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As usual, Lieberman called for hard action against Arab insurgents firing rockets from Gaza.

Attorney-General permitted Olmert to hold the office “for some time.”

Peretz eyes Treasury after Mazuz ordered Olmert to step down amid vague corruption allegations.

Peres was instrumental in bringing Arafat from Tunisia to Gaza on the assumption that the reformed Arafat would make peace with Israel. The subsequent “peace process” claimed more Jewish casualties than Yom Kippur war.

for missile attacks. Livni accused the government of not heeding the IDF’s request to carry out a military operation in Gaza. Winograd blasted Olmert for doing just that, following the army’s recommendations.
Keenly sensing the public mood, Israeli politicians adopt the right-wing rhetoric.

Other Labor’s MKs call for Olmert to quit. The Labor expects to receive more seats in the early elections while its competitor Kadima is still discredited. Barak’s invaluable experience in the defense sector consists of him presiding over the Israeli withdrawal from Lebanon in 2000, leaving the country to Hezbollah.

Tzipi Livni opposes the appointment of Haim Ramon a minister in charge of negotiations with Palestinians. Israeli government routinely invents portfolios to reward loyalists. Ramon lost his previous position as Justice Minister for forcibly kissing a Jewish girl. Livni objects to Ramon’s ministerial appointment on pragmatic basis: she wants to control negotiations with Palestinian Arabs.

Public Security Minister Dichter testified to Winograd commission that he believed Defense Minister Peretz and IDF’s Chief of Staff Ashkenazi that the IDF can extinguish Hezbollah missile threat in a few days.

Avi Dichter appealed to the example of Jordan which signed peace with Israel “without going to war.” In fact, Israel defeated Jordan in two wars, 1948 and 1967.

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni testified she believed the Lebanon war would last only two days, thus endorsed it.

if Barak wins the Labor primaries. Barak is similarly incompetent a defense minister as the current Defense Minister Peretz, but more corrupt and treacherous. Barak accuses Olmert of the Winograd-stated failures though the Second Lebanon War stemmed from Barak’s withdrawal from Lebanon.
Spineless Olmert accepts another worthless defense minister in the face of a war with Syria, Gaza, and Lebanon.

Israeli homegrown demagogue financed by Russian oligarchs, Minister of Something Strategic Avigdor Lieberman slammed Olmert’s plans to aid Fatah against Hamas. Lieberman pointed out that regardless of the aid, Fatah is incapable of crushing Hamas.
Lieberman joined Olmert’s government, supported all his policies, and praises the corrupt traitor Barak.

water, electricity, and medicines. Olmert: “We have no interest in punishing that population only because it is ruled by a terrorist organization.” Olmert missed that the Gazans are not “ruled” by Hamas, but elected it freely and democratically, and cheered its recent victory over Fatah.

Spanish customs found 700 handguns and rifles in a container shipped from Israel to Nicaragua. The cargo was inspected in Spain during transshipment.
Nicaraguans recently re-elected a Communist president Daniel Ortega, the US nemesis. Israel often does the US’ dirty work of training and arming Latin American rebels against local communists.

Degradation of a Zionist state has temporarily peaked at appointment of an Arab MK Israeli president while the acting president Dalia Itzik visits Britain. An Arab is better than the president-elect Shimon Peres, anyway.

An owner of obscene surname which harkens back to Slavic murderers of Jews, Russian mogul Arkady Gaydamak announced the Knesset list for his Social Justice Party. The only prominent person on the list is the boss of Israeli Handicapped Organization whom Gaydamak expects to bring votes.

The man who brought Arafat-the-nobody from Tunis, the architect of Oslo capitulation, the murderer of hapless Rabin, the perpetual political loser, and the schemer par excellence, Shimon Peres replaced Moshe Katsav. Unlike Katsav, Peres will rape the entire country.

Speaking at Ze’ev Zhabotinsky memorial complex, dovish Peres announced that Jews could have annexed Israeli biblical lands in Jordan, if not for the decimation in Holocaust. No mainstream Israeli politician calls for annexing Jewish lands occupied by Jordan. Surely Israel can re-take her land from Jordan even with the existing population.

Livni said, withdrawal from the West Bank will give an example to Arabs they, too, can negotiate with Israel. Israeli government and the US Administration tout the withdrawal from the West Bank as the ultimate solution for all the Middle East problems.

A group of MKs pushes for district elections. Israel now elects all MKs through party lists. District voting would allow independent, unaffiliated Jews to enter the Knesset, hopefully diluting its treacherous crowd with a few honest people. The bill goes against the interest of the establishment parties who stand to lose seats to independents.

Ehud Barak criticizes Ramon, Olmert for advancing the peace process with Abbas who doesn’t control his people. Barak also lashed against division of Jerusalem and Olmert’s weak stance against Gaza.
During his term as prime minister, Barak agreed to unilateral withdrawal from 90% of the West Bank, albeit under Arafat, a stronger leader.

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