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In a speech to the Knesset Foreign Affairs Committee, Olmert’ reiterated his readiness to withdraw from most of the West Bank. Olmert’s position is sensible – Israel cannot keep policing the Palestinians forever – but will surely create another safe haven for Palestinian terrorists, like the one formed in Gaza after Israeli withdrawal. Absent of IDF troops, Hamas will likely stage a coup in the West Bank, as well. Olmert conditioned his plan on the unlikely event of the Palestinians observing their Road Map security commitments.
The communist scum Yossi Beilin demands that Olmert finalizes the agreement with Palestinians during the peace conference in America. Leftists just want Israel to withdraw regardless of the subsequent advantages for Palestinian terrorists.
Olmert is by far the smartest politician around. He keeps promising concessions to leftists and Arabs but so far made no substantial moves. Olmert’s government released hundreds of insignificant security prisoners but holds steadfast onto heinous terrorists. Olmert propped Ramon to make extreme offers to Arab enemies, such as the partition of Jerusalem, to raise the outcry and demonstrate the leftists that he cannot proceed.

It is increasingly clear that Olmert the master politician only sells promises to the US Administration, and doesn’t intend peace with the Arab enemy.
Olmert was one of the few MKs who voted against the Camp David agreement which made the victorious Israel to surrender Sinai to defeated Egypt. Compared to cheap traitors like Barak and Netanyahu, Olmert is Israel’s best realistic option for prime minister. However one would love to see a person like Eldad or Marzel in that office, Olmert is the best choice among realistically electable candidates.

Says no timetable will be fixed, and the establishment of the Palestinian state will proceed according to the Road Map: that is, after the Palestinians stop attacking Israel, an unlikely scenario.
When Rabin similarly revolted against the Left, he was assassinated.

Israel’s FM Livni will discuss with NATO commander the deployment of NATO troops in Gaza. NATO is not going to enter that terrorist nest.

Olmert rejected the need for the final status agreement with Palestinian Arabs to be approved by Israeli public on referendum or even early elections. According to Olmert, people’s representatives in the Knesset are empowered to abandon Jewish land to Arab enemies.

Ehud Barak finally confirms he lied to his voters when promising to leave Israeli government after Winograd report. In the interview to Washington Times, Barak divulged that Iran maintains a secret nuclear research facility, enriches uranium at Natanz, and works on nuclear warhead.

Barak confirmed his reputation of a lier when formally refused to leave Olmert’s government upon the publication of Winograd report, as was his electoral promise. Barak’s presence in the unpopular government paves the way for Netanyahu’s victory in the next elections.

Israel’s prime minister promised Shas continuing construction in eastern section of Jerusalem. Livni continues talks on dividing Jerusalem with Palestinians, though the formal approval will come later on in the negotiations. Talks on Jerusalem confirmed by Palestinian negotiator Kader.

reports Jerusalem Post. Israel seeks integration into the EU institutions and programs, and relations with EU on par with America.

Russian magnate Arkady Gaydamak’s “Social Justice” Party received the Knesset representation after three MKs abandoned the Pensioners Party and joined his own. So much for the voters’ trust.

Shaul Mofaz ventured a nice electoral platform: the explicit promise to attack Iran. Mofaz stands little chance against Livni in Kadima primaries which Olmert tries to block, anyway.

Hanegbi announced that the efforts to launch the Kadima primary reached a dead end.

After Barak accused Olmert of somehow restraining the invasion of Gaza with Kadima primaries, the convicted sex offender cum vice prime minister Haim Ramon lashed at Barak. According to Ramon, Barak repeatedly postponed the operation in Gaza amid Olmert’s insistence on it.
Barak gains a lot of clout internationally with the current ceasefire negotiations, and such clout is indispensable for his out-of-the-government business lobbying activities. Barak also loathe a successful invasion of Gaza which would boost Olmert’s public approval.

though the majority of the Knesset members approved it. The bill, theoretically, would do away with the monopoly of large parties and allow independent candidates with narrow regional support into the Knesset.
Shas voters are concentrated in religious neighborhoods, and such a bill would have diminished the number of Shas MKs.
Long past are the days when Rabbi Kahane, banned from the Knesset, directed his followers to vote for Shas.

