations of Avigdor Lieberman. Concerning his meeting with PLO leadership to lobby the interests of Jewish mogul Martin Schlaff, Lieberman testified that it happened after he left Likud and before forming his own Israel Beitenu party.

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