Tzipi, if you’re so smart and clean, what are you doing for years as Olmert’s major minister?

What are we to make of Peres and Beilin’s puzzling statements on Gaza? Peres publicly regretted the withdrawal, while Beilin claimed he had always opposed it.

Hamas’ victory in Gaza and likely takeover of the West Bank leave the Israeli establishment without peace-process puppets. Ever since Peres brought Arafat, a defeated nobody, from Tunis as a sparring partner for peace negotiations, he has backed the PLO—an organization whose very name suggests liberating all of Palestine from the Jews. Now, Peres needs Israeli bayonets to reestablish Fatah as the dominant power in Gaza.

Both Netanyahu and Lieberman have promised to do away with Hamas. That they cannot do, but Peres pushes them to make good on their promises and invade Gaza. The eventual Israeli defeat in the politically correct war against guerrillas would be Netanyahu’s, while the chance to return Fatah to Gaza belongs to Peres.

Netanyahu’s and Barak’s experiences serving in commando units affects their political mentality. Commandos are necessarily tacticians with short time horizons: the mission must be completed at all costs. Politicians,on the other hand, must be extremely flexible and accommodating.

Thus, when the duo decided to freeze construction, they did so unreservedly and threatened force. Their cavalier tactics provoked riots in the settlements, and a major anti-freeze rally is scheduled in Jerusalem.

In an effort to keep pace with their public’s anti-Israeli sentiment, Arab leaders engaged in a typical round of hateful rhetoric.

Abdullah Barghouti, a terrorist serving 67 (!) life terms in an Israeli jail, declared PM Netanyahu guilty of refusing to agree to the prisoner exchange. In the warped Muslim mind, it is not the serial murderer who is guilty, but the prime minister who refuses to submit to terrorist demands. It does not raise eyebrows in Israel that a convicted terrorist freely makes political declarations.

Turkish PM Erdogan claimed that the tomb of foremother Rachel was never Jewish and that Netanyahu destabilized the Middle East by including it on the Jewish Heritage Sites list.

Wakf, an Islamic organization entrusted by mad Israelis with the upkeep of the Temple Mount, defended Friday’s riots, which left 18 policemen wounded. The preacher, mind you, merely asked good Muslims to defend their sites against Israelis.

The UNSC expressed its concerns over the Temple Mount clashes. For some reason, the UN remains unconcerned with dozens of other conflicts throughout the world, which claim millions of lives.

Abbas, who depends on IDF for protection against Hamas and on the Israeli treasury for his salary, joined the chorus of Jew-bashing.

Syria, which used to kill 20,000 Muslim Brotherhood members in a day, and 8,000 Palestinians on the next day, has suddenly embraced pan-Arab views. Its secular Alawite regime lambasted Israel for desecrating sacred Islamic sites—that is, our Temple Mount.

Meanwhile, Jews remained quiet and abstained from name-calling and accusing the other side. So in the world’s eyes the Arabs looked determined and righteously indignant, while the Jews appeared to have been silenced by their guilt.

Lieberman’s Foreign Ministry is pressuring the EU and US to aid the PA, despite its unilateral UN bid.

Only Jews can be that masochistic.

Netanyahu’s office has a habit of misrepresenting figures, which recently caused a minor scandal when he boosted the number of his Facebook fans. This time, it’s about the Africans.

The PMO has announced the deportation of 7,000 migrants. That number, however, includes recent years and all kinds of migrants, both from Africa and the West Bank. The Africans, for their part, were mostly returned to Egypt immediately upon crossing the Israeli border. Out of those who managed to get into Israel, 3,000 at most were deported. No fewer than 60,000 remain.

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